Ivan Maslov, Bem freelance programmerView Profile
Ivan Maslov
Freelance Bem developer in Izhevsk, Russia

Senior front-end engineer

I like to structure files and folders accordingly with BEM ( bem.info ) standards and in the best match with the business logic of web app. I can teach you to use the bemjson, bem-components and simple BEM css classes naming with easy bem-style construction using sass/scss or stylus.
Ashish, Bem programmer for hireView Profile
Freelance Bem developer in Noida, India

JavaScript Expert, Front end Developer and Web Engineer

Ask me anything :) I'll do my best guiding you in areas of front end development as well as back end development using JavaScript, Version Control System (Git) and best development practices. I'm an open source developer and has created several projects that are used by thousands of developers. I'm proficient in major frontend frameworks ie React, Angular and Angular JS. I've been to a lot of hackathons, won some of them nationally. Currently, I'm doing independent freelance projects and helping developers in area of web developement.
Nick Beukema, Bem freelance coderView Profile
Nick Beukema5.0
Freelance Bem developer in Grand Haven, United States

Web Developer who loves front end JS frameworks

I am a full-stack developer and have gotten my hands dirty in over a dozen languages. I specialize in Ruby on Rails and EmberJS, focusing on high availability, and efficient code to allow for a high-scale userbase.
Marius, Bem programmer for hireView Profile
Freelance Bem developer in Erfurt, Germany

Joyous Rubyist, making complicated things simple.

I have a Bachelor in Business Information Systems and a Master in Communication Systems. But none of that is worth much if you're not friendly, communicative, patient and passionate - which I'm told I am. I specialize in Rails, but I'm fullstack enough to handle a server park and to pixel-push that div there. So let's go bug-hunting or question-answering together!
Francisco Gileno, Bem dev and freelancerView Profile
Francisco Gileno
Freelance Bem developer in Recife, Brazil

Focused and Motivated Software Developer who usually help people by developing great products

I am not a ninja, superstar or hero developer. However, my current and previous employers can testify I have successfully delivered great work, either by writing or testing code, reviewing code, making presentations, or suggesting better solutions. I pursue to be a T-Shaped professional (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T-shaped_skills) with focus on Frontend Development.
Luke Watts, Bem freelance developerView Profile
Luke Watts
Freelance Bem developer in Dublin, Ireland

Senior PHP Developer. Author of Mastering Sass (Packt Publishing)

Founder and Lead Developer at Affinity4.ie, a web development agency in the west of Ireland. Author of Mastering Sass (Packt Publishing), master Sass and Susy to build responsive enterprise-level user interfaces and web applications. Oracle Certified Professional MySQL 5.0 Database Developer with PHP 5.3+. Highly skilled in HTML5, CSS3, OOCSS and CSS preprocessor Sass. Qualified Adobe Certified Associate in Web Communications using Dreamweaver CS5 and Adobe Certified Associate in Visual Communications using Photoshop CS5. I pride myself on keeping up to date with the rapidly changing software across the web design and development fields. Qualifications include: - FETAC Levle 6 Train the Trainer - Oracle Certified MySQL 5.0 Database Developer - Adobe Certified Associate in Visual Commun...
Ran Shem Tov, Bem freelance coderView Profile
Ran Shem Tov5.0
Freelance Bem developer in Haifa, Israel

Front end Developer

Front-end Developer from Israel. Developer for the web since 2013. Passionate about AngularJS, React, Node.js and the family.
Andrew Wong, Bem freelance programmerView Profile
Andrew Wong
Freelance Bem developer in Medellín, Colombia

UX-focused engineer. Fullstack & Frontend. Creating apps that delight users since 2011.

Between working for a successfully acquired startup (>$200M) and doing freelance development for the past 6 years, I've learned that in the end, good software is determined by its users' experience. A good experience can be the make or break difference that gets your new users hooked on your product or leaves them feeling confused and wondering what the app is supposed to do. Fortunately, delightful software can be built - excellent user experience can be written into the architecture of your software from the beginning.
Xavier Lozano Carreras, Bem coder and engineerView Profile
Xavier Lozano Carreras
Freelance Bem developer in Madrid, Spain

Full stack developer coming from a PHP background and currently focused on javascript based single-page applications

I am a full-stack developer with ten years of experience with various PHP frameworks and state of the art JavaScript libraries. I code fast but know the importance of testing and good documentation
Suren Petrosyan, Bem software engineerView Profile
Suren Petrosyan5.0
Freelance Bem developer in Pacoima, United States

Software Engineer in Los Angeles

I'm a self-taught full-stack softwar engineer from Los Angeles who loves coding and teaching how to code. I can talk to you about how to make it as a self-taught developer and what resources are best when learning programming on your own.
Felipe Bernardes, Bem dev and freelancerView Profile
Felipe Bernardes5.0
Freelance Bem developer in Sorocaba, Brazil

Front End Developer & UI Designer

Hello! I'm a Front End Developer & UI Designer with just 4 years of experience. Although I don't have 10+ years experience as everyone else here, I have deep knowledge about HTML, CSS and JS (ES6+) and I'm very didactic - I'm able to understand your problems and explain concepts and solutions based on your skill level, so you'll understand why and not just how to solve your issues. I can help you starting up your project, solving specific CSS responsive layout issues or understand and debug your JS code.
Amodu Temitope, senior Bem developerView Profile
Amodu Temitope5.0
Freelance Bem developer in Ikeja, Nigeria

UI/UX Designer , Software Developer

Started out with design a couple of years ago and gradually transitioned to coding and building web applications. I have been able to apply the design background to the logic of development and this has helped in both my front-end and backend proficiency. The attention to detail which is one of the major requirements of design has been able to ensure I debug quickly and also made my code somewhat legible.
Felippe Nardi, top Bem developerView Profile
Felippe Nardi5.0
Freelance Bem developer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Fullstack Javascript Engineer at ​@Privacy.com​. Helping startups such as ​@ConvertKit​ and TimelyApp.com build large-scale web apps and browser extensions with TDD

I have 3+ years of experience development AngularJS applications with TDD for SaaS products. I have worked with companies such as Timely App, ConvertKit and Ftopia. If you are struggling with an Angular problem for more than 30 minutes, check with me and I may be able to help you solve it.
Andrea Casaccia, Bem software engineerView Profile
Andrea Casaccia5.0
Freelance Bem developer in Venturina, Italy

Full Stack Web Developer and UI Designer

Web Developer and UI designer with solid fundamentals on data structures and algorithms. Extensive experience on web applications and frontend technologies. Confident reasoning on the full picture of a project and capable of optimizing low level implementation details.
Eyo O. E., freelance Bem programmerView Profile
Eyo O. E.
Freelance Bem developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Full Stack Engineer

Frontend Engineer, with a passion for building performant web experiences that scales on all devices.

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