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Sr. Software Crafter - Experienced in Test Driven Development, building React front-ends & Backend NodeJS Web APIs,

Hello! I'm here to mentor you! Code is not always easy. Lets pair and learn! When you pair with me I will be a patient mentor, friendly, and not here to judge. Yes I can help you with React TDD! Yes I can help you with building Node Web API TDD! Test After is Ass Backwards Engineering ================================ It's to the point but it's true. You'll forever be trying to catch up and when you try, you'll find you can't test your app because you had no design pressure to keep things small an decoupled and you'll say "Oh now I have to refactor to test, for get it". TDD is the opposite; you don't end up in this predicament. But more important than code coverage is that It guides you and puts design pressure on your code as you code. It aids you and it's a workflow that gives...

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