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I am a geek by profession . I am passionate about new technologies and love to dig in to it. I strongly believe the relationship among science, technology and life.
30 JavaScript
24 AngularJS
17 Node.js
11 Java
9 Python
4 jQuery
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 7 years experience
I am working on java script since my college. its the easiest way to hanlde the client side validations and reduces the hits to server. This basics give me an opportunity to learn jquery , angular js , node js and meteor js app development frameworks
Angular js expert help AngularJS - 2 years experience
Working on Angular js for last 2 years. Rapid web application can be achieved with Angular. Created a internal traffic montoring and stats portal that involves all day to day CRUD operations . i always refer material design from angular and create nice User interface.
Node js expert help Node.js - 2 years experience
Working on MEAN(mongodb, express,angular, node js) stack application. Node js server is easy to implement and tons of node js packages gives power to implement device independent apps faster.
Mongo db expert help MongoDB - 2 years experience
I always want to work on No Sql database. So, mongo db gave me that chance. worked on mobile app that scales millions of request a day . Morphia ORM is really nice way to connect mongo db from java
Java expert help Java - 5 years experience
Overall 5 + years of experience. I worked on Java along with JSF,Spring and JPA for 3 years. Worked on ThreadPoolExecutor to process the jobs in efficient manner and short time. Currently working on Android App development using Java
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 7 years experience
HTML and CSS are the basic skills for any web developer to start with . I created lot of websites using HTML 5 and CSS www.dodladairy.com www.plrcc.com www.plrfoods.com
Php expert help PHP - 6 years experience
i am working on PHP projects since my college times. Career application for Dodla dairy pvt ltd is up and running in production. i have vast knowledge on web application development using PHP,mysql and deploying them in linux servers. www.dodladairy.com/career.php
Python expert help Python - 2 years experience
Created an API to process data from telecommunication companies and transform it to clean json. This script is deployed in server and run using cron job for every 3 hrs.
Android expert help Android - 2 years experience
i am currently working on native android mobile app development. Working on an platform to create interactive content . Experience in Java,XML empowers me to do mobile development faster
Sql expert help SQL - 5 years experience
Worked on various databases like Mysql,SQllite,Oracle and SQL server. Though Syntax slightly differs from each of this database , SQL gives a power to write every good queries and use them in apps
Server expert help Server - 3 years experience
Server is mandatory for every application to get deployed. i have experience in deploying apps in windows server, linux and hosting servers.
Seo expert help SEO - 5 years experience
SEO is the key for any business to take off. Showing up the website in the google first page is tremendous task. I always prefer meta tags for each page to ensure the keywords are perfect and matching. Site.xml and other seo tools are used to make it clean. I use google web master tools to monitor search keywords www.dodladairy.com (Web master tools are linked to this site and i am maintaining it)
No icon Github - 5 years experience
I am using git as source and version control from my college days. its simple to use and push/pull code
No icon Sencha extjs - 2 years experience
i am working on Ext js for almost 3 years . I have industry level experience in developing and deploying Ext js application. We use Ext js for designing very good front end and do all validations. i learned a lot about Event-driven programming from sencha ext js. Currently working on sencha Touch for Hybrid apps.
No icon Webservices - 2 years experience
I am working Restful web services for last two years. Server calls will be done using RESTful api. i use POSTMAN and CURL for REST api calls
No icon Building full applications - 3 years experience
I have an experience of building and managing code base with build tools for past 3 years
No icon Firebase - less than 1 year experience
Started with it couple of months back. I am exploring it a bit more. Its a good to go for all startups with less effort on back end side.
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Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
Needs improvement

Fantastic experience again - cannot recommend this guy highly enough. Very patient and extremely knowledgeable.
Brian Kirk Jan 11, 2017

Very happy with this mentor - he paused the session and spent a LOT of extra time debugging and helping me. Also explained to me why the errors were occurring - thanks again!
Brian Kirk Jan 10, 2017

Very knowledgeable about web services. Provided me great conceptual guidance in less than 5 mins which led me to solution.
Tashi Sherpa Jan 10, 2017

Amazing he took the time to sort it out himself and got back to me with a solution and an explanation. I would definitely recommend!
sarah Dec 28, 2016

Jason Dec 28, 2016

Super smart, fast, and careful of your time. really recommend yuvi for any front end bugs..
Ankit Verma Dec 27, 2016

professional mentor
Alexander Kamarov Dec 24, 2016

Yuvaraj is a great mentor, spent the time to solve my problem even before the session started and had no issue offering a quick walkthrough during our time together ( as opposed to having a session that was unnecessarily long and drawn out ). I'll be more than happy to work with Yuvaraj again!
Michael Dec 19, 2016

Very patient and helpful. Really worked to understand the issue. Great troubleshooter.
Tiffany Sumuel Dec 18, 2016

Extremely helpful with my oracle problem
Aaron Adams Dec 03, 2016

Helped me solve my problem exporting an array using mongoexport! Quick and friendly service, thank you!
James Scaggs Nov 22, 2016

Yu puts a lot of effort and time preparation previously to our session. Very good teacher
Mateo Cooervo Oct 25, 2016

Very good session! If I had the money I'd stay on all day. Knows alot and it's only for lack of time and money that I am not able to master the subject with Yuvaraj. Good for the time alloted.
chris Oct 22, 2016

Great help for mer!
Fabian Oct 22, 2016

Very helpful and straight to the point, made understanding my problem very easy!
Tim Hughes Oct 17, 2016

Best I have had so far. Very straight forward, explained basic concepts without complicating them. Thank you Yuvaraj!
Amina Al Sherif Oct 16, 2016

Raj did a great job putting an extra pair of eyes on what I was doing. He helped me think through the errors and zero in effectively.
Jay Oct 09, 2016

This person have very professional and friendly attitude. Solved my issue no time. Yuvraj helped me trouble shoot this critical issue for me. My system had audio issue, but he was kind enough to do voice over other channel, and video over teamviewer.
Waseem Soomro Oct 07, 2016

Yuvraj is the best!! Awesome teacher! Highly recommend him for anything...coding, full stack etc
Fazal Khan Oct 03, 2016

Excellent Angular 2 advice and help
Fazal Khan Oct 01, 2016

Very helpful and completed the task quickly.
Maria Camara Sep 30, 2016

Nice worker with python
Amin Sep 27, 2016

This Mentor solved my issue in SQL and didn't stop until he did so. As a tutor myself, I can see he is very willing and keen to help like a tutor should be. Would recommend him!
Harshna Gounder Sep 26, 2016

Was helpful and easy to work with!
Bastian Bechtle Sep 24, 2016

Great Help - really knew what he was doing and helped me to debug my code quickly!
Nnamdi Ekwe-Ekwe Sep 22, 2016

Did a great job! Was able to resolve and explain the issue quickly and easily. Would highly recommend!
Tomer Goldsmith Sep 21, 2016

TOP! Real problem solver, thank you SO MUCH Yuvaraj for your help, very patient guy and doesn't give up! Worth hiring
piero Sep 18, 2016

Super helpful, walked me through the problem, kept looking till he found a solution that worked, made sure i understood it. highly recommended!
josh lazar Sep 09, 2016

Yuvaraj has been very helpful in addressing my HTML/CSS website issues. He is also very generous by putting in his own time off the clock to help solve the problem, which I really appreciate.
Francis Holmer Sep 08, 2016

Yuvaraj has been very friendly and helpful in getting my website issues resolved. I recommend him.
Francis Holmer Sep 08, 2016

Great guy, stayed up late just to help me out.
Sam Guerrero Sep 07, 2016

Very patient, I made several mistakes on my end, and he was helpful in helping me sort through them.
Sam Guerrero Sep 07, 2016

Really helpful. Suggested some great ways to clean up my code.
Stephen Grable Sep 06, 2016

Great mentor very helpful and smart, made sure I learned.
steve chek Sep 06, 2016

Raj was very patient and happy to modify his mentoring style to meet my needs. There were SSH problems related to access so we didn't finish that. Raj knows PyCharm very well and was able to get me set up with that.
Miriam Aug 28, 2016

Raj is very knowledgeable about Python and related tools. He also helped me with github.
Miriam Aug 28, 2016

Very good knowledge, simple solution, highly recommended
Ronen Mars Aug 14, 2016

Very knowledgeable and helpful. Completely me with my problem and explained it to me so I understood. Would highly recommend.
Zoe Shaw Aug 11, 2016

Clear communication, great results. Issue solved.
Samuel Morhaim Aug 10, 2016

Yuvaraj didn't have audio available but he was still able to look at my code, find the specific issue that wasn't caught by browsers, and explain it to me. He also offered an updated function that would solve the problem in a more elegant way. Great experience
Steven Moody Aug 09, 2016

Very helpful and willing to do offline research and testing after our session.
Tony Jacobson Aug 09, 2016

Fantastic - figured out my issue and took the time to explain it and much much more! So appreciative of the help! Looking forward to working again!
Amanda Aug 08, 2016

Very helpful. Offered to do some more work after our session to determine a deeper issue.
Tony Jacobson Aug 08, 2016

Smart guy, fast learner
Vitor Mori Aug 03, 2016

Yuvraj resolved my issue of Promises.
skumo Aug 02, 2016

professional and knowledgable.
artur Jul 26, 2016

What a great mentor! Thank you very much and I will call on you in the future.
Francesca Jul 26, 2016

Very knowledgeable with the MEAN stack.
Diedrie Redley Jul 24, 2016

Thanks for the help!
Eduardo Jul 21, 2016

Yuvaraj was very friendly and seemed experienced in working with AngularJS and Angular2JS. We had a good session together. He was also flexible - when we hit a point in the session where it seemed to make more sense for me to take some steps on my own and then possibly send him some code so he could work with me to troubleshoot on his machine, he was very open to that plan.
Shira Jul 19, 2016

Solved my problem very quickly. Will definitely keep him in mind for future problems.
George J Jul 13, 2016

Very knowledgable tutor that taught me how to solve my issue without just doing it.
Garrett Flanagan Jul 11, 2016

Yuvaraj was very helpful.
Diedrie Redley Jul 10, 2016

I am really glad that i found this mentor to help me out with my project. Yuvaraj helped me with very difficult parts of the code and we completed the project so, i can deliver it on time and i am so happy!!!! We had several sessions and it was worth it. Thanks Yuvaraj!!!!
Dimis Jul 08, 2016

This mentor is solving my issues so fast!!!!! Thank you!
Dimis Jul 08, 2016

Youvraj, helped me with AngularJS - ui Router issue. very happy with the outcome. thanks yuvraj.
skumo Jul 08, 2016

He was very patient and solved my problem. Really good teacher.
Diedrie Redley Jul 07, 2016

Very helpful!
Diedrie Redley Jul 06, 2016

Awesome Mentor. Every time I got struck with code he's first person I reach and I'm always happy about it.
Prashanth Diddi Jul 01, 2016

Thank you Yuvraj for solving my issues in my app :))))
Dimis Jun 29, 2016

Not only solved my problem, but also showed me how to better debug similar issues in the future.
Alex Jun 28, 2016

I am very satisfied with the help that i am receiving of this mentor. This mentor has a very good level of knowledge regarding angularJS and he knows how to simply explain the code. I am glad that i found him! Thanks !
Dimis Jun 24, 2016

Yuvaraj Beegala was very nice, easy to work with and spoke excellent English.
David Jeremias Jun 23, 2016

This Mentor did not help will us him again
Lorenzo Mateo Jun 23, 2016

worked very hard to fix the problem and he did! great to work with
Nicholas Togias Jun 21, 2016

Excellent Mentoring
hk m Jun 18, 2016

Quick response, really helpful.
Jacob E. Dawson Jun 16, 2016

I was super stressed out with my problem. Thanks so much for making my life a little bit easier!
Tiffany Jun 15, 2016

Prashanth Diddi Jun 14, 2016

Great job helped me work out my problem quickly and efficiently
jamie pittman Jun 11, 2016

Very good mentor, he analyzed my code and figure out a solution very professionally. Definitely suggested!
stefano Jun 10, 2016