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Brian Baumhover

Brian Baumhover

Central Time (US & Canada) (-06:00)
Spanish, English
I'm a software engineer with over 12 years of experience coding in many languages including C, C++, Python, and have dabbled with other languages. I've worked on a range of projects from games and mobile apps to backend services. My software engineering experience includes 5 years in the industry as a developer at Microsoft.
Cplusplus expert help C++ - 12 years experience
I have experience in C++ from a young age and have applied it to projects ranging from embedded systems and microcontrollers to emulators and game engines. I have developed and maintained components and operating system services for media playback as well as MVC UX components. I also have some experience with C++/CX. I worked for 5 years at Microsoft on Windows CE multimedia UX and components as well as Windows Phone 7 and 8 Multimedia components and UX.
C expert help C - 12 years experience
I have experience in C from a young age and have applied it to projects ranging from embedded systems and microcontrollers to emulators and game engines. I have worked a lot with AVR microcontrollers including the Arduino platform and WinAVR (AVR-GCC).
Python expert help Python - 1 year experience
Have worked on backend flask components using SQLAlchemy and pytest for unit testing.
Git expert help Git - 5 years experience
Git is my go-to solution these days for source control. I use it for all of my personal projects and have used it for several production projects. I have experience working with branches, cherry-picking, merges, rebasing, and interactive rebasing.
No icon Source control - 10 years experience
Have 5 years of experience working with Source Depot in a full-time working environment. I have experience with git, mercurial, svn, and cvs from various projects I have been a part of. I have a solid understanding of source control and how to manage projects both small and large.
No icon Unit testing - 7 years experience
Experience writing unit tests for new code development and refactoring using mock objects and various unit test frameworks.
No icon Sdl - 5 years experience
I've developed several projects using SDL and have a basic understanding of the codebase as well having made some modifications to SDL itself.
No icon Buildbot - 1 year experience
I've written configuration, deployed, and maintained single-master buildbot systems for linting, builds, testing, and Docker deployment on Ubuntu.
No icon Arduino - 5 years experience
I've worked on standalone projects based on Atmel AVR microcontrollers as well as Arduino-specific implementations using Arduino's tools, as well as AVRGCC with Atmel Studio. Projects include firmware for electro-pneumatic paintball markers, an LED hula-hoop, a PID-based controller for a meat smoker, and a solder reflow controller with LCD display.
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Brian was awesome! He took initiative to review the REST API documentation prior to the call and we were able to review my code and find a solution straight away.
Timothy Lombard Jun 29, 2016