Shannon Medlin, senior Bash developerView Profile
Shannon Medlin4.8
Freelance Bash developer in Vancouver, United States

tekGoddess - Founder, Owner, Software & Analytics Engineer

I have been administering Ubuntu and Red Hat derivatives since 2004 and have been the resident goto gal for Linux since 2001, when a friend brought home a Red Hat Linux CD. A recent project involved decommissioning a $1.2M data center with 50+ linux servers where I designed bash scripting to manage Dell and HP RAIDs and perform DoD wipes on 300+ HDDs and SSDs. The scripting would also log progress and time to completion for efficiency.
Jack-Benny Persson, Bash software engineer and devView Profile
Jack-Benny Persson5.0
Freelance Bash developer in Helsingborg, Sweden

Long term UNIX guru and author

I've been writing shell scripts in Bash for about 15 years. I've also studied Bash scripting as part of my "Linux System Specialist" education between 2013 and 2015.
Janos Gyerik, Bash freelance coderView Profile
Janos Gyerik5.0
Freelance Bash developer in Ayse, France

Full stack developer, Java expert, Bash ninja

I've been using Bash as long as I can remember. I seek to automate repetitive tasks, and in my experience command line tools trump graphical tools almost every time. The desire to maximize productivity has naturally drove me to mastering Bash, without looking for such skill.
Sakthidharan Ashwin P, Bash coder and developerView Profile
Sakthidharan Ashwin P4.8
Freelance Bash developer in Mumbai, India

Analyst at a Top Notch Bank in the IT domain

More than 7 years of experience
Jacob Smith, Bash freelance programmerView Profile
Jacob Smith5.0
Freelance Bash developer in Fishers, United States

Do it once, do it right

I *love* the command line and the flexibility it provides. I have been a featured presenter at a large company in Indianapolis on Bash scripting and how it can improve efficiency and automation.
Mason Phillips, senior Bash developerView Profile
Mason Phillips
Freelance Bash developer in Houston, United States

Backend/Swift Developer

I've been using Linux as long as I've been writing code. It is my go-to platform for any hosting, development, or scripting I plan to do
Jesse Chiem, Bash freelance programmerView Profile
Jesse Chiem
Freelance Bash developer in Vancouver, United States
In addition to designing software, I also created shell scripts to automate many of the workflows that were previously performed manually by members of a Neuroscience lab. The time saved was exponential, and I regularly held workshops teaching others on best practices and concepts of bash scripting.
Max Pleaner, Bash freelance programmerView Profile
Max Pleaner5.0
Freelance Bash developer in Mountain View, United States


General purpose shell scripting.
Michael Dax Garner, Bash software engineer and devView Profile
Michael Dax Garner5.0
Freelance Bash developer in Austin, United States

Aerospace Engineer at Firefly Space Systems, Inc.

The bash shell is my default shell in all personal and professional computers. I have written countless bash scripts to support all of my software development needs.
Rastko Vukašinović, Bash software engineer and devView Profile
Rastko Vukašinović
Freelance Bash developer in Belgrade, Serbia

Senior software developer and devOps proficient in front end

Using Bash and other shells since I got into Linux, it being more then 15 years ago (2002 it was Mandrake that got me to stay on linux side of the universe). Last several years I am building all kinds of tools and bash is one of the means to do it. Example of what I can do:
Ore Olarewaju, top Bash developerView Profile
Ore Olarewaju5.0
Freelance Bash developer in Lagos, Nigeria

DevOps engineer

I started using bash for scripting and to automate stuff. Its a fun interface to me and very helpful if you're a devOps engineer (which I am)
Rahul Chanila, top Bash developerView Profile
Rahul Chanila
Freelance Bash developer in Sydney, Australia

ux-focused javascript developer

comfortable with bash, package management, tools like sed, grep, find, ssh, etc. & the working of the linux command-line with understanding of applications like nginx for routing web-traffic
horváth istván, senior Bash developerView Profile
horváth istván
Freelance Bash developer in Budapest, Hungary

J2SE backend developer with Linux experience.

Confortable using of UNIX like OS-es, writing smaller shellscripts like poweruser.
Jo Sprague, Bash freelance developerView Profile
Jo Sprague
Freelance Bash developer in Chantilly, United States

React, WordPress and Web Developer

I've been using Bash since I was a kid for basic filesystem operations. Over the last five years I've learned how to write Bash scripts, use many of the built in tools of Unix, use git in Bash, write shell scripts for build processes and more. I've also written a command line tool for linting project documentation.
Sidharth Raja, top Bash developerView Profile
Sidharth Raja
Freelance Bash developer in Bengaluru, India

I write code and create dank memes.

I've written a lot of shell scripts to automate tasks to save time. Also made scripts for scheduled cleanups and reorganisations of folders.

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