Freelance Back end architecture Developers Available for Hire

Carlos A. Carro Duplá, Back end architecture coder and developerHire Now
Freelance Back end architecture developer in Glenwood, United States

Experienced Software architect and developer, helping to make complex apps easier to navigate

During my career I've architect and design multiple distributed and centralized applications, mostly web facing.
Sebastien Lapratte, Back end architecture software engineer and devHire Now
Freelance Back end architecture developer in Québec, Canada

Sr Systems Engineer / BI Specialist at Ubisoft

Has my day job, being developing various SOA system to suport online gaming, monitization and regular web request and public API.
Lim Hengyu, Back end architecture freelance developerHire Now
Freelance Back end architecture developer in Los Angeles, United States

Founder at SwiftBack

A problem solver thru analytical observation and a creator. Frontend and Backend software architect for a ride sharing app, which scaled bandwidth towards 40,000 users. Knowledgable from basics of implementing and configuring APIs and SDKs, Frontend development plan on web,mobile and backend from basic functions to machine learning and algorithm implementation. An individual who is driven by innovation leveraging on technology and design . Hyu believes in executing projects beyond conservative means and devoted to problem solving with a different perspective.
Man Vuong Ha Thanh, Back end architecture software engineer and devHire Now
Freelance Back end architecture developer in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Backend Lead at MySQUAR

About Man -------------- He started his professional career since 2012 and has been spending most of time on backend/server-side engineering, to be behind the scene of everything. He loves building high quality system and products to serve a lot of people and to enrich their lives. His expertise is Ruby / Ruby on Rails (RoR), he also has general knowledge about different kinds of technologies and platforms, such as iOS, Android, .NET, Java, Python, etc. Honest, diligent, well-adapted to changes, and a fan of minimalism, he can make things different and sometimes very crazy.
Noah Passalacqua, Back end architecture dev and freelancerHire Now
Freelance Back end architecture developer in Saint Clair Shores, United States

Experienced, Auto-Didact Software Engineer, Entrepreneur

I have a love for writing and learning code. I love getting thrown a challenge pushing me to do research and grow my knowledge about different types of softwares and programs. Programming is not just a job to me but a passion. Being apart of today's age, with vastly growing technology, enables endless possibilities.
Rani Rishmawi, top Back end architecture developerHire Now
Freelance Back end architecture developer in Bethlehem, Palestine

Software developer specialized in enterprise security and mobility

My professional experience and education in Software Engineering have provided me an excellent understanding and skills with enterprise level IT software. I possess a hands-on experience working in a remote and agile environment. I am currently working on enhancing my abilities in Software Architecture, Web Technologies, and Leadership. Specialties: Mobile solutions, Web technologies, Software development, Enterprise Security, Public Key Infrastructure, Software life cycle, learning about and using new technologies.

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