Are Computer Science Students Second Class Citizens?

Published Jul 15, 2017Last updated Jul 17, 2017
Are Computer Science Students Second Class Citizens?

Start writing heLet me change direction today and speak about something that really bothers my mind about being a computer science student. Most people especially software developers see computer science as a waste of time. Well I might be wrong, but the few programmers I have seen think so.
Due to this, I pose a question. If you see a road side mechanic who repairs a car, you really want to be a mechanic but if the opportunity comes that you have to go to school to learn how a car is made. Would you still choose to be only a car mechanic?. The answer is obvious.
Mathematicians have made all the research for the Engineers and the Engineers are just applying the theories. Would you still say an Engineer is better than a Mathematician. Each and every one excel in the field they choose.
Similarly is the case of a computer science student and a software developer. The theories are there to use, but we are taught to understand how the theories were made. As a computer scientist, the act of programming is not to design something end users can see and be woowed, no we design theories that make the software developer woowed.
It is left for the software developer to woow the clients with what the computer scientists have created. Computer Science as a course is not only for us to understand Software Development, go for an MSc in Software Development if you need that. What Computer Science teaches is how to harness the great powers the Computer has. Design effective ways to make the Computer go faster and more efficient
So if you are in Computer Science just to learn to develop software, you have bought too little. Ideas like Networking, memory management, Operating System Optimization would all look like Rocket Science to you and you say its a waste of time.
No, Computer Science is based on the theories on which the Practicals are built. So if you are looking to become only a software developer, please do look a bit further because computer science is far greater than what you have in mind.
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