Create opportunity be in spotlight.

Published Apr 16, 2018
Create opportunity be in spotlight.

Most of the organizations in this IT or Non IT industry create applications targeting end user/ entity. When it comes to application development, the investment is huge sometime limitless money spent to deliver the application. Once the application is moved to production there is always the support group which take care of the end user issues. Sometime the application is huge and complex, so it takes a lot of time to identify the root cause to fix the issue. Knowing everything about the application is not that simple process specifically for new user. Also the process of application support is lengthy, sometime it takes a lot of time to reach correct team. Sometimes the support team required other teams help to continue the analysis. These dependencies and lack of knowledge always slow down the solution delivery time.

What is more important when it comes solution delivers or problem solving? It should be quick and effective right? Is that happening now? If you say yes, then this article is not going to help much.

When there is a problem there is a new opportunity. This is my idea that creates opportunity and also solves the problems. Not all applications has the tools that help production support right? So the plan is proposed or build support tool targeting various teams involved in that application. Depending on the application complexity and size the application development cost and effort varies. I can say it will take 3% of the cost of your actual application development cost. Also, there is no dedicated team required to develop this tool. Once the stable version of the tool is done. Then a developer with no experience can take care of the tool development activity.

Overall idea of the tool to implement the diagnose functionality that will find the root cause of the issue. Another idea is to implement the centralized hub, where user can get information from various sources without other team involvement. Innovate creative reports which help the application team.

Once the application is available. The support team, application or development team can run quick diagnose to find out the root cause of the issue. If the root cause is identified and all supporting data are instantly available , what else can slow down the delivery time? This application almost reduces the dependencies and the waiting time. There are so many teams involved application activity behind the scene, they may need reports based on the overall application. Like business need a weekly report to identify the user interest to implement new functionality.

This tool should be designed to deal with the schema not the user data. Based on the target team the tool should be security trimmed to avoid security issues. Also the tool should not consume any user data to perform any of the operations. That is good in terms of security and performance.

This tool should be smart enough to reduce 90% of analysis effort. This application should accessible from the browser, so anyone can access the tool. Even the L1/L2 team can deliver the solution with less effort using this tool. Also, this application should be understandable by functional users.

So if you are working on any application development activity then spend a few more hours to do this POC. This kind of experience will give enough knowledge to create your own product in the future. Each application in the world has this opportunity. All we need to identify it and sell it to the business.

Sometime the development is done by company H and the support is given to Company T. To avoid this situation build this tool for application support. So that gives more opportunity to you company to get the support project. Who else say no if you deliver the solution 10 times faster than other with same cost?

You may think, is this really going to work? All I am saying is just try it out. I am able to sell my idea and tool to the biggest organization for 0$. I am not paid for the job, but I was in a spotlight couple of days. Also, I got satisfied with awards and the appreciation.

This is most suitable for SharePoint applications. I did this tool for SharePoint and its consumed daily basis. So all these idea mentioned above are already worked out.

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