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Aydin Adn

Aydin Adn

A Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (in Web Apps) with over 4 years of experience developing .NET applications.

Istanbul (+03:00)
I'm a Full Stack developer specialising mostly in C#, ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework and Azure, though you'll also find me dipping my toe into the IoT pond as well, developing firmware for microcontrollers / embedded systems with C. If you would like to find out more about me, you should check out my LinkedIn (see recommendations), GitHub and Stack Overflow accounts linked above (in addition to my existing reviews here.)
Csharp expert help C# - 4 years experience
Highly experienced with C# and the .NET Framework, with exposure to: - Data Protection API (DP API) - Cryptographic functions (RNGCrypto;HMAC;SHA) - Http Web Requests - Sockets - Multithreading / Async - Unit testing (NUnit, MOQ) - Various design patterns such as DI, UoW, Repository etc. - Web application development with MVC / Web API - Cloud development
No icon Asp.net mvc - 2 years experience
Experienced in rapidly prototyping greenfield projects using ASP.NET MVC. I have exposure to: - Implementing Claims based auth using third party authentication providers - Implementing Two-Factor Auth (2FA) - Routing controllers - Logging - Exception management - Dependency Inversion - ActionFilters - Localization and culture - Razor - Implementing roles / permissions - Unit testing - Cloud deployments - Message queueing
No icon Azure - 2 years experience
Experienced with cloud architecture and optimizing solutions to take advantage of its various services. Can offer expertise in: - Best practices in deploying Web Apps to production - Utilizing Service bus queues and storage queues - Utilizing Web Jobs - Utilizing Azure Blob storage containers - Getting started with the Azure IoT hub If you have a question regarding an item that's not listed above, don't hesitate to ask, likelihood is I'm already familiar with it and can help guide you whether you're just starting or just in need of a little help whilst troubleshooting.
No icon Entity framework - 2 years experience
Experienced with using the code first approach using either the Fluent API or Data Annotations to configuring relationships between various entities.
No icon .NET - 3 years experience
I'm a highly talented .NET developer and have in depth experience of utilizing the .NET framework to solve an array of issues on a variety of different projects, from WPF applications to ASP.NET web applications
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 2 years experience
My exposure to JavaScript includes: - Knockout.js - jQuery - undescore.js
MediaToolkit 112   66
A .NET library to convert and process all your video & audio files.
NetUtilities 3   3
Net Utilities is a library which provides syntactic sugar over the .NET Framework.
C# Smalltalk
EasySec 1   2
A simple to use security project for encrypting and hashing.
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Very friendly and helpful! Aydin diagnosed my issue right away and helped where I needed it.
Glenn Coleman Sep 05, 2016

Aydin is a pleasure to work with and he is considerate with our needs. His mentoring abilities consider our teams individuals strengths and weaknesses and accordingly advice us to work together in an accelerated fashion.
Jagdish Jun 03, 2016

Great Mentor! Helped through the issue and taught me some cool tricks I had not known before. Highly Recommend
John Hanbury Apr 22, 2016

Leotis Apr 21, 2016

Aydin is AWESOME. He is genuine, very helpful and full of advice and knowledge. I would recommend him to anyone.
Leotis Apr 19, 2016

Aydin is one of the best mentors I've come across on Codementor. He's a great problem solver, very patient, and an excellent brain-storming partner. I'd recommend anyone with asp.net/visual studio questions contact him asap!
Helen Levinson Apr 18, 2016

lovely guy, thanks so much!
Nick Apr 17, 2016

Mentor understood our needs ahead of time and was super helpful in going through them before scheduling the call. He has good knowledge in Azure and how to use the various tool azure provides. Tips on how to be efficient in code was shared to specific pointers to the code where optimization would help. Great Session! Going to schedule more over the year am sure.
Jagdish Apr 14, 2016