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Tech consultant for several startups, open source software developer and winner of several hackathons and development contests.

With my years of experience with Python and Django, I can now develop for you, in about a week, a reliable REST, CRUD backend for your apps.

5 Python
3 JavaScript
3 Java
Python expert help Python - 6 years experience
Python is my language of choice. All of my own projects are built in it.
Android expert help Android - 5 years experience
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 9 years experience
I've been making and breaking websites since I was in fifth grade. Find mine at www.aviraldg.com
Django expert help Django - 5 years experience
Django has been my framework of choice for a long time. I've built several hackathon projects in it, and quite a few webapps live and running at a decent scale.
Flask expert help Flask - 4 years experience
I like Flask; I've used it for a couple of smaller projects.
Java expert help Java - less than 1 year experience
I have a love-hate relationship with Java. Love the platform, hate the bloat (interpret this in the context of the fact that my favourite language is Python.) Still, I have a good amount of experience with the language, but mostly with Java. These days I prefer to use Kotlin in place of Java.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 6 years experience
There's two kinds of JavaScript developers: those who've read "JavaScript: The Good Parts" and those who're terrible at the language. You can guess which kind I am.
Angular js expert help AngularJS - 2 years experience
No icon Kotlin - 1 year experience
Kotlin is a fairly new language, so I haven't had a lot of time to play around with it, but I love what I've used. One of my clients projects, and two recent hackathon projects are written in pure Kotlin.
No icon Shell scripting - 1 year experience
Sql expert help SQL - 5 years experience
Git expert help Git - 6 years experience
No icon Heroku - 2 years experience
gcibot 4   11
A bot that watches an IRC channel for links to GCI tasks and posts information about them.
quizzardous 3   0
The software that powers Quizzardous!
CSS HTML Python JavaScript
horizonello 1   4
Build yourself a simple a Trello clone
CSS HTML JavaScript
cloud-torrent 1   0
☁️ Cloud Torrent: a self-hosted remote torrent client
Go CSS HTML JavaScript
daa-lab 1   0
Solutions to DAA Lab assignments.
C C++
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Aviral is an amazing mentor, I highly recommend and am thankful for his clear and concise explanations. Definitely a top mentor.
Michael Oct 03, 2016

Aviral was great, patient and fair. I enjoyed his services and was truly grateful for his assistance in React.JS!
Kieran Murghein Oct 01, 2016

Aviral is a true professional. He helped me out of a bind. I will definitely use him again.
sal sanshez Sep 29, 2016

very helpful
sara Sep 29, 2016

We first fixed the code together and then Aviral explained. Very good, thank you, Aviral.
Riccardo Patane Sep 12, 2016

Awesome very patient and understands you, willing to work with you level of experience.
Sid Jun 23, 2016

Was insightful and friendly. Helped me look at this task from a different view.
Daniel Jun 15, 2016

Again he was amazing!
Angelis Pseftis Jun 06, 2016

Like Always He is very impressive. This guy went well beyond my expectations he is truly professional and I will be coming back to him for python work in the future.
Angelis Pseftis Jun 06, 2016

Great helper and very professional
Angelis Pseftis Jun 03, 2016

Aviral was amazingly helpful and super nice. He is a real pro and he helped me figure out the assignment and we went over the nuances of the different possibilities, which is exactly what I needed. Thank you so much Aviral.
Tan Z May 29, 2016

Amazing work, as always.
Miguel Facusse Mar 23, 2016

Had an immense amount of patience with me. Will definitely contact soon for more help. Thank you!
irland abshire Mar 13, 2016

Really good advisor!
juanalverto Mar 03, 2016

He is very good and talented. Fast and easy to communicate. Quickly understands the issue and comes up with a resolution plan.Will definitely use his service in the future.
Ranjani Mar 03, 2016

Detailed explanation given for all questions, very helpful.
Vincent Hofmeister Mar 01, 2016

Aviral is an awesome mentor. He managed to explain everything in such a comprehensible and structured manner. I´m lookin forward working with Aviral again!!
Lucas Kleber Feb 27, 2016

Lin Z Feb 26, 2016

Just was amazing moment with CodeMontor!
Love Bdsobuj Feb 24, 2016

Fantastic work! Beautiful fixes and easy implementation for future revision work. I'll be hiring him again soon :)
Miguel Facusse Feb 24, 2016

Aviral fixed my issue and explained it succinctly
Aynul Habib Feb 15, 2016

Really good mentor, helped a lot. I would take him next time
Juan Cruz Estevarena Feb 15, 2016