Aaron Peterson, senior Autoscaling developerHire Now
Aaron Peterson
Freelance Autoscaling developer in Sacramento, United States

Infrastructure Architect at iPyxel Creations

The key to autoscaling is your health checking algorithm. Without the right algorithm your load balancer performance amplitude/frequency reduces performance OR wastes money. Most ELB implementations I've seen are doing one or the other. Auto-scaling is an art.
Aaron Gerard Franco, Autoscaling consultant and programmerHire Now
Aaron Gerard Franco5.0
Freelance Autoscaling developer in Forest Hills, United States

CTO/Founder at Nimblechat

Currently working on Nimblechat, food delivery chatbot! https://www.nimblechat.com Sidepad, game controller: http://bit.ly/sidepad I geek out on distributed infrastructure for high-speed computing at scale and code optimization. Things I've done: Autoscaling streaming media relay systems to hundreds of thousands of listeners on AWS with EC2, Elasticache, RDS, Route53, VPC, IAM and ELB. Developed production applications using React with Redux and React Router. Fully tested and resilient with Mocha, Chai, Sinon, and hosted on S3, EC2. Set up continuous integration environments manually with EC2, Jenkins, and Github. Also, prepared continuous deployment environments using Jenkins, EC2, AWS CodeBuild, CodePipeline and CodeDeploy. Developed and deployed NodeJS backend system...
Christian Eichelmann, Autoscaling programmer and consultantHire Now
Christian Eichelmann
Freelance Autoscaling developer in Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany

Full Metal Ops guy with coding affinity, practising and evangelizing hate driven development.

Mainly experienced in system engineering and IT architecture I became a Python evangelist over time and created some great software projects with my colleagues over the years and over many companies. I have very high-quality standards for myself and only sleep well when I know that I have done my best. And I usually sleep like a baby. Since DevOps and Infrastructure as Code, developers need more and more operation skills and vice versa. Feeling at home in both areas I can also contribute to both, especially with my experience in setting up company-wide continuous deployment pipelines.
Adrian Schiopu, senior Autoscaling developerHire Now
Adrian Schiopu5.0
Freelance Autoscaling developer in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Knowledge is Power

I'm a DevOps, System Administrator and Solutions Integrator I never go with "just working", I like to do things that hold up and automate as much as possible.
E. Scott Eastman, Autoscaling dev and freelancerHire Now
E. Scott Eastman5.0
Freelance Autoscaling developer in Coquitlam, Canada

Well Experienced, Full Stack Developer with a Passion for Sharing the Craft

I've been a professional programmer and web developer for over 15 years. I've worked on small freelance projects. I've worked on large teams as a developer and as team lead. The best part of my day is when someone asks me for some help. I believe it's not enough to just show them the answer, but rather help guide them to the answer and make sure they understand how we get there.
Istvan Szukacs, senior Autoscaling developerHire Now
Istvan Szukacs
Freelance Autoscaling developer in Munich, Germany

TCO efficient CTO

In my over 15 years with various Fortune 500 companies and startups, I have held a variety of increasingly responsible positions in engineering, including systems & software engineering roles. I have managed changes in large scale infrastructures without downtime while customers were actively using the system. Besides engineering I have experience in managing onshore & offshore software teams delivering mission critical systems. I also work with startups as a mentor and advisor.
Abdulmalik Yusuf, Autoscaling dev and freelancerHire Now
Abdulmalik Yusuf5.0
Freelance Autoscaling developer in Lagos, Nigeria

DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineer with a knack for systems and processes automation, managing deployments, Autoscaling servers, CD/CI, Release Engineering, Configuration Management e.t.c. I'm always looking for better ways to learn. AWS and Node js fanboy :)
Anton Babenko, top Autoscaling developerHire Now
Anton Babenko5.0
Freelance Autoscaling developer in Sylling, Norway

AWS / Architecture / Terraform / DevOps ++

I am fully certified in all 5 AWS certifications professional with broad experience in roles ranging between software development and technical management. I have a strong experience in: * Amazon Web-Services * Infrastructure as code and DevOps toolset * Continuous everything ("automate as much as possible" motto) * Solution and software architecture Specialties: Amazon Web-Services (expert level), Terraform, Packer, PHP, Python, Ruby, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Memcache, Redis, MongoDB, Elastic Search, RabbitMQ, Varnish, Puppet, Ansible, Jenkins, HAProxy, performance optimizations technics, nginx, *nix, various network services and APIs. Frequent speaker at technical events and meetups: * AWS User Group Norway (organizer and speaker) * DevOps Norway * DevOpsDays Oslo * eZ International Days (O...
Ore Olarewaju, top Autoscaling developerHire Now
Ore Olarewaju5.0
Freelance Autoscaling developer in Lagos, Nigeria

DevOps engineer

I enjoy automation and making life easier for myself and engineers around me. I have experience using Javascript (Angular.js, Express.js, Node.js), AWS, Ansible, Nagios, Nginx, Kubernetes, Prometheus, Grafana, Concourse CI, Alertmanager, Docker and other Devops tools. I enjoy DevOps and looking to help if you're stuck!
Jason Barry, Autoscaling freelance programmerHire Now
Jason Barry5.0
Freelance Autoscaling developer in Charlotte, United States

Engineer turned entrepreneur, helpful in all things technology -- from development and infrastructure to system and product design.

I bring a high level of detail and passion to everything on work on. I love working with startups and small businesses to help them find the best path for their success. This is mostly done through technology strategy. I can help at high-level design with systems and architecture for scaling and growth or I can roll up my sleeves and help develop key features of a product. Whatever it takes to make people successful with their technology endeavors.
Jayr Motta, Autoscaling freelance developerHire Now
Jayr Motta
Freelance Autoscaling developer in São Paulo, Brazil

Digital Products Specialist

I'm a digital products lover, I've been working and studying many aspects of digital products development, from engineering to user experience.
Gabriel Ramirez Melgarejo, Autoscaling developer and engineerHire Now
Gabriel Ramirez Melgarejo5.0
Freelance Autoscaling developer in Belisario Dominguez, Mexico

AWS Technical Trainer / Oracle University Delivery Instructor

Entrepeneur, passionate about programming, enterprise software architect & fullstack developer
Brena Monteiro, senior Autoscaling developerHire Now
Brena Monteiro
Freelance Autoscaling developer in Governador Valadares, Brazil

Software Engineer

I'm a Brazilian Software Engineer with experience in analysis and development of systems since 2006. I have knowledge of languages, platforms, frameworks and agile methodologies. I am a free software enthusiast, an apprentice of best development practices and new technologies. And in the free time, I try to be a technical writer.
Gaurav Pundir, top Autoscaling developerHire Now
Gaurav Pundir
Freelance Autoscaling developer in Bengaluru, India

DevOps Engineer with +3 years of experience.

I am a DevOps Engineer with good knowledge of Linux servers , AWS cloud, python/bash scripting and multiple open source tools for automation & monitoring.
Davide, Autoscaling programmer for hireHire Now
Freelance Autoscaling developer in Southampton, United Kingdom

Senior Web Developer

I have been working as software engineer in web services for the last 5 years, I can work across the full stack, I am specialised in building solution for highly scalable web services with php, javascript, golang, mysql and nosql on google cloud platforms

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