Daniel, Autolayout programmer for hireView Profile
Freelance Autolayout developer in Los Angeles, United States

Shipped Many  iOS Apps as a Lead Engineer. Founder at ikiApps.

I use autolayout for making universal interfaces and for performing animations.
Keegan Rush, Autolayout freelance programmerView Profile
Keegan Rush5.0
Freelance Autolayout developer in Wroclaw, Poland

iOS Software Developer

I've built responsive iOS apps using Autolayout and size classes that work smoothly on the entire range of Apple products.
Tom Neary, freelance Autolayout programmerView Profile
Tom Neary5.0
Freelance Autolayout developer in Sonoma, United States

iOS Business Apps

If you need mentoring or are stuck and need some hands on help with building your iOS app for a business application then I am your guy. I can get you started and help you navigate through many early pitfalls as you create a really great business app.
Isaac Roldán Armengol, Autolayout coder and developerView Profile
Isaac Roldán Armengol
Freelance Autolayout developer in Barcelona, Spain

Senior iOS Developer for Swift Apps

Most of the apps i've work on used autolayout. I have experience using the native API for complex UI layouts as well as some 3rd party frameworks, always with clean code and resulting in a smooth interface
Andrew Lombard, senior Autolayout developerView Profile
Andrew Lombard5.0
Freelance Autolayout developer in Renfrew, Canada

Lead Developer at Binary Works (IOS + Swift) with 9 Published Apps

I've used autolayout with most of my apps and can help you troublehshoot contrainst issues and resolve format problems with different device displays (or let you know when you should just not worry!)
Sinisa Kolarevic, Autolayout dev and freelancerView Profile
Sinisa Kolarevic5.0
Freelance Autolayout developer in Novi Sad, Serbia

iOS (Objective-C, Swift) software engineer. Clean code lover. Problem solver.

5+ years of proffesional iOS development, using Autolayout framework.
Subash Luitel, top Autolayout developerView Profile
Subash Luitel5.0
Freelance Autolayout developer in Chicago, United States

Senior iOS Developer with solid background in creating complex mobile applications downloaded by millions of users

Highly passionate and experienced iOS developer with more than 5 year of experience. • Shipped over 50 different iOS apps downloaded by millions. • Computer Engineering graduate from IIT • Great design and UX experience • CTO and founder at Thinkboks • Senior iOS and android developer at UPShow Experience with all core iOS apis and various third party apis. Parse, GPUImage, Firebase, Restful APIs, Auto-layout, Multithreading, Push notifications, In app purchase, Apple watch development, Apple TV development, iCloud, PassKit, SiriKit, Maps, Branch.io, Fabric, FacebookKit, Crashlytics, Raygun, Debugging, OAuth2, Braintree Payments, Square payments, Apple Pay, Networking, Peer to peer connectivity, Alamofire, AFNetworking etc to name a few. Basically I am able to help wi...
Hemang Shah, Autolayout freelance programmerView Profile
Hemang Shah
Freelance Autolayout developer in Ahmedabad, India

Full Stack iOS Developer, Trainer and a freelancer. Developed 30+ apps so far includes various business domains.

I have started using AutoLayout to handle different screen sizes available. Apple made it so nice to design your app easily.
Vaibhav Agarwal, Autolayout software engineerView Profile
Vaibhav Agarwal5.0
Freelance Autolayout developer in Seattle, United States

iOS/Android developer with 7+ years of mobile experience

Worked on wide variety of iOS and Android applications over last 7 years. Prior to that worked on projects using mainly C and C++.
Thomas Catterall, Autolayout dev and freelancerView Profile
Thomas Catterall5.0
Freelance Autolayout developer in Portsmouth, United States

Independent iOS Developer and Teacher

I'm a seasoned iOS developer with a passion for sharing what I've learned and having fun while we do it. My broad knowledge of every aspect of iOS development, from architecting to coding to testing, to debugging to deploying and improving, is going to help you push your knowledge forward, solve your problems and exceed the expectations of those around you. I value providing clear, straightforward advice on both how to solve the problem and how to structure your code for maintainability and best practices.
Djuro Alfirevic, Autolayout software engineerView Profile
Djuro Alfirevic5.0
Freelance Autolayout developer in Paris, France

iOS Software Architect

10+ years of experience with iOS and over 135 iOS applications written in Objective-C and Swift. 10+ years of lecturing experience (iOS, OOP, Software Architecture) Lecturing others is my first love - and I have a tone of experience in that field. I started teaching others math, electronics, electrotechnic and after some time - I've started working for couple of IT schools where I teach iOS and learn people to think differently. Check out my blog: https://djuroalfirevic.com
Jon Kent, freelance Autolayout developerView Profile
Jon Kent5.0
Freelance Autolayout developer in Los Angeles, United States

New to CodeMentor, native english speaker, senior designer and developer with 7+ years in mobile, shipped multiple apps, degree in Computer Science, makes terrible puns.

My focus for the past few years has been on iOS. I'm strong with design and development. I have experience with Objective-C, Swift, Push Notifications, Auto-Layout, Constraints, Storyboarding, Audio, Bluetooth, In-App Purchases, Location Services, REST web API's, JSON parsing, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Parse, Firebase, authentication, debugging, analytics, deployment, app store guidance, and much more. I have free popular source code on my GitHub that has been downloaded thousands of times. I have a rich background in tech. Graduated in computer science, shipped multiple apps, worked at Microsoft, ran my own app startup. I'm able to relate and convey concepts easily to people with no coding experience. My passion is creating intuitive, delightful mobile apps that make people's lives b...
Uros Zivaljevic, Autolayout software engineerView Profile
Uros Zivaljevic5.0
Freelance Autolayout developer in Belgrade, Serbia

Computer science student and Apple fanboy, in love with iOS development

I am a young and hardworking software engineer. With 2 year experience in software engineering, I am mainly focused on mobile technologies and developing mobile applications for iOS and Android. During last few months I'm getting more into React Native. I have an organized approach to software development. I make clean, carefully thought out and high quality solutions to each problem I face. I see programming as a kind of art and love the creative side of it. I enjoy helping others learn, solve their coding problems, and make their ideas become an amazing app.
Raphael Cruzeiro, Autolayout dev and freelancerView Profile
Raphael Cruzeiro
Freelance Autolayout developer in São Paulo, Brazil
Nicholas Ng, Autolayout freelance programmerView Profile
Nicholas Ng
Freelance Autolayout developer in Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Full Stack Developer and Entrepreneur

A serial entrepreneur that has entered multiple US accelerators (one of them is Top 20). Process with technical knowledge helps me bring ideas into real product that people enjoys.

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