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Laszlo Marai

Laszlo Marai

Experienced tech lead, full stack mobile & web engineer, great communicator

Budapest (+01:00)
Full stack mobile & web engineer having 15 years of experience. I'm a very effective communicator thanks to my experience of working with clients as a freelancer. Having been the CTO of 3 companies (two of them my own startups), I practiced code reviewing and mentoring a lot. As a result of working for 6 years at Nokia Research as a research engineer, then 3 years as a freelancer and also later on becoming the CTO of 3 companies, I'm very good at prototyping, figuring out the initial architecture for new services and general problem solving. The technologies I'm using in the past few years and the ones I'm strongest at are: python, django, java, android and javascript. I also have a strong interest in and can help with writing maintainable and well designed, high quality code, creating well designed APIs, defining best practices for a development team. NOTE: please use the following link to check my availability: http://atleta.hu/calendar/?cm . It's synced with my calendar, so it should be up to date, while the one on the codementor site just shows my preferred hours.
12 Python
11 Django
3 Rest api
Django expert help Django - 6 years experience
I have been building web services/back ends with Django in the last four years. I've started using it at version 1.2. I've used it both for creating APIs (bare bones, tasty pie & django rest framework) and standard web sites. The APIs served as a back end for both mobile and html5 clients. I have my own project template/layout that I created from two open source ones based on (and adding my) experience. It's yet to be open sourced. Before 1.7, I have used South extensively for migrations (now using the built in migration tool, which is also based on South).
Python expert help Python - 13 years experience
I've started using python as a secondary language besides java. I have used jython to script a java application of ours (jsr82 bluetooth simulator), to build web apps (web.py & django), an embedded, remote controlled music player (for my startup called noispot), running on a sheeva plug. (The sheeva plug is/was a small embedded computer like the RaspberryPi, but without a display connector.) The latter is a heavily multi-threaded application that has to run reliably for extended periods of time (30+ days) even if the network goes down.
No icon Rest api - 6 years experience
In the last few years I'm building all of our systems so that the front end communicates with the back end using a REST API. Nowadays I'm using the Django Rest Framework to accomplish this. If needed, like in the case of my first startup, which was a mobile controlled social jukebox, I twist the rules: 3-4 years ago, when we started, web sockets wasn't an option for mobile apps, so I've decided to go a rest-like way to minimize latency and the number of round trips and simulate push messages over HTTP by grouping the messages to a client and pushing them down to it as a response to any request it made. (So e.g. the response for voting for a song in a play list could result in a number of unrelated messages, including new items added to the play list, chat messages received, etc.)
Android expert help Android - 6 years experience
I've been a mobile developer for 14 years, android is the latest platform I've learned. I've created several applications as a freelancer, created the MVP for my first startup for android (that was a phonegap based one) and then participated in the development of native reimplementation of it.
Java expert help Java - 12 years experience
I have a very deep experience with java, though I haven't used it much in the past few years for anything but android development. In the past I've used it to create desktop applications (swing), server applications (servlets, ancient web frame works, EJB3), mobile apps (j2me, blackberry and android).
No icon Agile management - 5 years experience
I'm in the process of building my 3rd team. One of the teams in the past was for a company where I was an employee (as a CTO), the other was for my own startup. This time it is also my own startup. I apply a light version of scrum (well, agile is a collection of best practices and not a bible to follow word-for-word anyway). We do 2 week long sprints, use kanban, issue tracking and continuous code reviewing. (Code has to be accepted by a team member before it can be merged into the main branch.) I continuously communicate with the other stakeholders (well, my co-founder and the other non-developer team members) to set the priorities and define what features to develop.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 12 years experience
I've been using javascript to create front ends, mobile apps (PhoneGap) and nodejs/socketio services. I'm interested in creating maintainable and clean code using the well known JS patterns.
No icon Scrum - 5 years experience
I've been managing and organizing 3 teams using scrum as a CTO: - my first startup with 5 developers - a company, where I was the CTO, 4 developers (+me) - our current startup (team consists of external subcontractors for now) We do 2 week long sprints, planning poker, use kanban, I regularly talk to the users/stake holders about the priorities.
No icon Tdd - 12 years experience
I take testing seriously. I use TDD to create some parts of my software, while I use regular testing to create some other (well, most) parts. Since most of the software I build is from the scratch and short lived (MVP, earlier prototypes), I don't aim for a 100% test coverage, nor is most of the code I write is actually DRIVEN by writing tests. I also regularly visit code retreats to practice TDD.
No icon Mvp - 16 years experience
I started my career as a research engineer at Nokia Research back in 2001. There I did a number of short (usually 1/2 person year) prototyping projects. These were to demonstrate a concept for a new service or to test drive a new technology. Very much akin to MVPs. Then as a freelancer, for 3 years, I regularly consulted my clients on how to get the software we were working on to the market in the shortest possible times. Later on, as a startup founder I created the MVP that allowed us to get our first clients and the investment.
Node js expert help Node.js - 2 years experience
I just started to use node for our current startup. I have been, however, using javascript for 10+ years.
django 0   0
The Web framework for perfectionists with deadlines.
CSS Shell Python Makefile JavaScript
django-admin-sortable 0   0
Generic drag-and-drop ordering for objects and tabular inlines in Django Admin
CSS HTML Python JavaScript
django-base-template 0   0
A Django 1.6 base template with HTML5Boilerplate and Twitter Bootstrap
CSS HTML Nginx Shell Python JavaScript
django-rest-framework 0   0
Web APIs for Django.
CSS HTML Python JavaScript
django-seo 0   0
Provides a set of tools for managing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for Django sites.
Python Makefile
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We found the session informative.
Todd Knobel Dec 19, 2016

Fantastic first session with Laszlo! He is very patient, efficiently thorough, and clearly knowledgeable. He understands quickly and is able to articulate the problems, then proposes reasonable solutions and alternatives (when needed). I've gained a much better understanding of Django with each issue we encountered. Thank you!
Daniel Lee Dec 02, 2016

First time using codementor, Laszlo was really nice and helpful. Also, very patient teacher. Highly recommended.
Katherine Leung Dec 02, 2016

Top Quality Session!
Todd Knobel Dec 01, 2016

Laszlo was an awesome teacher. We are still working through my problem but he has been incredibly helpful and knowledgable. I highly recommend Laszlo as a mentor and look forward to learning more from him.
William Trautmann Nov 30, 2016

Excellent as usual.
Chris Nov 27, 2016

My goto mentor!
richard b. Nov 01, 2016

Laszlo is awesome. Every mentor session with him has taught me a huge amount.
Chris Sep 19, 2016

Laszlo is extremely knowledgable and a very patient teacher. Highly recommended.
Chris Sep 08, 2016

I had great session with Laszlo. I would never have figured out how to do the code by myself. He is very patient and definitely knows Django in and out.
Mads Westberg Jul 22, 2016

I very much enjoyed talking with Lazlo. His relaxed demeanor set me at ease thinking about a very stressful and difficult decision on whether to stay at my current company or accept one of a couple of job offers. He helped me to understand where were the areas of growth, where were the areas of greatest risk, what doors may be opened and closed by each choice, and ultimately what decision I want to make. I had discussed the decision with several people already prior to the call, but found that Lazlo's perspective nonetheless left me with far more certainty and clarity, and also much calmer about the decision.
Shira Jul 21, 2016

Top notch this guy!
Bobby D Jul 10, 2016

Bobby D Jul 10, 2016

Very knowledgeable, professional, and easy to work with. Highly recommend.
Matt Jul 03, 2016

AMAZING . . .I did not know what to expect but I can say that this was the best decision I have made in a long time. Laszlo has gone above and beyond to make sure I understand how real developers develop. I am a long-time sysadmin and security consultant. I am decent at scripting in a wide variety of languages but I want to learn how to develop a full-blown application. I have done a wide array of online courses and I understand the concepts but Laszlo is framing this knowledge with real world pragmatic advice.
martin Jun 16, 2016

I highly recommend Laszlo.
Bobby D Jun 13, 2016

We have completed a project today. Excellent performance from Laszlo !
Bobby D Jun 13, 2016

Bobby D Jun 12, 2016

Our 1st time service. Impressive python coding. Quick, reliable and clean. Recommended.
Art May 15, 2016

With my alpha and bugged code, Laszlo was able to fix things one by one and have it up and running. A pleasure and a lot of science in the background. I would not hesitate to strongly recommend.
dokeos Apr 18, 2016

Another productive session!
richard b. Mar 06, 2016

Lazlo is a great programmer and really knows his stuff. He can help you learn programming, or solve any technical issue very quickly
Neil Mar 06, 2016

Highly recommended
richard b. Mar 03, 2016

Alfonso Hernandez Feb 07, 2016

lazlo is a great teacher and very fair
Neil Feb 05, 2016

I have been working with Laszlo a few sessions now and it has been very good so far. His claims he advertises on his profile are more than accurate. I can confirm that he is an excellent communicator, meaning, he always makes an effort to answer your questions or explain you the context of what he is doing in a "simple format”. You can notice that for example by his distinct pauses he makes, while delivering you clear and sharp explanations. Laszlo also provides you with further tips and references after the session in form of tutorials, tools, and other useful links that shows to be handy for continuing your project. He is willing to sweat for you, if you do so, too. That is, he is interested in your learning curve progress and motivates you to look into things that could not be covered or proofed to be in need of improvement. Come to Laszlo, if you are looking for a well-trained problem solver.
Bobby D Jan 18, 2016

He is top-notch!
richard b. Jan 13, 2016

Had an incredible experience with Laszlo! He was great!
Yury Yakubchyk Jan 12, 2016

Another very helpful session.
richard b. Dec 15, 2015

Efficient, knowledgable and patient. I would highly recommend!
richard b. Dec 11, 2015

fantastic guy knows his stuff
abiola Nov 19, 2015

Very helpful and knowledgable. Was quickly able to conceptualize my needs and recommend solutions. Highly recommended!
richard b. Nov 09, 2015

Very helpful conversation. Laszlo is very patient and knowledgeable mentor. Would recommend him.
Dacha Oct 30, 2015

If you are looking for capable, trustful django mentor, look no further. He would save you a lot of time and lead to you the right direction, even before charging anything.
tigerbalm Sep 23, 2015

Laszlo is excellent you can see he thinks very critically about complex problems and come up with solutions very quickly.
Haider Khan Aug 19, 2015

he is very great mentor and can solve different problems every time. I am always happy to work with him and I highly recommend him.
ah Jul 22, 2015

He is very great mentor and he has wide knowledge, he can help to solve new problems for him. I am happy to work with him every time, I can learn faster and I am sure he can help me.
ah Jul 16, 2015

He is really a great mentor, helped me a lot with my problem thank you so much. He was the first person I asked to help me, because I know I won't be disappointed. I Highly recommend him.
ah Jul 09, 2015

Got right to the issue and gave me exactly the help I needed, including a gotcha that I hadn't yet run into.
Kevin Klinemeier Jul 07, 2015

Like always helped me fix my issues and got me working again. Fantastic support.
Andy Clark Jun 30, 2015

mentor showed great insight and flexibility into my software problem - i can highly recommend this mentor.
Istvan Akos Morocz Jun 20, 2015

Very patient, persistent and knowledgable with respect to python and working with web-wervices.
Timothy Lombard May 28, 2015

Great help - strongly recommended
Ruben Apr 26, 2015

Laszlo is a fantastic mentor who makes sure he understands the issues you are having and works out a solution that meets your needs.
Andy Clark Apr 09, 2015

He solved my problem very quick, even though he didn't have knowledge about the database I worked with. I will contact him again by sure!
Maria Apr 03, 2015

I am learning to code as a "hobby". I really appreciate the ability to get help quickly on some of my issues. Laszlo delivered big time. Not only did he solve my issue, he provided a couple alternate ways of accomplishing my task that were much more elegant.
Scott Schn Feb 24, 2015

sharp guy who was quickly able to understand what I am trying to do and give immediate feedback
jeff Feb 20, 2015

Laszlo was polite and efficient in his responses, and he always stopped when I needed to ask a question. He was able to provide guidance appropriately for my level of ability/knowledge. He got back to me a couple hours later with additional links too. I recommend him as a mentor. (Note: I reserve 5s for only exceptional cases)
George Oliver Jan 30, 2015

Laszlo was very knowledgeable with REST APIs and quickly understood my application's environment and ensuing challenges. From there, Laszlo immediately began to develop solutions for my use case, and within 90 mins, thoroughly explained the implementations.
Kevin Dec 29, 2014

Patient and knowledgeable - will use again.
Matt Dec 23, 2014

Really helpful and patient. Thanks
Liang Dec 19, 2014

Laszlo is a real expert! Pleased to work with him. He solved my problem of a sudoku solver!. I recommend him and plan to use him again.
Nick Lee Dec 08, 2014

Very helpful! Understood my problem and worked with me to fix it, even though I don't know any coding at all. No communication problems whatsoever.
Sykora Dec 07, 2014