Why learn Kotlin? [Infographics]

Published Jun 16, 2017Last updated Dec 12, 2017
Why learn Kotlin? [Infographics]

Kotlin is a programming language created by JetBrains. In a short period of time (2016 – 2017), the lines of Kotlin code on Github increased from 2 million to 10 million, with approximately 160,000 people trying it out one way or other.

What I just mentioned are data before Android made its big announcement. In the recent Google I/O 2017, held on May 17, Kotlin was announced as an official language for Android development. The announcement just gave us even more reasons to learn Kotlin — what better time to learn Kotlin than now?

Also, JetBrains has great plans for Kotlin in the future. It is already 100% interoperable with Java/Android, and can compile quite a few JavaScript VMs. They are now working on Kotlin/Native that can compile native code directly. This is a great step towards multi-platform development, for which Kotlin was created. Potential future projects include cross-platform mobile apps development, sever-side and microservices, machine learning etc.

Still unsure whether you should learn Kotlin or not? Check out this cool infographics on why you should learn Kotlin!

Why learn Kotlin?
Source: Programiz.com

Feel free to read this article to get started with Kotlin for Android development!

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