Top web api Developers of June 2017

C#/ASP.NET Architect Available (Microsoft MVP, ASPInsider, DNN MVP, Author)

Microsoft C# MVP, ASPInsider, DNN MVP, Business Owner, and experienced software developer. Has a wide variety of experience with .NET technologies and education of development teams on best practices etc. See LinkedIn profile for a detailed review of experience.

Experienced software developer, architect and technical author

Hi, I'm Gary McLean Hall. I am an accomplished C# developer and architect with extensive experience. I have written two books on .NET technologies, including Adaptive Code via C#. I am also able to work with Node.

Software Engineer, Loves teaching, Patient and does not bite :)

A Software Engineer who worked as CTO and developed varies softwares from robotic systems to web applications. Founded two tech-startups and reached profitability. Interested in the architecture and design of softwares. Personality: ♦ Loves a challenge ♦ Efficient ♦ Enjoys teaching Protocol: ♦ Take your time to explain your issue, I'll ask questions to make sure I understand fully, then we can start ♦ timer wont start until you are ready and I understand the issue fully ♦ 100% satisfaction guarantee (I really mean it) ♦ You may give me your request ahead of time so I can prepare a concise session ♦ Students get a discount

Technical Lead at Insynctive, Inc.

IT enthusiast striving to digitalize the everyday principles in modern way desktop, web and mobile apps. Technical skills: Languages: C#, SQL, JavaScript, C, C++, Java, PHP, Objective-C Database: MS SQL, MySQL, DocumentDB, MongoDB Technologies: .NET, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET WebForms, ADO.NET, AJAX, WCF, Azure, Crystal Reports, WPF, IIS, Node.js, Angular2, iOS, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery

Digital roughneck, devoted developer, hardcore geek, movie buff, co-founder of two kids, multithreaded Dutchman.

Professional full-stack developer, with a broad range of interests regarding development and geekiness in general. Most importantly, besides having over a decade of experience, is that I seem to have a sweet spot for simplifying issues due to pragmatism and a decent dose of common sense.

Full stack .NET/Classic ASP/Angularjs2 developer

Web Application developer with 5.6 year's of Industry experience in ASP .NET framework/C# .NET Core, Web service,ASP ,NET MVC and Web api ,Winforms desktop applications,Console applications, HTML 4.0,CSS,JavaScript and Classic ASP 3.0 as server side scripting language. 2+ year experience with mobile application development for Mozilla Firefox OS,Android OS with phonegap. Having strong and effective working skill of client side development and UI design with Javascript,Jquery,Jquery mobile,HTML5,JSON/XML. Worked with VB .NET windows form application connected with Opentext Streamserve/Rightfax faxutil.Worked with SSRS reports,Crystal reports,Adobe Coldfusion,JIRA,SVN. Strong knowledge of database related concepts i.e Oracle SQL,PL/SQL,Sql Server and RDBMS. Currently working Microsoft Azure , ASP .NET Core web api and MVC,Angular 2,Typescript,Gulp,Dapper ORM. Implemented Attribute based access control(ABAC) using Axiomatics PDP ASM server Authorization with REST JSON api and XACML in .NET Core application.Also working with third party UI components for Angular 2 like Primeng,Ag-grid etc.

Solution oriented individual with a passion for continuous learning

I'm a passionate software developer with 6+ years experience across a range of platforms and industries. A Microsoft MVP for Development Technologies who loves to impart knowledge. I majorly code in C# and Python, can build Fullstack web applications and I contribute to open source projects from time to time.

Senior Software Engineer at EDMI Limited

My background includes software development and software lifecycle management. I have strong knowledge of agile and continuous build practices. I have proven track record of saving time and resources by improving processes via leading Six Sigma projects to completion. Enthusiastic about learning and applying new technologies, I have proven leadership capabilities. Currently leading a web project which I founded and architected using Angularjs, Nodejs, Express and Mongodb (MEAN stack). I have hands on experience in a variety of technologies; namely Microsoft, Java and mobile technologies.

Senior Software Developer

Senior Software Developer with fourteen years of experience, working on the latest Web, Microsoft Platforms, and Languages. I am an expert in software design and development building large-scale healthcare applications. Specialties: C#, JavaScript, Angular/Angular2, Knockout.js, Bootstrap, Entity Framework/Core, ASP.NET/Core MVC, WPF, TFS, Subversion, Git, SQL Server (T-SQL, Administration).

Freelance Fullstack developer

I've more than 12 years of experience with .NET technologies. I've started at 2003, with framework 1.1 and C#, before that I was VB5/6 developer. The last years I’ve worked with client's teams from US, UK and India using Agile, with daily calls, weekly reviews, demos, and so on. Technologies that I've been working last years: ASP.NET MVC 5, Razor, Web API 2, Bootstrap, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3, WCF, AngularJS, MSSQL. Also I've experience with UNIX and Linux Scripting, Classic ASP, WebForms, PL/SQL, Oracle, Sybase, Entity Framework, Petapoco, WinForms, WPF, Silverlight, .NET Remoting, Infragistics Controls for WPF, Telerik Kendo Controls for MVC, Janus Controls for WinForms, TFS, Git, SVN.

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