Alex Wei, freelance web api developerView Profile
Alex Wei
Freelance web api developer in Taipei, Taiwan
Have been writing WCF web services before Web-API. Have been using it for most of my projects in recent years as most of my web projects are not using razor/aspx to render views.
Daniel Jones, web api freelance coderView Profile
Daniel Jones4.0
Freelance web api developer in Memphis, United States

Founder and Director at dijital Academy

I've used MVC and Web API pretty cleverly in the past for a few internal enterprise applications to share functionality/data without building entirely new applications.
Nuno Brites, web api freelance programmerView Profile
Nuno Brites
Freelance web api developer in Lisbon, Portugal

Full stack software engineer with 6 years of experience developing enterprise web applications

I have been developing a web API based in the ASP .NET Web API framework. I have developed authentication and authorization modules, routing and controllers.
ignatandrei, web api freelance programmerView Profile
Freelance web api developer in Bucharest, Romania

>10 years .NET developer with C# and VB experience. Former teacher

WebAPI with Javascript MVVM makes all a Breeze
Adam Greene, web api freelance programmerView Profile
Adam Greene
Freelance web api developer in Moncton, Canada

Lead Software Architect at Cognitive X Solutions

Every website I build uses WebAPI, and I have written custom serializers and media type handlers for it.
David Gray, web api freelance developerView Profile
David Gray
Freelance web api developer in Ashburn, United States

Founder of

I use web api in my full stack application
Martin Wiboe, web api freelance coderView Profile
Martin Wiboe5.0
Freelance web api developer in Virum, Denmark

Partner at substans softwareudvikling

Versatile entrepreneur and software developer with a passion for technology. I am proficient in developing data-centric applications that help people visualize large amounts of information. Having built a small start-up, I am also interested in business applications and the interaction between growing a business and creating excellent software. I'm currently working as a Senior Software Engineer in Copenhagen. I hold a degree in Software Engineering and Management from The Technical University of Denmark.
Mitchel Sellers, web api software engineerView Profile
Mitchel Sellers5.0
Freelance web api developer in Des Moines, United States

C#/ASP.NET Architect Available (Microsoft MVP, ASPInsider, DNN MVP, Author)

Microsoft C# MVP, ASPInsider, DNN MVP, Business Owner, and experienced software developer. Has a wide variety of experience with .NET technologies and education of development teams on best practices etc. See LinkedIn profile for a detailed review of experience.
Rohit Jain, web api freelance developerView Profile
Rohit Jain
Freelance web api developer in Pune, India

MCSD, CTO, Technical Architect, Founder at Abax Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

I am a Certified Application Developer in Microsoft Technologies stack, with core experience in Web and Windows Applications and Services using ASP .NET, ASP.Net MVC, WCF, C#, SQL and all other related technologies. My Certifications include MCSD, MCP, Master-OOP (Brainbench) etc. Please view the certifications section to view the complete list. Specialities: ASP .NET (2.0, 3.5, 4.0), C#, OOP, SQL Server 2012, WCF/Web/Web-API, REST, XML, MVC, Razor, MVVM, Test Driven Development, Agile, Design Patterns, Telerik Web Controls, Enterprise Library, Cruise Control, ReSharper, Parsing Engines, Client-Server applications etc.
Sandeep Sharma, senior web api developerView Profile
Sandeep Sharma5.0
Freelance web api developer in Haarlem, Netherlands

Web developer, who stays with the problem till the cause and solution is found.

Hi there, I am a web developer, technology enthusiast with 11 years of active experience in the IT industry . Web software architecture design, development, debugging is what I do everyday. In last 7 years I have been developing various web applications using web forms, MVC,, HTML, JavaScript/Jquery, Leaflet map API, Google maps javascript API and many more to provide customers a best possible solution.
Kai Gorman, web api freelance developerView Profile
Kai Gorman
Freelance web api developer in Cannon Hill, Australia

Technical Lead/Senior Developer

I'm a Brisbane based Full Stack/DevOps Engineer/Team Lead with 14 years experience in the IT industry. I have previously worked for 3 years at Amazon Web Services in Seattle where I designed and led the launch of the continuous deployment service AWS CodePipeline. I enjoy working in the Cloud Computing space due to the unique technical challenges involved in designing applications at such high scale and am always interested to hear about new opportunities. I am an expert in a large number of AWS services including CodePipeline, CodeDeploy, DynamoDb, S3, SWF, SQS, CloudFormation, EC2, IAM, Lambda and architecting services to run on the AWS infrastructure. I also have strong working knowledge of the Azure stack. I'm currently developing primarily in C# and Angular 2/React, but have alterna...
Gary McLean Hall, web api dev and freelancerView Profile
Gary McLean Hall
Freelance web api developer in Heywood, United Kingdom

Experienced software developer, architect and technical author

Hi, I'm Gary McLean Hall. I am an accomplished C# developer and architect with extensive experience. I have written two books on .NET technologies, including Adaptive Code via C#. I am also able to work with Node.
Juliën Hanssens, web api software engineerView Profile
Juliën Hanssens
Freelance web api developer in Den Haag, Netherlands

Digital roughneck, devoted developer, hardcore geek, movie buff, co-founder of two kids, multithreaded Dutchman.

Professional full-stack developer, with a broad range of interests regarding development and geekiness in general. Most importantly, besides having over a decade of experience, is that I seem to have a sweet spot for simplifying issues due to pragmatism and a decent dose of common sense.
Roberto Yudice, senior web api developerView Profile
Roberto Yudice5.0
Freelance web api developer in San Salvador, El Salvador

Full stack software engineer, focused on .NET and Ruby. Swift for mobile.

I work as a software architect for an online irish company. I have thorough experience in .NET framework mainly using C# and ASP.NET MVC. I also have considerable experience with javascript, and Ruby on Rails. I an intermediate swift developer also, I could probably help somebody just getting started in swift.
Ryan Blake, web api freelance developerView Profile
Ryan Blake5.0
Freelance web api developer in Saldanha, South Africa

Software Architect at Genasys Technologies in South Africa

I have a passion for technology and love helping others develop their passion. I have worked with many multinational companies and helped them build successful enterprise level systems. Go and look at my personal page at: Http://

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