Jamie Hurley, Asp.net web forms freelance coderView Profile
Jamie Hurley4.8
Freelance Asp.net web forms developer in Fairfield, United States

Lead Software Engineer - Writing code for 21+ years

I've written ~ 50-60 mission-critical websites utilizing ASP.NET Webforms until about 2013 when I began to heavily utilize MVC. I'm still familiar with the page lifecycle and the advantages and disadvantages of WebForms.
Oussama Dinia, top Asp.net web forms developerView Profile
Oussama Dinia5.0
Freelance Asp.net web forms developer in Paris, France

Senior Full Stack Developer (.NET / Angular ) ​

I have been working with asp.net since the beta version. I still do some maintenance or work on complex asp.net projects when required.
Avtar Mori, Asp.net web forms freelance developerView Profile
Avtar Mori
Freelance Asp.net web forms developer in Ahmedabad, India

CEO at Future Expert

I have over 5 years of experience working on Asp.net web forms. Below are few of the applications I have developed using Asp.net web forms. http://ConstructionPlace.com http://picjew.com
Ed Cuc, Asp.net web forms programmer for hireView Profile
Ed Cuc
Freelance Asp.net web forms developer in Houston, United States

Full stack .net developer

Converted various access databases into asp.net web forms applications.
James, senior Asp.net web forms developer for hireView Profile
Freelance Asp.net web forms developer in Chester, United Kingdom

Developer and Occasional Blogger

This was the platform primarily using during my University studies and the agency I worked for before switching to ASP.NET MVC.
Ayobami Adewole, Asp.net web forms software engineerView Profile
Ayobami Adewole5.0
Freelance Asp.net web forms developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Software Engineer, Technical Consultant, Author

I am a passionate lover of technology, computing and software development. I have been programming since I was a teenager with experience building several High performance enterprise applications in different domains. I currently work as Technical Consultant and consult on wide range of technologies for financial institutions and telcos. I love open source technology and I try to give back to the community through blogging in my spare time. I am in the process of finishing my first book, https://www.packtpub.com/application-development/c-7-test-driven-development. I hold both Bachelor and Master degrees in Computer Science and have few Microsoft and Teradata certifications attached to my portfolio :)
Gan Eng Chin, Asp.net web forms freelance coderView Profile
Gan Eng Chin5.0
Freelance Asp.net web forms developer in George Town, Malaysia

Full Stack Web Developer since 2008, Development Team Lead, CITA-F, CEH, CSM.

I built my first Mastermind-like, Windows-form based mathematical game using Visual Basic 6 at the age of 16. Today, I am an all-round developer focusing on modern full stack web app development. My primary technical skills are: - HTML, JavaScript, CSS. - AngularJS (v1), Angular (v2 & v4), React. - ASP.NET - C#, VB. - SQL Server My strengths are in logical thinking, problem solving, user experience, software architecture and code design. I have extensive experience working with people across the globe (US, UK, France, Germany, Australia, Japan etc). I am a development team lead, Certified IT Architect, Certified Ethical Hacker and also a Certified Scrum Master.
Matt Geiser, Asp.net web forms freelance programmerView Profile
Matt Geiser5.0
Freelance Asp.net web forms developer in Clovis, United States

Experienced Full Stack Software Developer

Strong business and technical analysis skills, with the drive and know how to get a project done on time. Passion for creating cutting edge software on the web, desktop and mobile platforms while making the UI very user friendly and functional. Always looking for that next project to challenge me and enhance my skill set.
Xavier Jefferson, Asp.net web forms dev and freelancerView Profile
Xavier Jefferson
Freelance Asp.net web forms developer in La Mirada, United States

Full Stack Microsoft Platform Developer

I'm a highly experience developer with expertise in the Microsoft development stack. I develop with C# and Javascript on the front end, C# for middle tier, and a host of database engines on the back end. Beyond everyday application maintenance, I've been involved in designing new applications (and databases) from the ground up, refactoring, performance tuning, integrations with external platforms, and stabilizing poorly performing code.
Imran [MVP - MS CRM, AX , Sharepoint, .Net Expert], Asp.net web forms engineer and developerView Profile
Imran [MVP - MS CRM, AX , Sharepoint, .Net Expert]
Freelance Asp.net web forms developer in Clifton, United States

Senior Solution Architect for Dynamics 365 at CRMExecutives - NeatherLand, UAE, USA

E-mail = mscrmexpert@gmail.com Skype = mscrmexpert Imran was awarded MVP (Most Value able Professional of Dynamics CRM Technical) 4 times in a row. He has many Microsoft Certifications including (MCP, MCAD.net and Dynamics CRM ). He has visited many countries including USA, Australia, UK, Singapore, Switzerland, UAE to implement the Dynamics CRM, it included understanding of client business processes, Architecture design, define integration points , implementation and provide training. Imran has over 8 years experience in working with Dynamics CRM (2016, 2015, 2013, 2011) and he had implemented more than 75 Dynamics CRM Implementations from small to enterprise level Organizations. He has significant experience in Business Process automation of CRM, ERPetc. He is used to be Sure Step Met...
Adekunle Oyaniyi, Asp.net web forms dev and freelancerView Profile
Adekunle Oyaniyi5.0
Freelance Asp.net web forms developer in Atlanta, United States

Solution Developer, Consultant, Software Engineer, Tutor

Adekunle graduated from Ladoke Akintola University of Technology with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. His experience involves writing, testing and deployment of desktop, mobile and web applications across different domain and industries. Adekunle majors in the development of both front and backend technologies that drive enterprise solutions. He also has a great working knowledge of Robotic Process Automation using Blue Prism, Salesforce, ETL, Reporting and Database systems which include Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL and has programmed against the aforementioned extensively. Adekunle has developed and deployed enterprise applications to Private, Public and Government sector to run their day to day activities and operation among few. He is a Microsoft Certified Professional, Mi...
Yuriy Faktorovich, Asp.net web forms freelancer and developerView Profile
Yuriy Faktorovich5.0
Freelance Asp.net web forms developer in Chicago, United States

Lead Developer

Over 10 years of experience in development and leadership of web and mobile projects employing a wide array of programming languages. Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities, specifically anticipation of issues. Working in Agile and Waterfall development environments. Wide usage of design patterns, agile best practices and TDD. Work closely with clients and communicate with the project group, marketing and management.
Ian McPherson-Higdon, Asp.net web forms programmer and consultantView Profile
Ian McPherson-Higdon
Freelance Asp.net web forms developer in Farmington, United States

Full stack Microsoft web dveloper

I am an experienced full stack developer with 7 years developing on major eCommerce sites. I have a passion for all forms of development and am constantly looking for a new way to improve my code. I am almost always on the leading edge of new software with respect to making sure it's functional. I almost strictly develop in Test Driven development in an Agile team.
Israel Ramírez, senior Asp.net web forms developerView Profile
Israel Ramírez
Freelance Asp.net web forms developer in Mexico City, Mexico

Startup, Programmer, Developer, Solution Architect, Autodidact, constantly updated

I have 14 years of experience developing solutions in .NET, Java, PHP, DB Oracle and SQL Server. I like playing basket ball, swimming, going at gym, watching tv movies and news, navigating internet, reading books
Brett Caswell, top Asp.net web forms developerView Profile
Brett Caswell
Freelance Asp.net web forms developer in Abita Springs, United States

Experienced Software Developer

I am an experienced and confident software developer. I do not freelance full time, for I am employed as a Full Time Salary software developer for a company whose primary source of revenue is the products that I (in-part) maintain, improve, and develop anew.

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