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Ashish Awaghad

Ashish Awaghad

500+ sessions so far!

Singapore (+08:00)
Been working on iOS apps in Singapore since the iPhone 3GS. I like teaching.
26 iOS
25 Swift
6 Objective-C
Ios expert help iOS - 5 years experience
I have developed about 5 iOS applications so far. Please find out more on my LinkedIn Profile.
No icon Objective-C - 5 years experience
I have developed about 5 iOS applications so far. Please find out more on my LinkedIn Profile.
Swift expert help Swift - 1 year experience
Been learning Swift since it launched last year. Of course, it was easier for me to pick up as most of the concepts are the same as Objective-C. Love the swift syntax.
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Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
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Quick to get online and helped make sense of my mess. Thanks!
districtonemobile@gmail.com Jan 16, 2017

Very helpful. Understands iOS.
anaximander Jan 11, 2017

Fixed the issue I was having.
Brad Caldwell Jan 01, 2017

Super nice guy and very knowledgable. Solved my problem in seconds.
Josh Green Dec 22, 2016

Ashish was fantastic, he really helped solve an issue that had been plaguing me for multiple hours. Was very willing to help identify the problem and can't say enough about how helpful he was.
Alex Nelson Dec 08, 2016

Helpful session that put me on the right track to solve the problems I was facing
Usman Khan Dec 06, 2016

I was pulling my hair out for 2 days straight just absolutely stuck! Ashish looked at my code for 30 seconds, got down to business and knew exactly what to do. What was complicated for me was nice and easy for him! He also was very friendly and explained what he was doing the entire way! awesome!
Jeff Dec 01, 2016

Very helpful - answered my question very quickly!
Jennifer Nov 30, 2016

Knew everything I asked and helped out very quickly and efficiently!
Nicholas Dalke Oct 23, 2016

great mentor!
John Sal Oct 18, 2016

super knowledgable & helpful & quick!
John Sal Oct 17, 2016

Very Helpful and kind.
victor klawitter Oct 15, 2016

Excellent CodeMentor for Swift.
David Sweeney Oct 02, 2016

I can warmyl recommend Ashish Awaghad!!
Karin Andersen Sep 10, 2016

Thanks for teaching me solving the problems and pointing directions for my next learning!!
Vina Rianti Sep 08, 2016

good experience
Shane Reichenfeld Aug 31, 2016

excellent mentor. always very helpful, prompt and helps me see other ways of doing things
malcolm parrish Aug 12, 2016

Amazing! :)
Amechi Egbe Aug 03, 2016

A great help and fast
Adam Aug 02, 2016

Very helpful!
Karin Andersen Jul 05, 2016

Ashish is always a great help on my projects. He quickly gets to the solution for my issues, and explains them as he goes. I've really learned a lot from him.
Alan Millar Jun 23, 2016

It's been about a year since I have worked with Ashish and he is always great at helping to resolve issues and teaching me something in the process. Excellent mentor!
Lakeitha Jun 20, 2016

Great problem solver. It's really helpful when you talk through what you're thinking when you're pairing- please do that more.
Kristoph Matthews Jun 20, 2016

Great help Ashish as usual!
Sergio Barrera Jun 10, 2016

Excellent mentor with superb knowledge of iOS and Swift
Andy Pye May 27, 2016

Really friendly and helpful. We got some good results quickly.
Andy Pye May 27, 2016

Great mentor, answered all my questions, and helped me code seamlessly. Would definitely recommend and use again!
Moe Quraishi May 13, 2016

Solved my problem in minutes. Super clear and concise. Very helpful.
jack lalley May 13, 2016

Awesome job!
Sergio Barrera May 12, 2016

Ashish was great! He made it look so easy to do. Thank you very much!
Abner May 06, 2016

Great help Ashish!
Sergio Barrera May 06, 2016

alessandra Apr 28, 2016

Great guy, very smart.
Ed Brooks Apr 13, 2016

Phenomenal! We are done and I am excited to begin working on the next one with Ashish. A gentleman and a scholar!
Kenton Raiford Apr 10, 2016

Dude was awesome! Thanks for understanding my questions and providing a alternate way to achieve the same results!
Michael Westbrooks II Apr 10, 2016

Larry Combs Apr 09, 2016

Great guy, great mentor
Jonas Kristensen Apr 02, 2016

What they say about continuing with your original mentor is true. I love working with Ashish
Kenton Raiford Mar 29, 2016

Great mentor! Definitely will be working with Ashish again!
Kenton Raiford Mar 28, 2016

We aren't finished yet, but i can't tell you how amazing it is to finally have someone LIVE who can help. I have been learning to do this on my own and it gets difficult and lonely. This isn't a paid endorsement, but I am glad I found Code Mentor and my specific mentor. For the help you get it's worth the money. I am going to continue to learn so I can return the favor and help other developers!
Kenton Raiford Mar 28, 2016

Ashish was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful in resolving my issue. Recommend highly
Vinny Carpenter Mar 25, 2016

Thank you, great mentor!
Brett Herford-Fell Mar 21, 2016

Great Session as always!
Larry Combs Mar 10, 2016

Very good job! He solved my problem and then some, although I limited time wise.
Anthony Winslow Feb 16, 2016

Excellent work
Larry Combs Feb 12, 2016

Very knowledgeable
Larry Combs Feb 11, 2016

Clearly demonstrated and and showed me how to to use NSUserDefaults between two ViewControllers in tabs. I would not hesitate to ask him for more assistance in the future.
Jessie Jan 30, 2016

Brilliant help. Very good skills!!
Stephen Brigly Jan 20, 2016

Excellent Session! Thank you every portion works that way I wanted it to!
Larry Combs Dec 17, 2015

very helpful! reviewed code and found issue!
Rafael Petrone Dec 16, 2015

Super helpful and friendly!
Liam Ronan Dec 07, 2015

Ashish helped me fix something in 30 seconds which I spent over an hour trying to figure out on my own. I'm so grateful!
Rose Dec 06, 2015

Very helpful!
Lizette van Boom Dec 01, 2015

Great help but the quality wasnt so good
Jackson Nov 29, 2015

Great mentor
Jackson Nov 27, 2015

Yuichi Kato Nov 22, 2015

He did his best as always. Great mentor. Though we could not solve the problem, it might be a platform problem.
Yuichi Kato Nov 19, 2015

Great as usual
Yuichi Kato Nov 17, 2015

Great help from Ashish. Good knowledge of Xcode and swift. Helped me solve the problem quickly and explained the process as well.
Omayya Nov 09, 2015

The Session was very good. Ashish was quick to understand the issue and fix the problem. Great job again.
Larry Combs Nov 05, 2015

Though my codes were a bit of a mess, he understood them super quickly and gave me effective suggestions.
Yuichi Kato Oct 29, 2015

Superb as usual.
Yuichi Kato Oct 23, 2015

Seems smart but couldn't solve my problem
chris Oct 14, 2015

Very honest and helpful
Shahaleel Oct 12, 2015

He quickly spotted the problem and pointed out the solution. Bingo!
Alan Millar Oct 03, 2015

Very kind, helpful and knowledgeable.
Laura Paxton Oct 01, 2015

Superman as usual. I hope the connection quality will improve next time.
Yuichi Kato Sep 30, 2015

Very responsive and efficient.
Alex Radnaev Sep 22, 2015

I have been working with Ashish a few months now and he is always the first person I call when I'm having an iOs issue. Always a pleasure to work with and he always solves the issue.
Lakeitha Sep 18, 2015

He really wants to solve the issue and though the internet was not proper, he works offline. Highly recommend him!!
Arun Annamalai Sep 17, 2015

He's always the best.
Basel Farag Sep 17, 2015

Strongly recommend him! He can solve the problem quickly and efficiently.
John Sep 14, 2015

Helped me with my problem that I've been stuck on for a while! Definitely recommend him!
John Sep 10, 2015

Ashish really knows what he's doing and we solved 2 real problems in 15 minutes.
Derek Aug 26, 2015

Fantastic again!
Yuichi Kato Aug 25, 2015

Ashish was very very helpful, able to find a solution quickly.
Krishna Ramachandran Aug 21, 2015

Helped me find the exact line of code for my bug! very helpful!!! :)
Santi Gracia Aug 18, 2015

Very helpful and kind. Helped solve my problem in a short time frame.
Laura Paxton Aug 15, 2015

Seriously, he's the best. He solved every single one of my problems and did so quickly. He also answered questions I had in the chat with no problem. Highly recommended. I would hire him full time if I could.
Uri Charles Aug 13, 2015

Knowledgable and great mentor. Unfortunately we didn't solve the problem
Greg Aug 13, 2015

Something that took me hours of trying to fix, he solved in about 20 mins!
Jonathan Keebler Aug 10, 2015

AMAZING! I always come out of a session with Ashish extremely pleased!
Lakeitha Aug 08, 2015

Always "overjoyed" outcome when working with Ashish. He has been a lifesaver! Awesome mentor!
Lakeitha Aug 07, 2015

Great help really.
Uri Charles Aug 05, 2015

Smart and friendly. We didn't have enough time to resolve my issue, but he gave me some suggestions to work on. I'd definitely do another session with him if I can't figure it out.
Scott Gould Aug 02, 2015

Really efficient and explained why my crashes were occurring and how to fix them.
Codementor Aug 01, 2015

Helped me track an issue down well
Andy Pye Jul 28, 2015

He was helpful, experienced, and quick. Worth every penny!
Thomas Hughes Jul 21, 2015

Thanks for your big help again, despite the bad connection.
Yuichi Kato Jul 20, 2015

Very Helpful.
Peggy Jul 17, 2015

Such a small issue to fix that I had spent way too long on and they fixed it in 5 mins :) Great work
Mark Jul 16, 2015

As usual he's the best.
Basel Farag Jul 14, 2015

Very effective when assisting on code, and helped me to understand the fundamentals and beyond
fred Jul 12, 2015

Thanks soooooo much! He was super.
Yuichi Kato Jul 12, 2015

Awesome !
Patel Jul 08, 2015

Ashish very quickly sized up my problem, found a solution, then found a couple more fixes in the project. Very fast, very helpful, did a good job explaining what he was doing.
Chris White Jul 06, 2015

Larry Combs Jul 05, 2015

Great Mentor Recommended
fred Jul 05, 2015

good man
fred Jul 04, 2015

Got my problem solved in a matter of minutes after explaining it. Fantastic!!!
Chike Jul 01, 2015

Great work!
fred Jun 30, 2015

Ashish really knew his stuff and was able to help me in a quick and efficient manner!
Tyler Jun 29, 2015

Quickly understood and explained my problem. Glad I chose Ashish!
Jason Jun 28, 2015

It helped me out and assisted me in every single problem I had. Really really good mentor!
Luigi Jun 26, 2015

Kind of off track on some aspects but overall good teacher.
Haider Khan Jun 26, 2015

Helped me solve my issue in no time.
Michael Jun 26, 2015

My project was a bit involved but he was able to jump in and help solve my issue very quickly.
Bill Snebold Jun 24, 2015

Got right to the point and helped me fix a couple issues I was racking my brain over. Excellent work!
Will Froelich Jun 22, 2015

One of the best iOS devs I've ever worked with! Seriously, super fast and super helpful.
Nate Hindman Jun 22, 2015

Murvin Lai Jun 18, 2015

Great listener. Let me talk through my problem and offered possible solutions.
Sergi Bosch Jun 17, 2015

Ashish is the man. Just hire him.
Basel Farag Jun 17, 2015

I spent 5 days on something that my mentor solved in 5 minutes. Definitely using him again.
Lucas Bento Jun 16, 2015

i was stuck in the Objective-C problem for days, and he resolved it in minutes. :)
Murvin Lai Jun 16, 2015

Awesome mentor!
Seth Miller Jun 15, 2015

Great coder as always!
Mike Jun 11, 2015

He understood the problem and fixed it immediately.
David Jun 08, 2015

Very helpful.
Nathan Cain Jun 06, 2015

He continues to be amazing
Shon Davis Jun 05, 2015

Fantastic! Very knowledgable.
Shon Davis Jun 05, 2015

He did a great job of fixing my code and installing and MD5 pod. Was very helpful.
David Jun 04, 2015

Great job Ashish!
Sergio Barrera Jun 03, 2015

He was very helpful. Installed everything I needed but it turned out the library I had found needed the latest version of Xcode which in turn needed me to upgrade my OS. So we stopped the session so I could go do that. Won't know if it worked til I do that but it looked like it would.
David Jun 03, 2015

Ashish is easy to work with and knowledgeable.
Phil Warton Jun 03, 2015

Got really fast into the problem and really helpful on sorting it out.
Rauli Rikama Jun 02, 2015

Patient and Knowledgeable
Mike Land Jun 01, 2015

M__ May 30, 2015

Very Good and knowlagable and got the job done
Ryan May 28, 2015

Quick response and helped eliminate issues. Thanks!
Greg Harrington May 28, 2015

Great guy super fast
elshaddai May 28, 2015

Great mentor, very helpful. Solved my problem!
Alex Cohen May 26, 2015

Ashish was great in helping me with my iOS app! Very knowledgable and super fast! Highly recommend him.
Uma May 23, 2015

solved my issue, would use again. thanks!
cody May 18, 2015

Great help! Would request him again.
Mateo May 14, 2015

Great coder, highly recommend!
Mike May 14, 2015

Top as usual!
Cristiano May 14, 2015

Great mentor. Solved the issue in 5 minutes.
Subash Luitel May 13, 2015

He actually helped alot and explained how the code works.
Johnny May 13, 2015

He was really cool
Yahya May 12, 2015

Excellent feedback on autolayout techniques and MVC
Moe Burney May 12, 2015

After I searched the whole internet for an answer, Ashish was able to finally help my go on with my project. Thank you so much! :)
Leonard Lamprecht May 07, 2015

He was fine. He taught me something I did not know before, so it helped me a lot.
Kohei Arai May 07, 2015

Great job & thank you!
Bryan Ryczek May 06, 2015

Knowledgable! Looking forward to next session.
Joseph Apr 30, 2015

Thanks again for your help. Quick thinking, and helpful approach to debugging my issue.
Sean Eby Apr 29, 2015

Cristiano Apr 29, 2015

Ashish was very helpful!
Brian Apr 25, 2015

Great as usual!
Cristiano Apr 24, 2015

Great mentor. Very helpful and very kind. Will definitely ask for help again in the future....
Cristiano Apr 19, 2015

Really great help that very quickly resolved my issues. Thanks!
Greg Harrington Apr 16, 2015

Another great session!
Mike Apr 13, 2015

Worked tirelessly on fixing bugs!
Kehlin Swain Apr 13, 2015

Speedy response to your answer.
Kehlin Swain Apr 11, 2015

Very helpful and I recommend him for iOS work anytime.
Sergio Barrera Apr 09, 2015

Ashish is super helpful and does a great job listening to me with the questions I have. I highly recommend him for any iOS needs you may have.
Peter Haymond Apr 07, 2015

Very knowledgable, immediately identified the problem and presented a solution.
Richard Rodriguez Apr 03, 2015

Ashish is very talented and a very good teacher. He solves my issue every time.
Subash Luitel Apr 02, 2015

Great work - fast and teaches well. Will use him again.
James Mar 25, 2015

Outstanding problem solver. Real world experience from this expert helped me solve an issue I had banged my head into for two days. And I've been programming for over a decade!
Dennis Harrison Mar 24, 2015

A really helpful guy. He helped me fix the problem on my own machine after taking a look at my code.
Richard Burton Mar 23, 2015

Was helpful even though I was using Realm, a database he wasn't familiar with.
Nathan Cain Mar 13, 2015

excellent, patient. big help!
jon gray Mar 12, 2015

Ashish is great. I'm learning so much!
Lakeitha Mar 12, 2015

He help me fix the issue and explain me the problem i had. Will surely contact him again if we have a problem
Ajay Yadav Mar 12, 2015

Ashish was patient, knowledgeable and effective, definitely will try to work with him again.
Phil Warton Mar 10, 2015

Great work as always!
Mike Mar 10, 2015

Ashish rocks! I've been giving him task to help with and he knows instantly where to look in the Xcode project listing header and implementation files. Great guy!
Bill DeSmet Mar 08, 2015

He wasn't completely familiar with Swift syntax but he solved my issue.
Bill Snebold Mar 08, 2015

Ashish was very helpful and was able to help me solve the problem I was having.
Seth Miller Mar 03, 2015

The mentor did not work in the area I need help with.
Marcela Mar 02, 2015

Ashish is quick and able to get to the core of what is needed for the task at hand. I recommend him highly.
Bill DeSmet Mar 02, 2015

Helped me quickly, accurately and correctly.
Nathan Cain Feb 28, 2015

Solved all of my problems efficiently!
Nate Reimnitz Feb 27, 2015

Thanks for your help once again!!
Lakeitha Feb 25, 2015

So Good At Coding, I Would Hire Him As A Full Time Coder!!!
Mike Feb 24, 2015

Straight to the point, great job!
Mike Feb 23, 2015

Ashish was wonderful. He really knows his stuff! Will use him again!
Bill DeSmet Feb 15, 2015

Ashish is awesome! Have worked together a few times and look forward to doing more.
Lakeitha Feb 10, 2015

Great To Work With!!
Mike Feb 09, 2015

Again Excellent Coder!!!
Mike Feb 07, 2015

Ashish was great and very patient. I'm a beginner and learned a lot. Will be calling on him again!
Lakeitha Feb 07, 2015

This Guy Is Great To Work With, Very Professional. Highly Recommend!!
Mike Feb 07, 2015

Excellent Coder Handled My Issue Excellently!! Highly Recommend
Mike Feb 06, 2015

great coder
Mike Feb 03, 2015

Great experience. Knowledgeable and speedy. I'll definitely work with him again.
Michel Feb 01, 2015

Ashish is very knowledgeable and a professional. I will book him next time.
Victor Adu Jan 26, 2015