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Ruby/Rails is my life. I literally spend as much hours as possible every day on Ruby on Rails. I have over 3 years of experience in Ruby on Rails.
38 Ruby on Rails
26 Ruby
15 JavaScript
7 Postgresql
6 jQuery
3 Git
Ruby expert help Ruby - 3 years experience
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 2 years experience
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 2 years experience
Sql expert help SQL - 4 years experience
Jquery expert help jQuery - 2 years experience
Git expert help Git - 3 years experience
Coffeescript expert help CoffeeScript - 2 years experience
No icon CSS - 1 year experience
No icon Postgresql - 3 years experience
No icon Rspec - 3 years experience
No icon Devise - 3 years experience
spree-blogging-spree 0   1
Basic blog + news archive functionality for Spree E-Commerce app.
CSS HTML Ruby JavaScript
ToDoList 0   1
Simple ToDo list app using Sinatra
accounts 0   0
A Rails and React application for accounts CRUD
CSS HTML Ruby JavaScript CoffeeScript
activeadmin 0   0
The administration framework for Ruby on Rails applications.
CSS HTML Ruby Cucumber JavaScript CoffeeScript
active_type 0   0
Make any Ruby object quack like ActiveRecord
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Arup was great, even when helping me with Rails 3.2! :)
Jack Zerby Nov 30, 2016

Arup is amazing! He went above and beyond to identify and fix the issue. He also made sure I understood everything. Thank you Arup!
Daniel Nov 29, 2016

Awesome feedback, very friendly, quick to respond. Creative thinking, great with Rails.
Donavin Northrup Nov 29, 2016

Friendly, knowledgable, quick to assist
Donavin Northrup Nov 28, 2016

Arup was amazing! I would have been struggling for hours without his help! He solved my problem quickly and helped to explain some key concepts. Great job!
Richard Short Nov 26, 2016

Once again Arup was super helpful and knowledgable. I always keep coming back to him for help!
Geraldine Galue Nov 17, 2016

Excellent as always
Justin Webb Nov 16, 2016

Great guy - Third person I asked for help on this issue, and he asked the questions I had given to the others before I even offered it. Will def use again
Donavin Northrup Nov 16, 2016

Arup did a great job with this RSS feed task. Will hire him again.
John Viercinski Nov 12, 2016

Arup was very helpful and thorough. He also gave me some extra feedback with Bootstrap! I really appreciated his super quick feedback!
Geraldine Galue Nov 04, 2016

With great communication and focus, Arup thinks along with what I want to achieve. Thanks!
Hans K Oct 31, 2016

Amazing!!! He is the best finding solutions and identifying issues with the application. Thank you very much Arup!
Daniel Oct 28, 2016

I can very much recommend Arup's systematic and well-researched approach to things. Will be back for more.
Hans K Oct 28, 2016

Always a pleasure to work with Arup: efficient communication, great coding, and full commitment. Thanks!
Hans K Oct 27, 2016

Arup's has been helpful as ever. It's a joy to work with such a diligent, transparent and honest guy.
Hans K Oct 24, 2016

I needed help with integrating Stripe with my Rails app. Arup had the solution.
Rafid Hoda Oct 24, 2016

Great help once again
Rafid Hoda Oct 24, 2016

Arup is serious about his code. I'm very pleased to see he consistently takes pride in producing proper code: separating concerns, maximally abstracting code for full flexibility, proper object oriented approach... All this, together with very good communication skills. I cannot ask for more.
Hans K Oct 22, 2016

Arup is a machine. And that's meant as a compliment. Thanks!
Hans K Oct 20, 2016

Arup was able to figure out a rails app problem I couldn't get sorted out. He did a great job.
John Viercinski Oct 19, 2016

Arup upgraded my rails app to include a more fully functional subscription feature. Works awesome!
John Viercinski Oct 19, 2016

Arup added Stripe Webhook functionality to my rails app and it works great!
John Viercinski Oct 19, 2016

Arup added a feature to my rails app that assigns a user role upon account creation. Works exactly as I'd like it to. Thanks, Arup!
John Viercinski Oct 19, 2016

Arup added some complex functionality to my rails app and it's working great. Will definitely hire Arup again for future work.
John Viercinski Oct 19, 2016

Arup did an awesome job with this upgrade to my rails application.
John Viercinski Oct 19, 2016

Arup diligently delivered, and helped me effectively clean up routings to match a complicated domain model. Recommended!
Hans K Oct 18, 2016

Perfect. Arup was very helpful. I will always go to him for help.
Khoa Le Oct 17, 2016

Arup is a lifesaver
Rafid Hoda Oct 17, 2016

Arup has been exceedingly helpful with assisting me to deal with a complex nested form. He's a professional and friendly fellow, a pleasure to deal with!
Hans K Oct 16, 2016

Great as always
Rafid Hoda Oct 15, 2016

Arup methodically nailed the bug I had been struggling with in no time. Thanks!!
Hans K Oct 15, 2016

Very helpful, managed to get my routes issue fixed quickly.
Indrek Oct 15, 2016

Arup was very skilled. He was able to solve my problem and paused the session when he was hung up on a problem.
Justin Webb Oct 07, 2016

Great session, quick and easy!
Jack Zerby Oct 07, 2016

Arup was available on a moments notice, and was able to spot the issue: a conceptual misunderstanding on my side. Fast forward a couple of minutes, and I was good to go. Thanks Arup!!
Hans K Oct 04, 2016

Awesome Work !!!
John Oct 03, 2016

always good!!! thanks for your knowlegeable help!!
Bill Fulbright Oct 01, 2016

Excellent debugger and coder - quick, efficient, calm, effective. Just want I needed. Highly recommended.
William Gillett Sep 28, 2016

Arup was great! He took time to understand the problem and walked me through a solution very effectively. Highly recommend!
Rafid Hoda Sep 23, 2016

Great developer and problem solver
Marcos Icaza Sep 12, 2016

Very helpful and quick
Mick Sep 04, 2016

Great Ruby on Rails coder. Highly recommend.
John Viercinski Sep 04, 2016

Arup solved the issue very quickly and took the time also to refactor other items explaining in detail so I could understand. A truly 5* mentor!!
Daniel Sep 04, 2016

Arup did an outstanding job working this Ruby on Rails coding project for me. I'm planning on rehiring him for my next project.
John Viercinski Sep 02, 2016

Fixed the problem and gave a great explanation on what was going wrong.
Christopher W Eaton Aug 31, 2016

Perfect work!
Miguel Facusse Aug 28, 2016

Arup is very knowledgeable and great at identifying the problem, which was a very complex ActiveRecord associations I was facing. I highly recommend and am using his expertise again.
Khoa Le Aug 21, 2016

Helped me debug a funky coffeescript bug and got my desired feature to work - thanks!
Matt Krueger Aug 19, 2016

He was extreme professional and I highly recommend him to everyone!
Angelis Pseftis Aug 18, 2016

Arup was extremely helpful and also explained along the way the 'what and how' in relation to my problem. He got up to speed exceedingly quickly and was very proficient with his javascript + rails...
Donal Aug 10, 2016

Got to the core issue I was having very quickly and was able to help me work through it...will definitely work with again.
ben barton Jul 30, 2016

Arup was quick to find and solve the problem, and a pleasure to work with.
Lindsay Morris Jul 27, 2016

Excellent work! Very fast resolution and good quality on deliverables. Very trustworthy worker. I will definitely turn to him for future work. Just great!
Eduardo Jul 23, 2016

He was very helpful and took me through code step by step to solve my Rails issue.
Camila Crawford Jul 21, 2016

Arup used IRB to show some code tricks. Fixed the problem I had and explained it well enough that I will able to tackle such a problem myself in future.
Justin Ward Jul 21, 2016

Very friendly and understanding! He also took the time to give helpful advice for me to apply off-chat. I highly recommend him as a mentor.
Maxime Leblanc Jul 20, 2016

Arup rocks! Thanks for the quick fix!!
Bill Fulbright Jul 20, 2016

Arup does a great job, knows his way around the RoR environment and Ruby. I enjoy working with this very capable mentor.
Bill Fulbright Jul 20, 2016

He helped me solve my issue and showed me how to fix it myself for same kind of bugs. Will use him again
Navid Jul 20, 2016

Extremely helpful! Was very patient, helped point out bugs in my code I didn't see and talked me through everything he was doing. Would definitely work with him again! Thanks so much!
Walter Kerr Jul 19, 2016

Very thorough and patient.
William Gillett Jul 18, 2016

He is really good (a king ;) ) and I will be using him later. He understood the problem and solved it for me and better, he explained me why the bug happened and how to solve it. RECCOMEND HIM!!!!
Navid Jul 18, 2016

Able to jump in and fix things and explain what he was doing - very quickly and accurately.
William Gillett Jul 13, 2016

Goold skils. Good Mentor.
Kyohei Yamashita Jul 12, 2016

great guy, look forward to working with him again. :)
Chris Jul 11, 2016

great guy, look forward to working with him again.
Chris Jul 09, 2016

Arup was extremely helpful in solving my issue - I would not have been able to do it without him. He definitely impressed me with his knowledge and dedication to the task, and was great to work with.
Chuck Mac Jul 08, 2016

Great guy, very helpful.
Chris Jul 08, 2016

Great ,fast and accurate help!
Javier Jul 06, 2016

Solved my problem well. good help!!
Kyohei Yamashita Jul 02, 2016

Excellent resource very knowledgable with Ruby on Rails
Bill Fulbright Jul 01, 2016

Will continue to converse and learn with Arup Rakshit. Very efficient. Looking forward to next sessions.
Bill Fulbright Jul 01, 2016

Aruprakshit is the best he made ruby very enjoyable and understandable
Callum Craigie Jun 27, 2016

andy Jun 22, 2016

working through some tricky stuff a one problem solved - on to the next
Mick Jun 21, 2016

thank you quick fix turnaround
Nate Welling Jun 20, 2016

First person I've worked with and he was awesome. Really nice, educated me on some stuff and super efficient. Great guy.
David Jun 18, 2016

I am really satisfied with the result. Tried seeking support from other freelancers, but they were unable to solve this. Will definitely use his services again in the future.
kris Jun 15, 2016

Quick to get to grip with the issue and explained the solution and background carefully :-)
Lee Silcock Jun 07, 2016

Arup was very helpful and fast, thnks
David Gibson Jun 07, 2016

Great mentor really recommend him
steve chek Jun 06, 2016

Arup helped fix my issues with Devise and RSpec quickly. Will consult with him again.
Ron May 26, 2016

Very helpful and said he would be happy to help in the future!
Edward Byrne May 24, 2016

Very knowledgeable and help me solve my problem quickly
Marilyn May 22, 2016

Arup did a great job trouble shooting my development environment. I upgraded to El Captain OS X and several things broke. He fixed home brew, rvm, ruby and rails. He made sure the paths were working. And he did it quickly. Very impressed.
Pam May 20, 2016

Awesome job!
Andrew Kelley May 19, 2016

Very helpful and explained what the problem was. Will use again.
William May 16, 2016

Quick and helpful on what needed to be solved.
Jiran Dowlati May 14, 2016

Good help, thanks
Alan Lammiman May 06, 2016

He helped solve my issue, thank you!
Krista Apr 29, 2016

great session he is very interactive and takes his time to explain and debug problems
steve chek Apr 25, 2016

Nice guy and helpful, he is smart and have done the program so fast ... I will work with this smart guy again Thanks
khalid Apr 25, 2016

Great! As usual.
Patrick Apr 22, 2016

Arup patiently and logically helped to fix my problem -would use again
Tim Knowles Apr 22, 2016

amazing mentor really took his time to help with a project and explained it to me. thanks again
steve chek Apr 16, 2016

Marc Thalen Apr 16, 2016

Awesome! worked on this piece for a couple hours and Arup helped me fix it in 15 minutes!
Todd Trimakas Apr 15, 2016

Arup is a whiz. He definitely helped me out.
Paul Gasbarra Apr 09, 2016

This guy is my favorite mentor : )
Will Van Wart Apr 03, 2016

Arup was very helpful and very knowledgable. He was able to point out my mistakes for simple problems and put in the effort for the more complicated lifts. Will definitely use him again.
Paul Gasbarra Apr 02, 2016

Extremely helpful and explained the concepts beyond the solution. Will hire again. Thanks!
Dan Esposito Mar 31, 2016

Great job explaining really took his time to explain and answer all my questions
steve chek Mar 28, 2016

Arup is an excellent help. Fast and effective as usual.
Will Van Wart Mar 27, 2016

Fast and extremely Knowledgeable
Will Van Wart Mar 26, 2016

Very helpful. Thanks.
Owen Essen Mar 24, 2016

helped answer my syntax question quickly!
Darion Miller Mar 23, 2016

He is great at taking a problem, breaking it down and explaining it in a way that makes sense to programer. nice and smart. fast work on programming. I recommend this guy for anyone who is struggling in programming.
khalid Mar 23, 2016

Very helpful!
Antonio Mar 22, 2016

He was able to help me with my issue and explain how it worked.
Andy Linteau Mar 22, 2016

Awesome. Found the issue in two minutes in a very bad code. Fixed it in one. I recommend him!
Antonin Archer Mar 21, 2016

Arup understands your problem very quickly, and if you need to get fast expert help, he is the perfect mentor for you !
Will Van Wart Mar 20, 2016

very smart and fast. I am very grateful for all of his help and assistance he provided to help me during this class in my programing. I would recommend him to anyone!
khalid Mar 20, 2016

Found the problem as quickly as possible. He was very good.
Bob Cook Mar 16, 2016

Amazing! Helped me with my issue in a couple of minutes.
Darion Miller Mar 15, 2016

Arup got the issue working perfectly and was quick to get familiar with the app.
Quux Mar 15, 2016

He solved my problems really fast. Definetely suggested!
stefano Mar 15, 2016

Great service
zach Mar 12, 2016

Very good, worked hard to solve my problem, even though he had limited experience with the plugin.. and I came away with a solution that I'm really happy about.
jack lalley Mar 09, 2016

It was a bit tough issue to solve, but Arup made it all work. Great mentor as always, and he is very passionated about fixing problem. I recommend him to everyone.
Ryuji Ganaha Mar 09, 2016

Really good!! and stopped the timer when he was thinking :)
Filipe Veloso Mar 06, 2016

Solid mentor.
Edward Babbage Mar 04, 2016

Arup is super smart. He dove right into a complex problem and solved it fairly quickly without any problems. Super stoked to work with him again.
Reza Piri Mar 03, 2016

Fast and smart ... good on Ruby programming ... excellent on Test-Taking Skills. I would work with him again. Thanks
khalid Mar 02, 2016

nice work. organized
khalid Mar 02, 2016

Very helpful! Highly recommended
Yoseph Mar 02, 2016

Arup was very knowledgeable and helpful, highly recommended!
Kevin Kuoch Mar 01, 2016

Nice guy and smart. He helped me on my ruby programming and he i really smart on programming languages. I will work with him again for the next Assignment.
khalid Mar 01, 2016

Great mentor!! Solve the issue that I was spending all day in 20 minutes.
Ryuji Ganaha Mar 01, 2016

Great assistance and feedback.
Wale Feb 29, 2016

very quick and efficient help. will use again in future
Matt Feb 27, 2016

Arup is amazing !! Fast , friendly and sharp : )
Will Van Wart Feb 25, 2016

Solved my problem right away. Solid mentor.
Edward Babbage Feb 22, 2016

Excellent mentor!
Lin Z Feb 21, 2016

Helped fix my issues. Can't wait to work with him again.
Darion Miller Feb 19, 2016

He has been able to perfectly solve the issue I had, thanks Arup.
qayum Feb 18, 2016

It was a difficult thing, but finally now it is working. Great help from him, I extremely recommend him.
Enrique Salceda Feb 18, 2016

Enrique Salceda Feb 18, 2016

He is was so helpful and quick for solving the issue that I had. Thanks
Sahran Khan Feb 17, 2016

Enrique Salceda Feb 17, 2016

Great session, he is very fast!!! and very helpful!!!
Enrique Salceda Feb 16, 2016

Great help!!! He was able to help me with a problem that I couldn't solve per hours
Enrique Salceda Feb 16, 2016

Very helpful and patient with my basic questions! Thanks!
Thomas Garman Feb 12, 2016

Very helpful. Was able to work through a couple of issues and solve them quickly. Will work with again.
Patrick Feb 09, 2016

He is the best
Chris Bradshaw Feb 09, 2016

Arup truly understands Rails and he is also a great teacher.
Chris Feb 06, 2016

Arup is always incredibly helpful. He is a database expert. Use him!!
Chris Bradshaw Feb 05, 2016

Great mentor! Very helpful.
Patrick Feb 04, 2016

Arup is the best!!!!
Chris Bradshaw Feb 03, 2016

Arup is an expert on Ruby on Rails. He is my number one go to source, and takes the time to explain WHY we are writing the code. Amazing teacher, use him!!
Chris Bradshaw Feb 02, 2016