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Arpit Bhayani

Arpit Bhayani

Full-Stack Developer, In love with programming since 2004.

Mumbai (+05:30)
I’m an avid programmer, passionate about code, design, startups and technology. Currently I am working at Practo, a healthcare startup, as a DevOps Engineer. In my free time I write Tech Articles, read, play games, participate in contests, conferences or hackathons, and write about what interests me in science.

The most tricky part of application development is taking your code into production. I have an extensive experience in deploying codes in various languages on AWS infra. I will deploy your basic Python Flask application on AWS EC2 instance.

There are many situations where there is a require where you need to run multiple instances of MySQL on same machine. Some situations are: - test a new MySQL release while leaving an existing production setup undisturbed - give different users access to different mysqld servers that they manage themselves I will tell you how with ease you can setup multiple versions of MySQL in a machine and will help you understand the internals of it.

Python expert help Python - 5 years experience
I have been using Python since past 7 years. For me python is more like a "GOTO" language. I go for python when I have to quickly create a prototype or write a script. Whenever I want to create a quick and small web application I chose Python Flask framework in combination with Jinja Templating. I also have an extensive experience handling Flask applications in production environment. Links to my Python Based projects: https://github.com/arpitbbhayani/scrappers https://github.com/arpitbbhayani/quora-widget https://github.com/arpitbbhayani/editor-demo
Java expert help Java - 5 years experience
The first OOP Language I learnt was Java and I have been actively using it since past 5 years. I generally choose Java to create a more complex web application or when there is a need to write a good, readable, scalable and robust code with complex need to OOP best practices. I have also written system application in Java. One big system application in Java I wrote was a search engine on Wikipedia dump. Links to my Java based projects: https://github.com/arpitbbhayani/WikiSe https://github.com/arpitbbhayani/articulate https://github.com/arpitbbhayani/trex-iot
C expert help C - 9 years experience
The language that was responsible for making me fall in love with programming was C. I have been working with C language since past 9 years. I mostly use C language for competitive programming and system level programming, where performance is given top priority. In order to understand data structures and algorithms better I always write algortihms in C. I have created bash-like shell, ls-like program in C. Links to C based projects: https://github.com/arpitbbhayani/shell https://github.com/arpitbbhayani/ls
Cplusplus expert help C++ - 6 years experience
C++ is the language I choose when I have to create performance centric programs/tools. I have generally used C++ for competitive programming and for writing some system level applications where performance along with OOP and library support is required. I have created a very small a database engine like MySQL in C++. Links to C++ based projects: https://github.com/arpitbbhayani/DBSystem https://github.com/arpitbbhayani/spoj https://github.com/arpitbbhayani/codechef
No icon Html - 9 years experience
I have been developing web applications since 9 years and since HTML/CSS is the language of web, I have been very well acquainted with that stuff. I have designed a lot of websites and have provided sample websites down below. Links: http://arpitbhayani.me http://codevilleacademy.github.io
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 4 years experience
I love web technologies and I use them almost every day. My favourite workflow is to use Gulp as the task runner, webpack to bundle modules together and npm to manage packages. Babel (for ES6) can also be found in my projects pretty often. I mostly use native javascript for writing UI based javascript code. As server side language I have naive experience with Node JS. I have create small services in Node JS.
Sql expert help SQL - 6 years experience
I learned SQL, 6 years back, and since that day I have used it almost daily. For all of my web applications, I choose backend as MySQL, a SQL database. I enjoy writing optimal SQL queries for application system. Extracting valuable information from data fascinates me.
Git expert help Git - 9 years experience
Since the day I learned programming, I have been using version control system. Out of all protocols I personally prefer Git. All of my code are hosted somewhere in Github, Gitlab or Bitbucket depending on sensitivity of codebase. My Github Profile: https://github.com/arpitbbhayani
flasksr 124   5
Make flask pages load faster and better by streaming partial HTTP Responses :boom:
WikiSe 9   2
A wikipedia search engine that is completely built in Java and works on Wikipedia XML dumps
ls 6   3
Implement UNIX Shell command ls using UNIX System calls
spoj 5   4
SPOJ solutions
C C++ Python
quora-widget 4   0
Un-offical Quora widget and Quora card for your profile
Shell JavaScript