How I built my own JavaScript framework

Published Aug 04, 2017
How I built my own JavaScript framework

The original idea πŸ€”

I'm a big fan of jQuery, I truly love ❀️ the way of jQuery to simplify JavaScript.

But, recently, JavaScript users found that jQuery wasn't productive enough, so they built their own framework 😜.

These framework have the particularity to be powerful only at a certain scale.

So, the idea was to build a JavaScript that has the simplicity of jQuery, but that also have the ability to scale.

That's how DisplayJS is born 😊.

The product πŸ€—

DisplayJS is finally here, and I have to say that I almost achieve the original goal.

And, the only way of you can see what it is, is by trying it out 😁!

The future

The only but is that if you have an extremely huge (Like Google Docs for example) app, MVC frameworks will be slightly better.

That's why in the v2.0.0, I will try to make DisplayJS MVC proof (I mean that it will support MVC).

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