John Simons, Arduino freelance programmerHire Now
John Simons4.9
Freelance Arduino developer in Eton Wick, United Kingdom

Full stack developer with a focus on javascript based stacks.

PoC platform for Embedded and IoT Projects
Aaron Gerard Franco, Arduino consultant and programmerHire Now
Aaron Gerard Franco5.0
Freelance Arduino developer in Forest Hills, United States

CTO/Founder at Nimblechat

I started programming Arduino when it was first released. I developed multiple winning hackathon projects on Arduino. I also have experience integrating Arduino into Linux systems as well as Node.js and PHP serial integrations.
Oleg Kurbatov, top Arduino developerHire Now
Oleg Kurbatov5.0
Freelance Arduino developer in Voronezh, Russia

Software developer

I used to play with arduino at leisure. It led me to developing a cheap security solution (java application + sensors wired to arduino) for a local internet provider that used it to monitor state of server room's dors. I picked out a part of that solution into a library (firmata4j) and published it on github.
Dylan Brams, Arduino freelance programmerHire Now
Dylan Brams5.0
Freelance Arduino developer in Jerusalem, Israel

Experienced programmer who can clarify things quickly.

I did quite a few small arduino projects during the course of my EE degree and I have continued to work with it occasionally since then. I am willing to try to help debug your Arduino code, partially as a learning experience and partially as someone who can debug combinations of hardware and software.
Ricardo, Arduino developer for hireHire Now
Freelance Arduino developer in Toronto, Canada

Senior Software Engineer

Created programs that manipulate LED lights for Christmas and Halloween.
Alex Polymath, top Arduino developerHire Now
Alex Polymath5.0
Freelance Arduino developer in Krasnodar, Russia

Let me solve some troubles

Playing with the devices is my hobby. I used to make a experiments with NodeMCU, Arduino Uni, Arduino Nano, Raspberri PI. Usually I make smth simple, like fruit piano using capacitive touch or just reading humidity and temperature parameters and making a graph or stepper motors control. Also I got a 3d Printer and I make different cool stuff with it.
Wouter Verweirder, Arduino freelancer and developerHire Now
Wouter Verweirder5.0
Freelance Arduino developer in Kortrijk, Belgium

Lecturer at HOWEST

teaching arduino on a day to day basis collaborated with artists on interactive installations
Smit Makarand Rajguru, Arduino coder and developerHire Now
Smit Makarand Rajguru5.0
Freelance Arduino developer in Mormugao, India

7+ years of experience in python.

I am the coder for the ROBOCON 2017 team from my college. I love working with the hardware and software. There is an amazing feeling when you are able to make physical things with your own code.
Kostas Antonopoulos, Arduino consultant and programmerHire Now
Kostas Antonopoulos5.0
Freelance Arduino developer in Athens, Greece

iOS developer

Really like the freedom of automation that arduino can give you, by just writing some C code. I am writing C for over 5 years and this combined with the easy frameworks of arduino, can create really good projects.
Fabrizio Guglielmino, Arduino programmer and consultantHire Now
Fabrizio Guglielmino5.0
Freelance Arduino developer in Turin, Italy

Software developer with a strong passion for his work

I made many projects using Arduino, from home automation systems to games for children and more. I'm involved in Turin Ardiuno User Group (in Italy) where Arduino was born and I actively collaborate with Arduino team.
Arturo Sapiña , senior Arduino developerHire Now
Arturo Sapiña 5.0
Freelance Arduino developer in Valencia, Spain

Hardware designer and firmware developer, in love with the creative process used to bring products to life

I have a background in electronics engineering, and I used Arduino in almost every project I have been involved. It is a powerful proto tool in wich i rely also for final ad hoc products, from ultrasound cleaners to advertising installations.
David Brailovsky, Arduino dev and freelancerHire Now
David Brailovsky5.0
Freelance Arduino developer in Tel Aviv, Israel

Software Engineer, Machine Learning Enthusiast

Used Arduino to control LEDs and process sound. Used for art installations.
matt venn, freelance Arduino programmerHire Now
matt venn5.0
Freelance Arduino developer in Valencia, Spain

Creative technologist and electronic engineer

lots of experience with libraries, other targets like tiny and esp8266. I've read the atmega328p datasheet. I trained as an electronic engineer and have a lot of experience building and testing circuits. I've also used Kicad and Eagle to design PCBs.
Daniel M. Lima, senior Arduino developerHire Now
Daniel M. Lima5.0
Freelance Arduino developer in São Carlos, Brazil

Systems Analyst working with IoT and data mining

I use Arduino as an off-the-shelf platform for embedded prototyping which can easily turn into a customized AVR-powered device, such as touch screen panels, portable web servers, scientific experiments control and many other microcontroller applications.
Álvaro Justen, top Arduino developerHire Now
Álvaro Justen
Freelance Arduino developer in Curitiba, Brazil

Senior Software Developer

Give classes for more than 4 years in Brazil, give many talks in conferences, developed some projects.

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