Nathan Ridley, top Architectural design developerView Profile
Nathan Ridley5.0
Freelance Architectural design developer in Capalaba, Australia

Australian full-stack developer/designer with almost 20 years of experience: Learn: advanced JavaScript/Typescript, HTML/CSS, software architecture/design, functional/reactive programming with streams, Photoshop, UI/UX design, career guidance and more.

I've spent the last five years designing advanced systems from scratch, and in my current role I'm designing an entirely new end-to-end system architecture for networked applications. I have developed what I believe to be an ideal process for solving deep problems across large problem areas, and have used it to design multiple systems for private projects and for clients.
Nicholas J Diaz, Architectural design software engineerView Profile
Nicholas J Diaz5.0
Freelance Architectural design developer in St Louis, United States

Passionate Software Engineering Consultant

In college I was introduced to the idea of architecture. Web applications are much more than just writing code. There should be a method to the code you write. From single page applications to object orientated programming I have built many applications in many different ways. Some with similar functionality but a different design. Each tool has it's own unique purpose and should be treated as so. I was tasked with holding a study group in my first C++ class to help other students understand the concepts of OOP. I loved that group and enjoy helping people learn about things related to computer science.
Justin Pham, Architectural design freelance programmerView Profile
Justin Pham
Freelance Architectural design developer in Auckland, New Zealand

Software Consultant !!!

Currently a Software Consultant for multiple startups and enterprise using latest design patterns and infrastructure for in-house or cloud
Charles Allison, Architectural design software engineerView Profile
Charles Allison5.0
Freelance Architectural design developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Experienced Software Engineer... Loves music.

I'm a software craftsman, a professional at what I do. I love to make complex things really simple with great depth of knowledge in software design and architecture. I don't just write code, I enjoy designing and creating awesome software applications. I've got 8+ years of developing applications using Java, PHP, and exactly 5 years with the C# language. My experience includes both web and desktop applications. While I currently develop in C# and XAML, I'm a Java enthusiast. I can say I've got some emotional attachment to Java. I love cartoons and enjoy music as I write code; nonetheless, I am achievement oriented and goal driven.
Hochi Chuang, Architectural design freelance coderView Profile
Hochi Chuang
Freelance Architectural design developer in Taipei, Taiwan

Backend Software Engineer

Love to share new technology, learn new stuff and implement funny stuff in new way! Have been in several startup and be part of core-engineering team, mostly focusing on backend and DevOps work!
Nick Davies, Architectural design freelance programmerView Profile
Nick Davies
Freelance Architectural design developer in Sidcup, United Kingdom

Software Engineering is my Life!

I have been a software developer most of my life (i actually started programming at 5 years old!). I have undertaken many projects throughout my career both as a software engineer and techncial architect.
Roman Gordeev, top Architectural design developerView Profile
Roman Gordeev
Freelance Architectural design developer in Tver, Russia

Researcher, IT entrepreneur & software engineer

Professional software engineer and computer scientist with over 9 years of hands-on experience developing enterprise applications using JVM based languages such as Java and Scala and a variety of databases, both relational and NoSQL. Experienced in working in agile environments, both Scrum or Kanban. Love using Ruby for quick prototyping and Python for scientific work. Supported local IT community. Ph.D. in mathematics.
Josip Jelić, Architectural design freelance programmerView Profile
Josip Jelić5.0
Freelance Architectural design developer in Rijeka, Croatia

Web developer with taste in Laravel and Vue.js

Hi, I'm experienced web developer and father of two from Croatia. Working as senior developer for one of the fastest growing IT companies in Croatia. Laravel pays my bills but Vue.js fills my heart :).
Chris Madison, top Architectural design developerView Profile
Chris Madison
Freelance Architectural design developer in Concord, United States

Versatile deeply experienced technology leader and developer

A strong information technology leader with more than 20 years of experience in software development, consulting, and aligning technology to support sales and marketing initiatives. 20+ years of software development lifecycle experience leveraging Java technologies Experienced leading teams through complex applications of cutting-edge technology Expert in systems design, articulating vision, and managing implementation Proficient in identifying risks and developing risk mitigation plans Demonstrated technical thought leadership throughout career Thorough knowledge of healthcare industry standards and regulatory impact Excellent people management, communications and interpersonal skills
andres felipe cardona castro, senior Architectural design developer for hireView Profile
andres felipe cardona castro
Freelance Architectural design developer in Envigado, Colombia

Software Engineer | Technical Interviewer

Information Technology professional, with wide experience in software engineering and software craftsmanship, Technical Interviewing, and Technical Leadership. Soft competencies distinguishing team work abilities and personal leadership. Proactive and investigation enthusiastic.
Edson Henrique Santos, Architectural design coder and developerView Profile
Edson Henrique Santos
Freelance Architectural design developer in São Paulo, Brazil
Profissional com +20 anos de experiência em TI, orientado a resultados com, capacidade de influência, administração e resolução de conflitos, bom relacionamento interpessoal e facilidade de comunicação em diversos níveis hierárquicos. Visão de mercado e busca por novas soluções de TI, alinhado a estratégia da empresa, focando a redução de custo, aumento de performance e agilidade nos processos de infraestrutura e TI. Atualmente trabalhando com formação de equipes de alta performance e resolução de problemas,liderança e gestão de portfólio de projetos de infraestrutura de TI, acompanhando todo ciclo de vida do projeto, da solução técnica até entrega final. Especialidades: TOGAF | MVP | ITIL | COBIT| AWS | Azure | Google Cloud | Cloud Privada | VMware | Microsoft Windows 2012 | Citrix | Micr...
Matt Adesanya, top Architectural design developerView Profile
Matt Adesanya
Freelance Architectural design developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Technical Coach/Software Engineer

It's been 13 years since I wrote my first hello-world program in QBASIC. Today, I work with Javascript, Python and Java(Android). I worked as lead software engineer on internal projects at Andela. I am passionate about building cutting edge apps, having worked on a number of software projects for the web, desktop and mobile platform. Notable among them is the Mobile Examiner (a prize winning mobile app on the Samsung Developer's Challenge, 2010). A night owl scheming about how to make the world a better place. Besides work, I blog, teach and practice new chords on my guitar or piano. Here's one of my most notable write-ups:
dor avraham, Architectural design freelance programmerView Profile
dor avraham
Freelance Architectural design developer in Tel Aviv, Israel

A Senior C++ developer and a Software Architect for distributed systems

During my military service I developed and maintained a large distributed system running on Linux using C++. Was a team leader charged with a distributed in-memory database and a dev-ops team lead. Was an architect for a large project involving work across 5 teams in multiple programming languages and OSes. Also helped architecting a new service oriented application running under linux. Had been training and mentoring other developers in person for over 5 years while also being charged with our training program for new programmers. I'm a big fan of writing clean, testable and efficient code with a design to last the test of time.
Andy Wu, Architectural design developer for hireView Profile
Andy Wu
Freelance Architectural design developer in Ashburn, United States

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