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Jackson Gilman, senior Arcgis desktop developerHire Now
Freelance Arcgis desktop developer in Memphis, United States

GIS Developer skilled in JavaScript and Python

I've done a ton of stuff w/ Arc's a few highlights. * Building highly optimized and customized address locators for the county I live in. This includes creating composite address locators based on multiple street, address point and parcel feature classes. * I can make pretty maps * With the advent of the arcpy.mapping module I've done a great deal to automate the production of map series, reparation of data sources and publication to map services on ArcGIS Server. This ended up being extremely useful when putting together map books that used data frames displaying ArcSchematics layers * I've worked a great deal with the Spatial Analyst and Network Analyst extensions, both in the Desktop and Server context. * With a college education in Geography, I can help...
Ryan Kuhn, freelance Arcgis desktop programmerHire Now
Freelance Arcgis desktop developer in Dallas, United States

Win32 API, .NET, C#, all around expert with 20 years of programming experience. If I am showing as offline, message me and I will respond ASAP!

Senior software engineer focusing on .NET enterprise architecutre, applications, user interfafces, GIS solutions, and all around solutions to coding problems. If I am showing as offline, message me and I will respond ASAP!
Zhenyang Hua, Arcgis desktop freelance coderHire Now
Freelance Arcgis desktop developer in Dayton, United States

Application Developer, GIS Developer, Consultant

Zhenyang Hua works as a GIS/full-stack developer at Woolpert Consultant with an expertise in Google Maps API, ArcGIS Javascript API, and many other popular mapping APIs. In the off-work hours, Zhenyang also enjoys being a freelancer providing expert knowledge and service in developing and improving mapping related projects. Zhenyang believes to improve user experience is the one ultimate goal with continuous efforts, 100% passion and love. Zhenyang loves all kinds of outdoor activities -- hiking, kayaking, skiing, softball, soccer, biking, running. He loves traveling as much as he loves Vermont cheddar and maple bacon jam burger.
Shravan Bonagiri, Arcgis desktop dev and freelancerHire Now
Freelance Arcgis desktop developer in Memphis, United States

GIS Applications Developer at City of Memphis

Specialties: GIS Applications Development, ArcGIS Server, ArcGIS Suite, .NET, Web services, Prism, SQL Server, ESRI JavaScript API, ESRI Silverlight API, Flex, Agile methodology

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