Top Senior Application architecture problem solving Developers - Nov 2017

Full stack developer with 6+ years of experience (Javascript, Python and Go)

Technical Java Consultant & Coach

I spend my time working with a wide variety of architects, developers and other stakeholders. My passion is helping technical folk find better ways of doing things and solving their problems.

Mentor, Leader and Catalyst

I provide mentoring, training and leading services to small companies and start-ups around the country as well as providing business advice and acting as a catalyst specializing in solving problems that no one else can. I am an expert if a variety of languages, frameworks and services. Ask me anything.

Full Stack Development Expert with a heavy focus on clean code, quality environment and great user experience.

I spend quite a bit of my time helping new and existing companies streamline their processes in order to enhance user experience while keep costs to a minimum. Having spent the past twenty years working in the industry I have had a lot of experience with that does work, and what does not. I am a big fan of the Lean startup model and really enjoy helping startups get up and running as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Solutions Architect

Passionate about software from DevOPS to Quality Assurance, from Developer to Architect with the right amount of business skills, marketing and sales. Specialties: Distributed Application Design, Object Orientated Programming, AngularJS, REST API Design, PHP, MySQL, PhalconPHP, MongoDB, Python, Flask, Zend Framework, Linux Administration, Symfony, Quick Test Professional, WatiN/R, Magento, Wordpress, Adobe & Microsoft Suite, MacOs, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, VMWare and more. Large Scale Software Development Strategies, Center for Disease Control regulations and reporting guidelines. Health Information Exchanges, Direct Secure Messaging, HIPAA Regulations and Meaningful Use guidelines. Experienced in successfully negotiating and implementing new technologies in change-adverse organizations thus increasing productivity and profitability while keeping in line with the business value proposition. Fast to adapt to ever changing technological challenges and business needs effectively migrated legacy architecture to cloud based solutions guaranteeing a competitive advantage in the immediate and near term. Analytical and rational during difficult times helped organizations in life-critical industries such as healthcare facing existing challenges while formulating business conscious plans to move forward. As technical liaison with government agencies such as the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technologies and the CDC. Directly participated in state level policy making by participating directly with ACHA Agency for Healthcare Administration as well as providing the technology needed for the privatization of DCF Department of Children & Families thus by creating new and relevant revenue channels.

.NET Developer with 12+ years of experience

I have 12 years of experience in developing desktop applications, web applications, web services/API using microsoft technologies. I have expertise in ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, SQL SERVER, C#.NET, VB.NET, WCF, Javascript, JQuery, RabbitMQ, MongoDB. I have experts team in PHP, Android and iOS as well. I have done Masters in computer application and pursuing PhD in computer science. I am MCP, MCTS and SCJP certified. My Stackoverflow Profile: My Blog (on .NET):

Software Engineer at Google

Software Engineer specialized in high traffic and high performance web sites. With passion for technology, high quality software development and BigData. Specialties: Java Hibernate/Spring/Struts2 Ruby on rails High performance webites and web applications Realtime analytics Content Recommendation Database optimisation and design NoSQL solutions (Cassandra, Hadoop, Mongodb) Ajax Scala

Expert in iOS Development

I'm expert in iOS / Swift / Objective-C development with more than 7 years of experience in this field. I have extensive knowledge about software architecture and I also experience in other areas such as backend development, designing REST / JSON APIs, project estimation and sprint planning, team management, javascript, GIT, Photoshop, InDesign...

Python | Java | AngularJS

3 Years of hands on working experience on Python, Java and AngularJS based technology with complex application development.

Full Stack Engineer - Expert in Angular, Ionic, Docker, MEAN

If I include all the time I have been tinkering with computer hardware and programming, it would be 15+ years of experience in a broad range of technologies and fields related to IT. I could list the different frameworks, tools and techniques but these are just means to the end result. What I have learned through all this years practising my passion, is the skill of solving problems with a set of constraints. Let me tell you a little story to illustrate what I mean. A few years ago I was working as a sysadmin and network engineer in a small team that managed the whole national network of my computer school (most famous one in France). I joined the team to better understand networks and practice my knowledge of Unix systems. For the new students joining in, the school wanted to develop a solution that allowed the students to carry a hard drive rack containing all their environment for both Linux (Fedora) and Windows (7). They could plug their rack on any computer of the school and it would allow a dual boot. The could even take their racks to home and use it on their own machines. The solution had to be ready before the new year arrivals in 2 months. I joined the effort to develop the customized dual boot rack system. I helped customize grub and the boot process in order to allow for the linux partitions to be encrypted. The linux part was easy. However, when we tried making a windows image that boots on different hardware, barriers. I was so much involved in the project that I was handed the whole research and development of the system. We tried getting help from Microsoft who officially said it was impossible. Bear in mind, I have never worked on Windows boot systems before and had close to none knowledge of windows internals at that time. After sleepless nights of understanding the Windows boot procedure and Sysprep, I finally hacked a solution that involved preparing the image from the older machines and migrating it to the newest machines. Since some of the school machines were actually laptops, we even had to solder our own reverse sata cables in order to boot the image on the laptops. After finishing the dual boot solution, I had the final task of preparing hundreds of dumps on fresh hard drives. I designed a solution based on Clonezilla and managed the team in order to deliver 500 new and tested dual boot racks in less than a week. So although I am now very immersed in web technologies and web applications, I hope this story made you understand what value I bring to my clients: Finding solutions no matter the constraints.

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