Subash Luitel, top App developerView Profile
Subash Luitel5.0

Senior iOS Developer with solid background in creating complex mobile applications downloaded by millions of users

Highly passionate and experienced iOS developer with more than 5 year of experience. • Shipped over 50 different iOS apps downloaded by millions. • Computer Engineering graduate from IIT • Great design and UX experience • CTO and founder at Thinkboks • Senior iOS and android developer at UPShow Experience with all core iOS apis and various third party apis. Parse, GPUImage, Firebase, Restful APIs, Auto-layout, Multithreading, Push notifications, In app purchase, Apple watch development, Apple TV development, iCloud, PassKit, SiriKit, Maps,, Fabric, FacebookKit, Crashlytics, Raygun, Debugging, OAuth2, Braintree Payments, Square payments, Apple Pay, Networking, Peer to peer connectivity, Alamofire, AFNetworking etc to name a few. Basically I am able to help wi...
Matthew Knippen, App software engineerView Profile
Matthew Knippen5.0

iOS developer with 50+ Apps. Founded 3 companies.

Specialties: • iPhone/iPad/iOS Development • Product Management & Development • Lean Startup • Entrepreneurship Would you like to see the list of applications I have worked on that are in the App Store? Check out my TapFame profile: With a strong background in Objective-C, iOS Applications and Apple products, I keep my primary focus on developing applications for the iPhone and iPad. I am able to promote what I am doing well with a large amount of sales experience. Having both the tech side and the sales side is not a common trait. I am the type of person that if I do not know the answer to a question, I know how to find it. I am constantly expanding my knowledge base in every possible direction, and in the process becoming more of a valuable...
Ben Gottlieb, App freelance coderView Profile
Ben Gottlieb5.0

Senior iOS Developer and Consultant

I've been in mobile since Apple's premier handheld was the Newton. I've worked on top grossing iOS apps, and consulted with companies large and small, from Fortune 500 to startups. I love Objective-C, but most of my time is spent in Swift these days, except for legacy codebase maintenance.
Anthony Hicks III, App freelancer and developerView Profile
Anthony Hicks III5.0

Software Engineer

I have a Master's of Science Degree in Computer Science, and I have industry experience in Software Development. I understand programming on both a theoretical level and a practical level. I have knowledge of various topics such as Functional Programming, Object-Oriented Programming, and Web Development. I have experience programming with many languages such as JavaScript, Scala, Java, C++, and C. I would like to pass on some of my knowledge to others.
Antonio, App developer for hireView Profile

Senior iOS Developer at Apple+IBM partnership

In 2010, after watching several colleagues tear their hair out manually analyzing and manipulating spreadsheet upon spreadsheet of data in Excel, I taught myself how to write VBA macros to help them out. I quickly realized two things: programming can quickly make people's lives much easier, and it's a lot of fun. I was hooked. A master's degree in Software Engineering, an internship with the Google Summer of Code program, a few startup ideas later, and I now code enterprise level iOS apps for the Apple + IBM partnership. I can still remember writing my first Java program; the excitement and frustration it brought. The instant gratification of writing a macro and watching it work its magic on an Excel spreadsheet was gone, replaced by null pointer exceptions and indecipherable compiler co...
Jack Bransfield , App dev and freelancerView Profile
Jack Bransfield

I bring an architect's sensibility to the art and craft of building mobile apps. To me, that means bringing design and technology together as equal partners to solve a well understood problem, always keeping the focus on the user.

I've been building iOS apps since the announcement of the original iPad in 2010. Since then, I've worked with a wide range of clients, from ambitious startups to well known brands like Subaru, Turner, GlaxoSmithKline, and Allstate. I have experience across the iOS frameworks, from handling complex networking logic with NSURLSession and NSOperationQueue to building highly customized 2d and 3d interfaces with Core Animation and Scene Kit. Before becoming a developer, I practiced architecture, and that background taught me that the best work is the result of design and engineering working closely together toward a shared goal.
Dominic DiCicco, App software engineerView Profile
Dominic DiCicco

Experienced JavaScript Engineer

I've been writing JavaScript professionally for 10 years. For every framework that has come along that I've loved, I've seen it disappear into history. That's kept me on edge, making sure I stay up to date, while remembering to apply the tried and true fundamentals to every project I take on. I'm also loving the recent opportunity that React Native has brought along to JS devs!
Mo Bitar, freelance App developerView Profile
Mo Bitar

Lead iOS Developer at ParkWhiz

I've been doing iOS development for over six years now, with last two focused on Swift. I can help you with Objective-C, Swift, debugging, code architecture, as well as design and iTunes distribution. I also create and design my own applications. You can check them out here:
Dan Harms, freelance App programmerView Profile
Dan Harms

Lead Android Developer

Hi! I am a software developer with six years professional experience. For the past four years I have focused on mobile development primarily consisting of Android. I am very passionate about my work and love sharing my experience with newer developers looking to get started or improve their skills.
Brenton Bade, App freelance coderView Profile
Brenton Bade

Android Developer at Shiftgig

I write apps for Android and iPhone. At Facebook, I spent my time working on Android messenger as we pushed to make it number one in the mobile messaging space. Before Facebook, I was the first native mobile developer at Punchkick, a successful mobile marketing startup that produced apps for Fortune 500 companies. Punchkick has since grown from eight to eighty employees. In my free time my technical passions include computer graphics, iOS and Android work, and game development. I am happily employed at Shiftgig and am not looking for new work at this time.

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