Eugene Hauptmann, Apollo dev and freelancerView Profile
Eugene Hauptmann5.0
Freelance Apollo developer in Union City, United States

Tech Enterpreneur, Co founder

I strive to live by GTD philosophy combined with entrepreneurship principles. I did a dozen of startups over last decade. My best skill is to develop MVP out of idea and bring it to market. I build tech teams and business products.
Aaron Reisman, top Apollo developerView Profile
Aaron Reisman5.0
Freelance Apollo developer in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

If we can think of it, we can build it

I'm a web developer focused on the front of the stack. Specializing in design and the front-end of large mobile and web applications, I am known to be cross-functional by nature. I am a lover of startups and dabbler in backend technologies. My career is built on experiences at Eveo, Apartmentlist, and Hired as well as collaborations with Nike, Microsoft, McCormick and Verizon.
Kolawole Michael Alade, Apollo coder and engineerView Profile
Kolawole Michael Alade5.0
Freelance Apollo developer in Isieke, Nigeria

Full stack javascript developer | Aspiring startup founder

I love to help people debug and solve code issues. Basically, pair programming is cool.
Dotan Simha, Apollo freelance programmerView Profile
Dotan Simha
Freelance Apollo developer in Tel Aviv, Israel

FullStack developer, part of angular-meteor core team

FullStack developer, part of angular-meteor core team. Support and develop AngularJS, Angular 2, Meteor, angular-meteor, GraphQL, Apollo and NodeJS.
Gaston Morixe, top Apollo developerView Profile
Gaston Morixe
Freelance Apollo developer in Montevideo, Uruguay

React, React Native, Rails, GraphQL, Blockchain Consultant

I work with startups and companies helping them build great products. From User Experience to market. Big fan of rapid iteration and appretiation for delightful interfaces. Currently specializing in React, React Native, Rails, Node and GraphQL Apollo. (Redux, etc)
Azeez Olaniran, senior Apollo developerView Profile
Azeez Olaniran5.0
Freelance Apollo developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Full Stack Javascript (MEAN, MERN, PERN & Meteor), Java (Android, JavaEE & JavaSE) and Golang Developer

I am an experienced developer seeking to attain language agnosticism. I have over five years experience in the programming world using several programming languages and technologies. In my spare time I write tutorials on new technologies and also keep myself updated as these technologies evolve. I also contribute to several open-source projects. My core languages are Java, Javascript, Go and Ruby.
Pablo Chiappetti, Apollo dev and freelancerView Profile
Pablo Chiappetti5.0
Freelance Apollo developer in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Frontend developer. React/Redux & ❤️ GraphQL

I'm Pablo, a 26 y/o argentinian web developer, organiser of Laravel & MeteorJS meetup groups in Buenos Aires.
Lee Benson, Apollo freelance developerView Profile
Lee Benson
Freelance Apollo developer in Cleethorpes, United Kingdom

Author JS/Node/Go/Python. 18 yrs+ C-level tech.

I'm a 34 year old British guy, and I've been writing apps and spinning code since Perl was cool, and PHP was a little-known buzzword (i.e. 1997) These days, I write full-stack Node.js, along with microservices in Go and Python. I'm the author of ReacQL @, arguably the most cutting-edge JS stack in existence: universal React.js, GraphQL, and Redux. I'm occasionally available for freelance work for the right project, so hit me up and let me know what you're up to!
Ryan McNulty, Apollo freelance coderView Profile
Ryan McNulty
Freelance Apollo developer in Pittsburgh, United States

Full Stack Engineer

I am a motivated, fast learner, passionate about developing great software. I am driven to make an impact on any team, product or project that I am involved with.
Jairo Campos, Apollo freelance coderView Profile
Jairo Campos
Freelance Apollo developer in Heredia, Costa Rica

Full Stack Javascript Developer

I'm a Web developer with more than 5 years of experience and strong skills in Front End Technologies (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript) and Backend languages (Node.js PHP). I'm enthusiast and always looking for learning new technologies and improve my knowledge.
Juan Bernabo, Apollo freelance coderView Profile
Juan Bernabo
Freelance Apollo developer in São Paulo, Brazil

Agile & Pragmatic Management Coach

I am a very experienced tech, product & business mentor, lately preferring to work with people that is using Node.js, Meteor, React + Redux, GraphQL, but have a lot of experience with C++, Java and C# as well. I'm very experienced introducing agile, scrum, kanban in large organizations and have mentored at least 40 startups too on most aspects of new product & business development, focusing acquiring the right mindset and perspective, and adopting a systematic approach to it.
David Fudge, Apollo freelance programmerView Profile
David Fudge
Freelance Apollo developer in Toronto, Canada

Javascript/Full Stack Developer (Node, React/Native, Redux, GraphQL, Meteor)

I am a seasoned Javascript developer of 20+ years and have been working exclusively with React/Node based applications since 2013. I've built many applications in the last 4 years, both large and small, using all of the trendy "new hotness" including GraphQL, Node, Redux, and React Native. I've also used MongoDB as well as Neo4j databases to power these apps. I have spent the last 20 years learning and growing in emerging technologies: from Javascript to Flash to PHP to AIR and now back to Javascript. I have extensive experience running a business, dealing with every aspect including client management, accounting, project management, and of course development and implementation. I have worked alone, as part of a virtual team located across the globe, and I have led a successful and vari...
Urigo, senior Apollo developer for hireView Profile
Freelance Apollo developer in Baarn, Netherlands

angular-meteor creator

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