Brett Meyer, Apache camel freelance programmerView Profile
Brett Meyer
Freelance Apache camel developer in Fort Wayne, United States

backend software architect and engineer, Hibernate committer, open source developer

Apache Camel project contributor
Mikael Fernandus Simalango, freelance Apache camel developer for hireView Profile
Mikael Fernandus Simalango
Freelance Apache camel developer in Incheon, Republic of Korea

Solving problem in an elegant way

A former Fortune-50 software engineer with eyes in solving some of the hardest challenges in everyday's life and fixing the broken systems.
Ami Solomon, Apache camel freelance programmerView Profile
Ami Solomon4.8
Freelance Apache camel developer in Phoenix, United States

Software Architect at American Express

I am an experienced software architect with 15 years of experience delivering a wide variety of business solutions. I have a special interest in emerging software technologies and designing intuitive and easy to use applications. Application Architect, Application Developer, and Database Administrator. JavaScript, AngularJS, .NET, SQL, SOA, NodeJS, Business Intelligence, Usability, SharePoint, Agile Software Development (XP, Scrum), Distributed Systems Architecture, Information Security, Cloud Computing
Marcos Almeida, senior Apache camel developerView Profile
Marcos Almeida
Freelance Apache camel developer in Campinas, Brazil

MSc. Software Engineer | Software Architect | Senior Software Engineer Polyglot

Hello, I'm Marcos Almeida, I started life in the IT business in 1998, with PC maintenance. After finishing a computer technician, I started working on lower level languages ​​such as C, Pascal and Fortran, in the technician I even learned VB and Delphi, but I did not have the opportunity to work with these tools. In 2004 I ended up migrating to the world of WEB Development. Always using my knowledge and the most modern methodologies, I have tried to develop projects with the best and most efficient and effective information technology.
Clement N. Ojo, senior Apache camel developerView Profile
Clement N. Ojo5.0
Freelance Apache camel developer in Scarborough, Canada

Senior Software Developer / Linux System Administrator

Do you want to deliver large enterprise software development projects end-to-end with quality and excellence? I can help! I’m Clement Ojo and my passion for efficiency, design elegance, and reusability in building world-class software is just what your organization needs. As demonstrated by my track record, my talents will lift your organization’s performance. My unique skillset includes team leadership, requirements gathering, design, implementation, testing, debugging, and maintenance. I am known for my deep knowledge and broad experience in enterprise application software development across various domains and multiple programming languages, especially java. I can work as an individual contributor or lead a team with my excellent communication and collaboration skills. I require...
Matthias Nüßler, Apache camel software engineerView Profile
Matthias Nüßler
Freelance Apache camel developer in Berlin, Germany

Experienced Java developer and DevOps specialist

I'm a Java developer with over 10 years experience. Familiar with other languages such as Python, Ruby, and Clojure. I can support also with DevOps topics, automation, build and deployment, cloud and containers.
James Gee, freelance Apache camel programmerView Profile
James Gee
Freelance Apache camel developer in Wembley, United Kingdom

Test Driven, Expert Lead Software Engineer on a mission to build better software

I love the challenges that come with building Software and love to see the penny drop! I spend my time working on large multi million pound client projects across the UK and have been involved in all aspects of the development lifecycle. I love making a difference!
Okezie Arukwe, top Apache camel developerView Profile
Okezie Arukwe
Freelance Apache camel developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Full Stack Software Engineer (Java, PHP, SQL & Web 2.0)

I am a full stack software engineer with vast experience in web development (using HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, Drupal & Java - Spring MVC), API development (Java, Camel, Spring, PHP, Laravel) and back-end services and processes mainly in payment processing and security. I focus mainly in figuring out simple solution architectures for seemingly complex problems as well as in writing clean codes.
Laurentiu Delcea, Apache camel dev and freelancerView Profile
Laurentiu Delcea
Freelance Apache camel developer in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Software Engineer

I'm a Java backend developer with experience in building infrastructure, processing large amounts of data and expose it via APIs. My main skill set includes: * Java, Spring, JPA, Maven * ElasticSearch, Mongo, MySQL * Linux, Jenkins, Tomcat, Kafka, ActiveMQ, Logstash I'm also interested in building my knowledge of Ruby on Rails and Docker.
Ram Chandhar Rapolu, Apache camel consultant and programmerView Profile
Ram Chandhar Rapolu
Freelance Apache camel developer in Feltham, United Kingdom

A Java and Scala Spark enthusiast

I Love to work with startups as you can choose the best of the products you love. I always want to start as a POC and then make it into a production with features and performance added to it. Hate long design(Legacy Enterprise Structure), Love to be agile and ensure top of the world with satisfaction
Mahmoud Ibrahim, Apache camel software engineerView Profile
Mahmoud Ibrahim
Freelance Apache camel developer in Cairo, Egypt

Solution Architect at KnowledgeNet

Specialties: Developing financial softwares for capital market domain using Java technologies

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