How I scraped 500k codes written by coders from the internet?

Published Feb 21, 2018
How I scraped 500k codes written by coders from the internet?

I always wanted to pursue competitve programming and get into the hall of fame of society by bagging a job at one of those over hyped companies(read startups). I started off in my first year of university only to spend two years doing something which was not really my thing. Four years later, I'm using something I really like doing (Python) to draw insights on how people actually fare in competitive programming.

This is the first story I tell in my talk on Visualizing the world of competitive programming using Python.

I first dropped a proposal, pretty confident that it wouldn't be among the list of selected proposals. The organizers must have seen this as something new and sent me a mail saying I'm scheduled to give a talk. That is when I started working on my talk.

The proposal covers two parts:

  1. What can you infer from the codes I scraped.
  2. How can you repeat a similar project on your own.(+ some tips)

The talk is now on Youtube. Let me know in the comments if I could derive more insights out of this. Also let me know your thoughts on the talk 😃.

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