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Antony Quinn

Antony Quinn

Entrepreneur, software developer, UX designer and actor

London (+00:00)
French, English
I'm a highly experienced coder and user experience designer living in Cambridge, UK. I've worked in finance, management consulting, healthcare and biological research (bioinformatics). I'm co-founder of a software product innovation company and occasionally teach coding in London for a well-known training company. In my spare time I'm an actor and teach improvised theatre.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 15 years experience
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 15 years experience
Php expert help PHP - 2 years experience
Java expert help Java - 8 years experience
Sql expert help SQL - 10 years experience
No icon Xslt - 5 years experience
No icon User experience - 5 years experience
I've worked as an independent UX consultant for companies around Cambridge (UK) and within companies as an employee. I have a Postgraduate Certificate in Human-Computer Interaction with Ergonomics from University College London.
No icon Bioinformatics - 8 years experience
I worked at the European Bioinformatics Institute (www.ebi.ac.uk) for 8 years as a software engineer and user experience designer.
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