Andrey Rusanov, senior Ansible vault developerHire Now
Andrey Rusanov5.0
Freelance Ansible vault developer in Lviv, Ukraine

Senior Python developer

Ansible Vault is the best way to keep your secret data really secret. I use it in every real deployment
Jorge Vazquez, top Ansible vault developerHire Now
Jorge Vazquez5.0
Freelance Ansible vault developer in Norwalk, United States

Technologist with 20+ years of experience

With more than 20 years of experience working with heterogeneous computing systems, my experience is as broad as it is deep. I am a creative and analytical thinker just the same. My goal is to solve your issue as quickly and efficiently as possible and my reviews tell a tale that simply does not lie. I highly recommend you check them out for yourself. I love helping people and that is the main reason why I am here. I want to help you figure out that pressing problem that you just have not been able to figure out on your own. I am the guy other technical people call when they cannot figure out a problem. The harder the problem, the better. I always like me a great challenge. But I also wotk on run-of-the-mill server-not-responding, load-balancer-is-failing, running-out-of-EBS-volume...
Adrian Schiopu, senior Ansible vault developerHire Now
Adrian Schiopu5.0
Freelance Ansible vault developer in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Knowledge is Power

I'm a DevOps, System Administrator and Solutions Integrator I never go with "just working", I like to do things that hold up and automate as much as possible.
Djordje Stojanovic, Ansible vault software engineer and devHire Now
Djordje Stojanovic5.0
Freelance Ansible vault developer in Niš, Serbia

Founder at Ursus Software

I am a Backend Developer from Nis, Serbia. Passionate about open source software. I mainly develop in Python and Java, but I am also good with other languages and system administration.
Matthias Nüßler, Ansible vault software engineerHire Now
Matthias Nüßler
Freelance Ansible vault developer in Berlin, Germany

Experienced Java developer and DevOps specialist

I'm a Java developer with over 10 years experience. Familiar with other languages such as Python, Ruby, and Clojure. I can support also with DevOps topics, automation, build and deployment, cloud and containers.
Jeffrey Hulten, senior Ansible vault developerHire Now
Jeffrey Hulten
Freelance Ansible vault developer in Seattle, United States

SRE at DataDog

Deep generalist with experience in infrastructure automation, IT operations, metrics and measurement, process reengineering, automation, release and change management, system architecture, and security. Industry exposure includes internet marketing, telecom and financial industries. Specialties: release management, process engineering, automation, audit, security, metrics and measurement, devops, system engineering, java performance and scalability

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