Published Feb 05, 2018

If you don't know what exactly Node.JS is, and you are here to know about new things about Node.JS, then let us start with a brief introduction of the same. Node.JS was developed back in 2009 by Ryan Dahl. The runtime system became widely popular with coders and was used to create API's. Developers use Node.JS when they need to develop some real-time Web API using JavaScript. If you have some knowledge about JavaScript, then it won't take much time for you to learn about Node.JS.

Node.js is a proto-server; we have to setup each and everything with Node.js to make it work. It responds to different types of requests, and each request can even initiate other requests to another part of the system. This is called event loop, and it's a part of the runtime codes. If you are looking for Node.js development company, then you will have lot of choices. Making a web app based on Node.js is only a matter of contacting the right company and finalizing the project.

JSON is still the best
If you are a JavaScript developer then most importantly you must know about JSON, which is JavaScript Object Notation, it is a popular data exchange format. With JSON people can easily construct API's, which is the main aim of developing Node.js. Earlier JavaScript has not used alone, and still it's the same case, we have to use JSON along with JavaScript, they both have made each other's value to another level. It translates to JSON is the entire thing currently, and even if we are working on the Node.js framework, we have to respect the use of JSON.

Node.JS is all JavaScript
We can say that JavaScript is the C-like language for website development. If you are working on developing different applications for your web browser, then it is the most important thing you have to learn. Node.JS is helped by JavaScript to handle the event loop mechanism which is the perk of Node.JS. JavaScript is quite popular now, and it helps us to run across every OS environment with ease.

Node.JS has Wide library of codes
Node.js has a vast library of dependencies which is known as Node Package manager. This helps us to easily manage things with the dependable package managements which let the Node ecosystem to grow well. Small developers can use better packages made for their projects which they decided to make public, with this the developers can have much better functions in their little scale projects. This will even implement Node.js much easier than other systems.

Smaller Modules results into speedy working
Node.JS is a framework broken into different small modules, two of which we can broadly say are Node.JS application and Node.JS Core. Although we can make use of these two together it's always not necessary to be used together at the server or the client end, so it makes it light, with core or application not being included at all places collectively. Due to such benefits a number of companies have taken up the task of providing Node.JS development services.

Plenty of Instrumentation on Offer
There is a handful of different tools available for various production usage; you can easily recreate these scripts with these tools. We even have tools for making an application run as it would on a server and client system. As Node.js is still a developing language, you will have much more tools in the coming days.

Sharing is free henceforth encouraged
Node.JS is having some great developers who like to keep on sharing their knowledge; you can easily get help while you are working on Node.JS and sharing on the community is easy. If you have some new package then you can share it with the new developers and even the real developers, so they can save their time in working on other types of sources and packages.

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