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Aurelia JS vs AngularJS 2.0

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This article is based on the Codementor office hours hosted by Andrew Connell, a 10-time Recipient of Microsoft’s MVP award for SharePoint. One of the viewers during the office hours asked what Andrew thought about Aurelia vs AngularJS, and his answer is as below


From the code samples I’ve seen, Aurelia is really interesting.

However, it’s  difficult to compare the two at this point because Angular 2.0 is not finished and we’ve only seen what has been work-in-progress. Therefore, I don’t think it’s too fair to do an apples-to-apples comparison.

What I personally love about client-side development is that it really doesn’t matter what framework you choose. What framework you use only matters for your application, so you’ll have to look at the ecosystem around you, and ask yourself which one’s the best bet.

To me, Angular is a great bet because the ecosystem is ridiculously big and still growing, but Aurelia is backed by Rob Eisenberg, who has a very good reputation and following so far. I think Aurelia is very elegant, and the code samples are much easier to consume than what I’ve seen from Angular when doing the exact same thing.

However, I can’t say that I’ve spent enough time with Aurelia to really give it a fair shake, but I’m definitely interested in watching and spending more time with the framework. I actually started off with Aurelia’s predecessor Durandal when developing Single-Page-Apps, so it would be interesting to see where it goes. It’s too early to tell what’s the biggest difference, but I’d suggest every developer to spend time on both AngularJS and Aurelia JS to see which one works best for you.

About Andrew Connell:

A 10-time recipient of Microsoft’s MVP award for SharePoint, Andrew is a classic Microsoft developer who has been using .NET and writing C# on ASP.NET as server-side code. These days he spends most of my time building full client-side applications using Angular, specifically Angular 1.x, or doing server-side stuff with a mix of ASP.Net or Node.js. He specifically specializes in Office 365 and hosting stuff in Azure.

Andrew Connell (Office Hours)
Andrew Connell (Office Hours)
10-time Recipient of Microsoft’s MVP award ('05-'14) for SharePoint
Developer, entrepreneur, founder & ten-time recipient of Microsoft’s MVP award ('05-'14) for SharePoint. @mscloudshow co-host podcast & @kerrbapp co-founder.
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