Tibor Fulop, Angularjs service freelance programmerView Profile
Tibor Fulop5.0
Freelance Angularjs service developer in Budapest, Hungary

Coding can be an art!

I'm a full-stack developer with 15+ years of experience in web application development and code mentoring. Are you stuck? Let me help!
Steve Belovarich, Angularjs service dev and freelancerView Profile
Steve Belovarich5.0
Freelance Angularjs service developer in San Jose, United States

Full Stack JavaScript Engineer with a passion for teaching

My name is Steve and I am interested in helping others navigate the fast paced field of web development. I have been developing websites since the 90s and have 3 years experience teaching at the collegiate level from teaching at General Assembly, Marymount College, and Syracuse University. I am currently the lead on a project at Symantec Corporation, where I oversee and develop UI components for enterprise web applications using AngularJS. My expertise stretches beyond this framework into ES6, Node Express, CSS architectures, and I am particularly strong in the area of computer graphics. Hire me today and you will find a passionate teacher who wants to help the next generation of engineers build performant web experiences.
Lucas Lobosque, senior Angularjs service developerView Profile
Lucas Lobosque5.0
Freelance Angularjs service developer in Florianópolis, Brazil

Full Stack Engineer

I am a Computer Scientist with 8 years of experience building applications for the web, with a keen eye for maintainability. As a freelancer, I have helped many startups and agencies ship quality products. I also worked for two 500 Startups accelerated companies: * As a software engineer at bombfell.com * As CTO at contentools.com,
Christopher Northfield, Angularjs service coder and engineerView Profile
Christopher Northfield5.0
Freelance Angularjs service developer in Cardiff, United Kingdom

AngularJS, JavaScript, HTML and CSS expert. Full time web developer.

Up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies. I have over 6 years experience developing data driven web applications and websites. Currently, I work as a full-time Web Developer for Source Insurance Ltd, developing modern web based applications with AngularJS and C# to improve products and services for their customers. I believe in writing clean, semantic code and always sticking to the KISS principle!
John Ryan, freelance Angularjs service programmerView Profile
John Ryan5.0
Freelance Angularjs service developer in Grand Forks, United States

Full-Stack Web Developer & Hybrid Mobile Developer (Ionic 1 / 2 / 3 + Angular 1 / 2 / 4) | Previously: Senior Software Engineer @ SmartThings / Samsung

Web (JavaScript, Python, Django, Angular) & Mobile Developer (Swift iOS, Hybrid Ionic, etc) passion for building awesome apps that wow. Also have experience teaching command-line tools, Git + GitHub, JavaScript to over 200 engineers at large corporation. Really enjoy teaching programming & application development to anyone looking to become a developer. More Projects can be found on my GitHub: https://www.github.com/northDacoder Languages & frameworks I have experience with: Python Django Javascript jQuery NodeJS AngularJS MeteorJS UnderscoreJS PostgreSQL MySQL Front-end Design: HTML5 Twitter Bootstrap Foundation CSS3 Responsive/Adaptive Design Media Queries Mobile UI Design Mobile Development (Native) iOS 9 + Swift 2.1 Mobile Development (Hybrid)...
Lightbeard, Angularjs service freelance developerView Profile
Freelance Angularjs service developer in Chicopee, United States

I haven't had a dissatisfied client yet

MS in Computer Science with over 12 years of professional experience from IBM to startup founder to freelancer with a lifelong ♥ for coding. I've published two IT books; expect excellent communication skills and professionalism.
john o'connor, top Angularjs service developerView Profile
john o'connor5.0
Freelance Angularjs service developer in Lake Elsinore, United States

Mentor and Professor for Android, Node.js, and Angular

I was the Co-Founder / CTO at CardBlanc, Inc for 4 years before joining Bloc, Inc as a full time Android and Frontend Development mentor. I love teaching and mentoring - it's the most rewarding thing I've done in my career. Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Norco College, 15 years of experience and author of node.js development frameworks.
Tome Pejoski, Angularjs service freelance coderView Profile
Tome Pejoski4.6
Freelance Angularjs service developer in Skopje, Macedonia

Senior JavaScript Engineer at Upwork

I love working on modern and powerful web applications. Also, I am constantly trying to keep up-to-date with the latest trends, technologies and software development best practices. In my professional career as software engineer I am lucky enough to be part of and contribute to challenging projects and collaborate with large agile teams.
Maikel Pereira, senior Angularjs service developerView Profile
Maikel Pereira5.0
Freelance Angularjs service developer in Fort Lauderdale, United States

Senior Software Engineer at World Travel Holdings

Over 10 years of experience designing and developing web applications, 4 years of experience teaching in the Information Technology Science University. Proficient in Object-Oriented Design, Software Analysis, Frontend and Backend applications, Database design and SQL querying, experienced in ORM concepts. Passionate on User Interaction and Troubleshooting. Team player, fast learner, who believes in good programming practices and techniques.
Will R. Guevara, Angularjs service software engineerView Profile
Will R. Guevara4.8
Freelance Angularjs service developer in Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Web / Mobile developer @ CODE STORE

4+ years creating web applications. Love photography!
Charles G, freelance Angularjs service programmerView Profile
Charles G5.0
Freelance Angularjs service developer in Washington, United States

Senior BI Consultant at U.S. Energy Information Administration

I am a Business Intelligence Developer able to take any tool and create solutions from nothing or from software created by predecessors. I am able to provide a opinion with the intention of improvement apart from providing it to sound smart. My goal is to provide a solution wherever I can and to make all of our lives better through it.
JJ, senior Angularjs service developer for hireView Profile
Freelance Angularjs service developer in New York, United States

Co-founder of Campus Job

Yuvaraj Beegala, Angularjs service software engineerView Profile
Yuvaraj Beegala5.0
Freelance Angularjs service developer in Bengaluru, India

CTO at SchoolCom

I am a geek by profession . I am passionate about new technologies and love to dig in to it. I strongly believe the relationship among science, technology and life.
Felippe Nardi, top Angularjs service developerView Profile
Felippe Nardi5.0
Freelance Angularjs service developer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Fullstack Javascript Engineer at ​@Privacy.com​. Helping startups such as ​@ConvertKit​ and TimelyApp.com build large-scale web apps and browser extensions with TDD

I have 3+ years of experience development AngularJS applications with TDD for SaaS products. I have worked with companies such as Timely App, ConvertKit and Ftopia. If you are struggling with an Angular problem for more than 30 minutes, check with me and I may be able to help you solve it.
Bryan Rayner, Angularjs service freelance coderView Profile
Bryan Rayner5.0
Freelance Angularjs service developer in Van, United States

Full-Stack Developer with 3+ years experience. I love to teach!

I come from a family of educators, and somewhere along the line, I ended up as a code-monkey. It's still in my blood though, and I love taking the opportunity to help others improve in their skills. I currently work full time on a ride-sharing app which is being adopted across the USA. I have experience in jQuery, Backbone.JS (little rusty), Angular JS, the Google Maps API, and .Net. Coding is a career full of continuous learning, and I count it a privilege to help others grow. and if you're having troubles with any of the aforementioned topics, feel free to drop me a line.

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