Bram Borggreve, senior Angularjs (1.x) developerView Profile
Bram Borggreve5.0
Freelance Angularjs (1.x) developer in Miami, United States

Freelance software engineer and instructor

Before focussing on Angular 2 and up I've been working with this 1.x version of the framework since 1.3 and built multiple complex (enterprise-grade) applications with it... AngularJS has few secrets for me.
Happiness Nwosu C., Angularjs (1.x) software engineer and devView Profile
Happiness Nwosu C.5.0
Freelance Angularjs (1.x) developer in Kano, Nigeria

Full-stack Developer at eHealth Systems Africa

Experience with authenticating your client side app against your backends or third party auth systems writing custom directives, uing angular factories, writing lean controllers and uing templates in views, handling promises and catching errors effectively just to mention a few of my experience in working with Angular1
khalid hussain, senior Angularjs (1.x) developerView Profile
khalid hussain
Freelance Angularjs (1.x) developer in Lahore, Pakistan

Sr. Software Engineer (AngularJs, Angular2+, Ionic, ReactJS, React-native, React-redux, NodeJS)

Providing object-oriented software (OOS) design for one of CISCO System’s Tenant Management Module which is part of CISCO’s Prime Service Catalog. Major responsibilities include: Design decisions and ensuring good practices at all levels by doing design/code reviews. Working in JavaScript, JQuery, AngularJS, Underscore, Bootstrap, NodeJS, Grunt, LESS, SCSS, ReactJS, react-redux
Chuka Ofili, Angularjs (1.x) freelance programmerView Profile
Chuka Ofili5.0
Freelance Angularjs (1.x) developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Full Stack Developer, DevOps Engineer, Software Architect

Lead the team & actively built and deployed various app using angularjs, some include:, (user:, pass: password)
Fortune Ekeruo, senior Angularjs (1.x) developerView Profile
Fortune Ekeruo5.0
Freelance Angularjs (1.x) developer in Lagos, Nigeria

A Result-driven, Client-focused Software Developer with years of experience

AngularJS Component based architecture with ES6 Classes
Abhishek Rathore, Angularjs (1.x) dev and freelancerView Profile
Abhishek Rathore
Freelance Angularjs (1.x) developer in Jaipur, India

Ionic/Angular/Node Full-Stack Expert

I have been a front-end developer from past 5 years and my major framework was AngularJS, I started with Angular 1 and mostly created hybrid mobile application via the framework. I have now completely switched to Angular2/4 as it is more structured and reliable way of coding. I have completed over 30-40 projects in Angular or MEAN stack.
Faisal Pathan, top Angularjs (1.x) developerView Profile
Faisal Pathan
Freelance Angularjs (1.x) developer in Anand, India

Full Stack Senior Software Engineer (DotNet + AngularJS + MS SqlServer)

Having experience of creating angular application from scratch. Extending from scope to nested directives etc all are under my control when i can coding. Sound knowledge of angularJS with team handling experience.
Yohai Rosen, Angularjs (1.x) freelance programmerView Profile
Yohai Rosen
Freelance Angularjs (1.x) developer in Jerusalem, Israel

Web Dev Consultant & Coding Course Insturctor

Strong experience building both mobile and web apps
Karen Scott, Angularjs (1.x) freelance programmerView Profile
Karen Scott
Freelance Angularjs (1.x) developer in Chatham, United Kingdom

Experienced teacher of programming and computer science, ex-developer

All recent web work has included development with AngularJS
Rukayat Sadiq, top Angularjs (1.x) developerView Profile
Rukayat Sadiq
Freelance Angularjs (1.x) developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Full Stack Software Developer - JavaScript (React/Redux, AngulaJS, NodeJS) Expert

I am very familiar with building software products with Angular 1.x, writing custom directives and debugging generally. In two years, I have built multiple SPAs including a client side application for a banking application.
khazi, senior Angularjs (1.x) developer for hireView Profile
Freelance Angularjs (1.x) developer in Bengaluru, India

talent is biggest asset, keep updating it.

hands on experience on angularjs application development and testing
Shashank Polasa, Angularjs (1.x) software engineerView Profile
Shashank Polasa5.0
Freelance Angularjs (1.x) developer in Hyderabad, India

Fullstack Software Developer

Software Developer driven to build high quality products. Microsoft Certified Professional. Worked in various domains of Finance, eCommerce, Taxation & Education. Skilled in multiple languages & frameworks. .NET, Web standards, AngularJS Building software is a craft & its output has immense potential to improve lives.
Chang Wang, Angularjs (1.x) freelance developerView Profile
Chang Wang
Freelance Angularjs (1.x) developer in Toronto, Canada

Pragmatic Perfectionist • Frontend Architect at OICR • Director of Business Solutions at Appify

Experienced leading teams and mentoring junior and intermediate developers. I enjoy making useful apps, writing articles and tutorials, and dream of producing a widely listened to and beloved podcast :D
Leonardo Rojas, senior Angularjs (1.x) developerView Profile
Leonardo Rojas5.0
Freelance Angularjs (1.x) developer in Santiago, Chile

Senior Full Stack Web Developer / Computer Science Engineer

oshomo oforomeh, Angularjs (1.x) software engineerView Profile
oshomo oforomeh4.9
Freelance Angularjs (1.x) developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Fullstack Engineer

I am a results-driven, customer-focused and articulate Software Engineer who thinks “out of the box”. Strong in design and integration problemsolving skills. Expert in PHP, LARAVEL, YII, JAVASCRIPT, NODEJS, ANGULARJS and MYSQL. Skilled in developing requirements specifications, user documentation, and architectural systems research. Strong written and verbal communications in English. Interested in a challenging technical track career in a software development environment. Experienced in: ● Engineering web development, all layers, from database to services to user interfaces ● Supporting legacy systems ● Analysis and design of databases and user interfaces ● Implementing software development life cycle policies and procedures ● Highly adaptable in quickly changing technical environments...

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