Dragos Mihai Dinu, Angular4 freelancer and developerView Profile
Dragos Mihai Dinu
Freelance Angular4 developer in Bucharest, Romania

Full-Stack Web Developer and Entrepreneur

Freelancer with a strong entrepreneurial side. As a CTO of a mobile startup for 3 years, I am very capable of creating new products and features, as well as increase their business value through technology. Having led a team of 3 developers, I can write top quality code, independently or inside a team. I prefer to work with JS/NodeJS, Typescript, Angular and Android. I am using the expertise obtained in over 6 years as a professional software developer to build great mobile and web apps.
Omar Trejo, Angular4 freelance developerView Profile
Omar Trejo5.0
Freelance Angular4 developer in Mexico City, Mexico

Data and Software Engineer

I've used Angular to create basic dashboards for project management, and I'm using it to build startup products that to provide seamless experiences across a variety of platforms.
Daniele Ghidoli, Angular4 software engineerView Profile
Daniele Ghidoli5.0
Freelance Angular4 developer in Barcelona, Spain

Frontend Engineer | Angular Fanatic

I have a long experience with Angular: from 2014 to 2016 I developed alone the frontend of my former startup (musikee.com) with AngularJS 1.x and I think it's the biggest web app I have ever made. In the last year, I have worked as frontend engineer at Wallapop, working in a team developing a huge web app with Angular 2/4. I love Angular and I think I can describe myself as an expert in it.
Alexander Poshtaruk, Angular4 consultant and programmerView Profile
Alexander Poshtaruk5.0
Freelance Angular4 developer in Usatove, Ukraine

Front-End Developer

Last two years I've been working with Angular 2/4 and Typescript, Reactive programming (RxJS), about 6months - Highcharts.js visualizatoin. Capable to explain Vanilla JS Core things (prototypes, inheritance, Classes, Dependency Injections, SOLID, closures) and Angular 2-4 staff very well.
Emmanuel Mendoza Salazar, Angular4 engineer and developerView Profile
Emmanuel Mendoza Salazar
Freelance Angular4 developer in Mexico City, Mexico

Front-end Developer / Full stack javascript developer

I had worked the last 4 years over Angular 1x, 2x and 4x framework and unit test tools like jasmine and chai also I have some experience in Node with express to make a microservices arquitecture. Currently I'm working with Ionic 2x, 3x and firebase by making a hybrid application which is going to deploy soon in Android and IOS.
John Ryan, freelance Angular4 programmerView Profile
John Ryan5.0
Freelance Angular4 developer in Grand Forks, United States

Full-Stack Web Developer & Hybrid Mobile Developer (Ionic 1 / 2 / 3 + Angular 1 / 2 / 4) | Previously: Senior Software Engineer @ SmartThings / Samsung

Building modern apps for mobile + desktop using Angular4 + Firebase 3 + Ionic 2/3
Ladna Meke, Angular4 freelance developerView Profile
Ladna Meke5.0
Freelance Angular4 developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Full-stack web/mobile developer. Machine Learning enthusiast.

Experience building rich, quality, well-tested applications with Angular 4 & 5.
Max Cervantes, top Angular4 developerView Profile
Max Cervantes5.0
Freelance Angular4 developer in Puebla City, Mexico

C# developer / OOP designer

Experience creating Angular apps that communicate with a restful service. Experience with typescript.
Pedro Buzzi Filho, Angular4 freelancer and developerView Profile
Pedro Buzzi Filho
Freelance Angular4 developer in Joinville, Brazil

Full Stack Developer

Developed so many reuseble components, directives, services and pies using Angular
Abdulmajid Hamza, Angular4 dev and freelancerView Profile
Abdulmajid Hamza
Freelance Angular4 developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Software Developer

I have worked on a few projects with Angular 4 to production. I have also worked on several to internal projects.
Gurami Dagundaridze, Angular4 consultant and programmerView Profile
Gurami Dagundaridze
Freelance Angular4 developer in Tbilisi, Georgia

JavaScript / Angular Expert

Experience with enterprise level applications since beta. Migration from AngularJS. Best practices, ahead-of-time compilation, PRPL pattern.
Itay Elgazar, Angular4 freelance coderView Profile
Itay Elgazar5.0
Freelance Angular4 developer in Ashdod, Israel

Front End Developer

As Angular 4 Developer i am responsible to built and maintain my company system, which is a cloud based system solution for the school transportation and managment. During my 2 years of experience i encourage to solve in a creative way a lot of issues, Writing component based angular applications, as well as maintainable, scaleable and clean code . I can teach you the Angular-new (TypeScript) fundementals, from scratch to alive application!
William Cobb, Angular4 freelance coderView Profile
William Cobb
Freelance Angular4 developer in Chantilly, United States

Full Stack Developer

I have been working with Angular since shortly after its release. I have been many applications using Angular 1, 2, 4 and now 5. I hope to be able to help anyone looking for an experienced Angular developer.
Rodrigo Ruiz, Angular4 freelance coderView Profile
Rodrigo Ruiz
Freelance Angular4 developer in Monterrey, Mexico

Full stack developer/architect

I have worked in several projects using angular4 and material design in the front end. I have created microservices architecture using spring boot for the backend and angular 4 for the front end.
Pedro Loureiro, senior Angular4 developerView Profile
Pedro Loureiro
Freelance Angular4 developer in Recife, Brazil
I have been working with AngularJs and Angular 4 in the last 2 - 3 years developing Web and Mobile Applications (IONIC) as a Freelancer and as a Fullstack developer in the company that I am currently working.

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