Top AngularJS UI Bootstrap Developers of June 2017

javascript enthusiast with a taste for all new web technologies.

I have been programming on various web and cross platform stacks for 5 years. I love making things and helping people build things. If you need help with your project, fixing bug, refactoring codebase, guidance on how to give your web/mobile app a better architectural foundation, I'm your guy. Can't keep my hands off of all the shiny new web technologies and all the open source javascript stuff!

AngularJS/JS/OO/All around developer

At Credacious, as both a software engineer and Founding entrepreneur, I bring technical innovation to our application as well as leading the business vision for our company. I am a hands on software engineer and architect, I apply a diverse skill-set across various platforms and languages that I have gained in my career. As a 'hands-on' developer/Founder, I set overall technical & business goals and drive fiscal, investment, marketing, and recruiting strategy as well.

Technical Architect who designs secure huge scale backend systems

My passion is building products that not only lead an industry but define that industry. My expertise is building web services, building apps and leading teams that bring ideas to life. Anything you can imagine can be built. If the idea redefines an industry then I'm interested in it. I love making new professional acquaintances. Reach out to me if you'd like to talk.

Coding can be an art!

I'm a full-stack developer with 13+ years of experience in web application development and code mentoring. Are you stuck? Let me help!

Front End Engineer @ CampusInc

I'm passionate for Web development, mainly in terms of Front-end development. I'm always ready to learn and improve my skills. I like working with open-minded, fun, diversified, and dynamic teams with fresh ideas that push the boundaries. I have a good knowledge of both JavaScript and PHP and I can also code up an entire site from scratch in plain HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, CakePHP and MySQL. I am currently also focusing on Angular.js and Node.js. I can also build fully responsive, mobile first front-ends, using either plain CSS3 or Twitter Bootstrap, for example. I have programming knowledge with the following (by order of proficiency): - Languages: Javascript | HTML5 | CSS 3 | XML | XML Schema | PHP | Java | SQL - Platforms: NodeJS | IBM BPM 8.0.1 - Frameworks: jQuery | AngularJS | Jasmine | SASS | CakePHP | Laravel | KineticJS | YUI | Mootools - Databases: MySQL | SQL Server | Oracle SQL | eXist-db - Others: Ajax | Apache | C++ | Google Maps | LaTeX | Moodle 2.x | UML | XPath | XQuery I have experience with the following (by order of proficiency): - Operating Systems: OS X | Windows | Ubuntu - Management tools: Pivotal Tracker | Microsoft Sharepoint - Development tools: Sublime Text | Eclipse | Bower | Grunt | Karma - Design and Prototyping applications: Balsamiq Mockups | OmniGraffle | Photoshop

Ruby on Rails + AngularJS = I'm The Mentor For You!

Hey there! I've been a Ruby on Rails developer since 2010 involved with many different configurations and setups including Ruby 1.8.7-2.2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, DataMapper, Rails 2.3-4.1, jQuery/CoffeeScript, CSS/SCSS/Bootstrap/Foundation, and Sinatra. I've since made a shift from that and for the past two years I've been an AngularJS developer as well, recently switching to Angular 2. I remember how tough it was getting started in the web dev scene and always appreciated those who guided me to becoming the developer I am today. Now, I would love to do the same for you as I help you learn best practices and "get over the hump" of difficult concepts, or move forward with that feature or bug you're stuck on. At the same time I would love to empower you with resources and debugging techniques so I not only "give a man (or woman) a fish", but more importantly teach you to fish also. I look forward to getting to know you and helping you become the developer you want to be. Heck, we might even have some fun doing it!

Software Engineer | Stay hungry, stay foolish.

Well, basically I've been in software development for 7 years, working with different languages and technologies like C#, PHP, Java, Hibernate, Spring etc. I've spent the last year working full time in the design and architecture of AngularJS 1.x applications, and RESTful APIs with Spring, so, I think I can help you with a lot of problems you might have. I will charge you this amount since my English speaking "is not very good looking" :) but at the end, the code speaks for itself and you will learn. As Steve Jobs said: "Stay hungry, stay foolish."

Senior Software Engineer at World Travel Holdings

Over 10 years of experience designing and developing web applications, 4 years of experience teaching in the Information Technology Science University. Proficient in Object-Oriented Design, Software Analysis, Frontend and Backend applications, Database design and SQL querying, experienced in ORM concepts. Passionate on User Interaction and Troubleshooting. Team player, fast learner, who believes in good programming practices and techniques.

Front End Connoisseur

With over 37 years of software engineering experience, I can help you be successful in your UI projects. From UX design to minifying your application, I cover everything in between. My job is to come along-side you to work towards a solution in a peaceful, learning environment. If I can't solve it, it can't be solved.

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