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George James, Angular materials freelance coderHire Now
Freelance Angular materials developer in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

PHP and Javascript gives me breath

I am a full stack developer with Bachelors of Electrical Engineering from Ahmadu Bello University and have been developing softwares since I was in the University. I am experienced in PHP, Javascript (Front), NodeJS, HTML, CSS, Kafka, Kubernetes, GRPC etc, and lots of frameworks and Libraries. I am super fast when it comes to learning new technology and can pick up any programming language in no time. I have experience with lots of other programming language which I just do for fun (Ruby, C++, Java, C# etc). I enjoy the convenience that work as a remote developer brings and I enjoy my time with clients as it gives me the opportunity to make one person happy. I am easy to work with and have built lots of solutions for developers and non-developers
Marton Csikos, top Angular materials developerHire Now
Freelance Angular materials developer in Budapest, Hungary

Full-stack JS expert.

6+ years in enterprise software consulting. 2 startups. 5 years online mentoring. I have experience with most of the prominent javascript libraries and all the usual suspects in dev tools (git, docker, aws, jenkins, heroku etc.). I have worked both on large-scale enterprise projects with 25+ devs and 150+ repos and small startups where the goal is to get to an MVP out fast and with limited resources. Latest weapons of choice include React + Redux, React Native and the Hapi.js ecosystem with Mongo or Rethinkdb on the backend. I can adjust to any other (js) stack quite rapidly. Other than trying to keep up with the latest and greatest in web development technology I also have noteworthy understanding of business requirements and can offer valuble insight on how to implement them. I'm prim...
Michael, Angular materials developer for hireHire Now
Freelance Angular materials developer in Louisville, United States

Lead Developer

I have been a full stack software developer for 8 years. Most of that time I have been a lead developer. I have worked on several different SaaS applications including a CMS for an enterprise client, purchase management software, and health record systems. I am proficient in full stack development with a focus on PHP and Javascript. I really enjoy developing apis and using frontend frameworks like Angular and React. I also spend my free time working on virtual reality. As much as I enjoy to program myself, I also enjoy teaching other people how to code. I get a lot of satisfaction in hiring junior developers and training them to senior levels.
Juan Morales, Angular materials freelance coderHire Now
Freelance Angular materials developer in Perez, Costa Rica

Freelance Senior Software Engineer

I am passionate software developer who loves and enjoys his profession. I have 10+ years of experience, my expertise is on the front-end side of things, so anything that is javascript related I will be able to help. I have been working the last years with AngularJS and currently getting involved in React/Redux.
Rehman Gull, Angular materials freelance programmerHire Now
Freelance Angular materials developer in Ashburn, United States

Expert MVC and AngularJS Developer

I am an expert Web developer with over 10 years of experience. I am highly talented and skilled in problem solving and understanding complex and large code base. Have good skills in Front end and Back end development
Houssem Yahiaoui, Angular materials dev and freelancerHire Now
Freelance Angular materials developer in Tizi Ouzou, Algeria

Mentor at Thinkful | Telerik Developer Expert | GDG Lead

Telerik Developer Expert, GDG Lead, and NG/JS Algeria ( North Africa ) meetup founder, I always was a community lover and supporter, i made everything from Technical writing to youtube video recording to showcase how things works in modern web/mobile. You can catchup with me in my blog : and follow me via social media networks.
Akinjide Bankole, Angular materials dev and freelancerHire Now
Freelance Angular materials developer in Ashburn, United States

I'm just smart and I like to code.

I am drawn into a world of computers and code and its where I live and breathe. I have delved into numerous programming language and technologies including MEAN and FAN Stack, Ruby, Python, Linux and also spend time hacking stuffs.

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