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Scott Moss, Angular (2/4) freelance developerHire Now
Freelance Angular (2/4) developer in Elk Grove, United States

Well known top JavaScript Engineer (full-stack and Mobile)

I've been using Angular 2 + since it was alpha. I also have created a curriculum that has taught over 50k people how to use Angular 2. I've helped fortune 500 companies with their ANgular 2 needs including performance and server side with Angular Universal.
Cedric Poilly, top Angular (2/4) developerHire Now
Freelance Angular (2/4) developer in Port Louis, Mauritius

Web Frontend Developer | Mentor | Speaker

I am currently working fulltime on an Angular (4) project where we have made the transition from AngularJS to the new Angular (2). We use it along with Angular Material 2 and some of Teradata Covalent's component to help with some of the currently missing Angular Material's missing components. I also build more complex and low level features by connecting the angular app with 3rd party libraries and also accessing the DOM via the native API when necessary.
Alain Chautard, senior Angular (2/4) developerHire Now
Freelance Angular (2/4) developer in Rancho Cordova, United States

Angular Expert, Mentor and Consultant

Google recognized me as a Google Developers Expert in Angular. I teach angular to Fortune 500 companies, I speak at conference about Angular, and I'm a published Angular author.
Martin Tudor Pultz, Angular (2/4) software engineer and devHire Now
Freelance Angular (2/4) developer in Lethbridge, Canada

Full Stack Developer

With the introduction of Angular (the successor to AngularJS) development was switched to using the newest version of Angular. Portal development over the last year has been exclusively developed using only Angular, AngularCLI, and TypeScript, as well as integrating Angular Material when applicable, otherwise using Bootstrap or Foundation using Sass for the front-end CSS framework. Since Angular uses semantic versioning over the last year development has included v2 and v4.
Tirnovanu Aurel, Angular (2/4) software engineerHire Now
Freelance Angular (2/4) developer in Croydon, United Kingdom
I have been migrating and build projects in Angular 2/4 intensively in the past year and part time in the previous one. There were a lot of challenges that I've managed to pass and I consider this one of my speciality. Clients include global gambling companies, financial companies and small enterprises.
Bryan Hadaway, top Angular (2/4) developerHire Now
Freelance Angular (2/4) developer in Atlanta, United States

I am a front end engineer with experience in several different code bases and languages

I have been on several angular 2/4 projects. I have started a project from scratch and I was also brought onto a poorly coded project to help reorganize the Angular code for efficiency and scalability.
khalid hussain, senior Angular (2/4) developerHire Now
Freelance Angular (2/4) developer in Lahore, Pakistan

Sr. Software Engineer (AngularJs, Angular2+, Ionic, ReactJS, React-native, React-redux, NodeJS)

Provide services as frontend engineer that includes working directly with client and work on deliverables by closely working with team that is scattered in around the world
Pankaj Kumar Rawat, Angular (2/4) software engineer and devHire Now
Freelance Angular (2/4) developer in Pune, India

RoR, Angular2, GoLang, Elixir/Phoenix Developer and contributor

I'm the maintainer of,,
Brock Klein, Angular (2/4) freelance programmerHire Now
Freelance Angular (2/4) developer in Louisa, United States

Full Stack JavaScript Developer

Angular doesn't get much love these days, but there are still times and places for it over React/Vue. I've been on the Angular band wagon since shortly after the 2.0 release and have stayed up to date throughout the cycles through the current (5). I enjoy using a blend of redux style state management coupled with Angular's solid SPA progressive loading to build quick, responsive, SPAs for sophisticated applications. Most of my Angular experience is from building and maintaining and administrative web dashboard with a client and super-admin toolset for managing and publishing content to a suite of mobile apps.
Narendra Vaghela, Angular (2/4) dev and freelancerHire Now
Freelance Angular (2/4) developer in Ahmedabad, India

Software Engineer

Intermediate level working with Angular. I have attended courses to learn Angular and built few demo projects. Please check my GitHub profile.
Martin Djonov, top Angular (2/4) developerHire Now
Freelance Angular (2/4) developer in Skopje, Macedonia

CTO at Insynctive, Inc.

I have been archtiect and developer of two Angular 2 / 5 applications that contain more than 200 components. Both of them were using rxjs observables as data architecture and lazy loading. Beside the development experience, I am teaching Angular 2 / 5 in the biggest educational center for information technology on the Balkan.
Kevin Wu, freelance Angular (2/4) developerHire Now
Freelance Angular (2/4) developer in San Francisco, United States

Software Engineer & Full Stack Developer

Built web and mobile applications using Ionic and Angular2/4 frameworks
Faisal, Angular (2/4) programmer for hireHire Now
Freelance Angular (2/4) developer in Bad Duerkheim, Germany

Full Stack Developer ▪ Angular (2/4/5) ▪ TypeScript ▪ Angular Material ▪ .Net Core ▪ C#

I have been working with Angular (2/4/5) for the past 2 years. I have been building large enterprise web applications using Angular as frontend. Also, I am constantly in touch with the progress of Angular and learn to improve my skills.
Ervis Trupja, Angular (2/4) freelance coderHire Now
Freelance Angular (2/4) developer in Tirana, Albania

Full Stack .Net Web Developer | MCT | Pluralsight & Lynda Author

Angular is my favorite JavaScript framework which I use day to day to build SPA applications. I have delivered successful projects alone and with large teams as well.
David Jinely, Angular (2/4) freelance coderHire Now
Freelance Angular (2/4) developer in Tel Aviv, Israel

Web, Mobile & Cloud Expert

Hi there, I'm product development & growth consultant with over 6 years of experience in taking projects from an idea stage to live product. Based on strong technology and product development and growth background, I'v helped many companies to build products customers love.

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