Top Android developer Developers of June 2017

Android developer

Started learning to program with 14, never stopped since. Building Android SDKs during the day, exploring Elixir, Scala and React at night.

Expert Android Dev. Speaker at GDG New Delhi. Android Instructor. Community Builder

Android developer for more than 8 years working on building great apps. Speaker for GDG New Delhi and helping them building up the developer community in Delhi/NCR

Android developer involved in the analysis, architecture, development, publishing, maintenance and monetization of Android aplications.

After of eight year focused in research on high computational cost problems, design of algorithms and efficient architectures, I have decided to concentrate on architecture and development of game and mobile applications.

Mobile Application Developer (iOS/Android) at Quantum CPH

Known for writing efficient, maintainable and reusable code that preserves privacy and security. I love to keep my hands dirty in coding, designing solutions, code review & in most of all kind of tech work. I have an extensive experience of developing innovative and complex Android Apps. • 3+ Years Quality experience in Android Application Development in Social Networks, Health Related, Network Streaming,Bluetooth and Serial Communication, Sockets etc. • Rich experience in Mobile app development and efficient implementations of Standard applications and distributed applications. • Rich experience in integrating Bluetooth hardware devices to Android Apps. • Hands on experience in developing ecommerce application like, Food Ordering, Online Shopping along with delivery tracking. • Basic knowledge in Game Development Engine Unity3D. • Hands on experince in iOS Development

Love solving problems and challenges, I want to help you create the next best thing in minimal time, with undivided attention to your needs. Co-Founder and CTO DropBuddies

You need someone who's fast at understanding, grasping problems then I'm your guy. I'm passionate about solving problems and developing news ideas in record time. I want to help your startup create new ideas, test your new ideas and ship to market as soon as you can, you don't wanna be late to the party, better still, get there before everyone else.

Passionate android developer

I know how to combine best practices of design, architecture and well structured code inside an android application and then how to measure it's efficiency. I've created my own apps from idea to market ready (one of the app has 250k+ installs). I've took a part in Yandex Browser development that now has 10 millions+ installs. I'm keeping track of latest news, released and best practices in android development and use them to create top quality applications.

Android Consultant

Android developer, architect, trainer and speaker at tech conferences. Passionate about mobile experience and focused on results.

Android Developer

Having 3+ Years of Experience as an Android Developer, Worked on many applications over various industry and Single handedly delivered apps, Also having deep knowledge of Backend, APIs (Web Services) & UI UX. Following latest coding patterns and technologies to build the code. Very much concerned about Quality of work than Quantity. Ping me for more details.

Senior Android developer with management experience

After having worked as a software engineer for the TU-Berlin, I went into the field of mobile app development, starting at emotion touch GmbH, where I developed multiple native apps for Android and Windows 8. Then I switched to Onefootball, one of the biggest football apps in the world, with more than 60 employees and around 5 million monthly active users, to help them with their android app. During this time we were awarded the titles "Editors' Choice" and "Top Developer" by Google. As the team grew, our CTO noticed that I have a neck for managing engineers as well as building software, which led him to make me the android lead. Soon after, I was even asked to shape, facilitate and manage the development process for the whole engineering team with more than 20 engineers as well as their collaboration with the design and product teams. In this time I basically served as the right hand of the CTO, overseeing and facilitating the process and the day to day work. This also included ensuring the right communication between stakeholders, solving conflicts and leading meetings like retrospectives, post mortems and sprint planings, which are vital for a well tuned agile workflow.

Software Engineer

Experienced Android developer working on mobile applications and exploring new technologies, always keeping in mind best practices.

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