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Andrea is a Sencha Professional Services engineer and longtime member of the Sencha developer community, with extensive professional experience using Ext JS and Sencha Touch. Prior to Sencha, Andrea covered the role of senior software and web developer in several italian companies and started his own businness and personal website to spread out the use of Sencha products for web and mobile applications development.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 10 years experience
No icon Extjs - 6 years experience
FeedBurner-RSS-Reader 29   8
Feed Burner RSS Reader application developed with Sencha Touch 2
Ruby JavaScript
Ext.tux.EditableList 17   0
Sencha Touch extension of the official Ext.List component, which provides more interesting features like element sorting, single / multi delete mode and much more.
Ruby JavaScript
Ext.tux.InstallPanel 15   3
Simple Sencha Touch plugin witch display an help panel reporting some application informations, and explain how to "install" the application on iOS devices.
TUX 3   1
Professional Touch User Extensions for Sencha Touch 2.x.x
CSS Java Ruby Shell JavaScript
Sencha-Architect-Demo 2   1
Simple Sencha Architect demo application
PHP Ruby JavaScript
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