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Software Engineer, Loves teaching, Patient and does not bite :)

Minsk (+03:00)
A Software Engineer who worked as CTO and developed varies softwares from robotic systems to web applications. Founded two tech-startups and reached profitability. Interested in the architecture and design of softwares. Personality: ♦ Loves a challenge ♦ Efficient ♦ Enjoys teaching Protocol: ♦ Take your time to explain your issue, I'll ask questions to make sure I understand fully, then we can start ♦ timer wont start until you are ready and I understand the issue fully ♦ 100% satisfaction guarantee (I really mean it) ♦ You may give me your request ahead of time so I can prepare a concise session ♦ Students get a discount
Python expert help Python - 1 year experience
I started actively making python projects this year, I like its simplicity. I find it an ideal language for beginners but it is also quite useful for small projects.
No icon Software design - 8 years experience
Numerous ways exist to produce a functional software but, particular combination of technologies/patterns make your project significantly easier to make and fulfills your criteria, whether its performance, maintainability or else. I have been obsessed with software design and architecture for the last 5 years, especially since my latest projects were about creating maintainable and flexible softwares.
No icon Databases - 5 years experience
I have worked on relational and non-relational databases for over 5 years, I designed and implemented numerous databases. I also worked on query optimization and data migration.
No icon Software development - 8 years experience
Software development transcends programming languages, it is an everlasting discipline applicable to all current and future languages. I developed countless projects using a variety of languages, I focused most on learning how to develop softwares rather than a particular programming language.
Csharp expert help C# - 3 years experience
I fell in love with C# a few years ago and used it extensively in one of my founded software companies.
No icon Network - 3 years experience
I have designed and configured many networks for houses and small-medium businesses. I also used software to do some networking tasks.
No icon Raspberry pi - 1 year experience
I made a few projects with raspberry pi to make my home smart.
No icon Automated testing - 3 years experience
I started actively testing my applications 3 years ago, I worked on Unit-testing, integration testing, system testing and UX testing.
Java expert help Java - 7 years experience
I used java to implement many data structures, algorithms and components. Java is the first language I was actively using to implement large systems.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 1 year experience
Lately, I turned to Javascript again to use it actively for my projects and I am loving it more by the minute.
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Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
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Awesome! First time getting into Python and was extremely helpful.
Mike Oct 07, 2016

Excellent help - very accurate and quick
Neil Kenealy Jun 11, 2016

Raymond Carl Apr 27, 2016

Great session! Very good at teaching slowly and making sure you understand what is being done step by step.
khalil Mar 15, 2016

Amri was very quick to reply. Patient, and explains issues will. Thanks Amri
Ben Elliott Mar 14, 2016

Amri is extremely helpful, patient, and great to work with!
Rachel Mar 12, 2016

Have I already touched on his magic skills ? Well, he can do magic.
Bobby D Mar 05, 2016

Absolutely amazing
Jean Noel EYEBE Mar 02, 2016

Such a patient and understanding guy. He quickly helped me get my MongoDB running despite some strange issues that I never heard of before. He even made a diagram when I was having trouble understanding some concepts. Very polite and resourceful!
Alex A Mar 01, 2016

Great help! Patient, kind, and really knows what he's doing.
Sydney Barber Feb 25, 2016

Very knowledgeable with the C# MongoDB driver.
YIBAS Support Feb 17, 2016

Come to his magic show!
Bobby D Feb 14, 2016

Thank you for the help!
Ivan Diaz Feb 10, 2016

Expert in Python! Excellent Communication Skills! Explains Everything in Details!
Vasily Kichigin Feb 04, 2016

Bobby D Feb 04, 2016

excellent, super friendly and helpful
Jacques Fu Feb 02, 2016

Great help! He really knew what he was doing.
Sydney Barber Jan 17, 2016

Clear, quick, easy.
Kai Dec 19, 2015

Amir is very patient and helped me to better understand concepts I was having difficulty with.
Rese Dec 16, 2015

Great to work with!
Rese Dec 15, 2015

I found him a delight to listen to. He helped me appreciate python and I now have a base where I can start work from. Thank you Amri!!!
Saif Ahmed Dec 14, 2015

Amri is a very dependable and reliable mentor who wants you to succeed. He is very patient and understanding, which are great qualities of a mentor. In addition, he is quick to pick up on things and apply them. He makes sure the time spent is productive & efficient for us both. I have learned a lot from our sessions together and progressed much further in my coding assignments with his help than I would by myself. I really recommend him as a mentor and believe you won't be disappointed! Thanks again :)
Nuvi Dec 14, 2015

Amir was very helpful. He identified the problem quickly, explained the resolution and allowed us to ask questions for better understanding.
bruce dragt Dec 12, 2015

Incredibly patient and knows what he's talking about. He was able to look at the code and figure out a solution by just glancing at it.
Kyle Tranel Dec 10, 2015

Amri managed to make me better understand testing my code in minutes; he's really skilled, patient, and pleasant mentor!
Cata Dec 10, 2015

He is an incredible person! He helped me through everything! Great!
Ruben Dec 08, 2015

Amri is always very helpful
Anna Dec 07, 2015

very good
joe Dec 07, 2015

Very good experience
joe Dec 07, 2015

Anna Dec 07, 2015

Amir is amazing. I am glad to have him as my mentor.
Jean Noel EYEBE Dec 05, 2015

Awesome mentor! Amri is really good at solving problems & thinking logically while also teaching in a positive manner. He helped me clean up and refactor my code and caught some bugs in the API I am working with. Thanks :D
Nuvi Dec 04, 2015

Very Helpful!! A+++
Cody Dec 04, 2015

Awsome! realy helped me thanks alot :)
Divil Dec 04, 2015

Amri's really patient and kind -- he wants to make sure you understand, which is a great quality of a mentor. I really appreciate his help and effort in my testing frustrations... Thank you! :)
Nuvi Dec 03, 2015

Very effective and thorough in reviewing materials
Modesto Nov 30, 2015

Best mentor ever!!!!!
Akash Nov 29, 2015

Amri is a knowledgable and very pleasant mentor.
Christoph Wagner Nov 27, 2015

Mentor was great!
idntknw1 Nov 26, 2015

I get frustrated with all the errors, and this guy helps me solved the problem, I am a happy person again :)
Olivia Nov 26, 2015

He's a good mentor, he's helpful and considerate! :)
Olivia Nov 26, 2015

Very helpful! Highly recommend for Python :)
Justin Marciszewski Nov 23, 2015

Had a really good first session! Amri is a great mentor who is very patient, smart, and a natural at coding! :) He is genuine too because he paused the session when he was trying to figure things out in a timely manner. Will be using his help again for becoming a better coder and learning. Definitely recommend!
Nuvi Nov 19, 2015

He was great! Identified the problem, and came up with a solution very quickly!
Michael Nov 19, 2015

Knowledgeable and understanding.
Jack Nov 18, 2015

Very helpful guy - Highly recommend him!
Eirik Nov 18, 2015

Very helpful and knowledgeable about python. Takes the time to explain and work with you.
Kenneth Mitchell Nov 17, 2015

Thanks so much!
Quentin Nov 17, 2015

The best mentor I've dealt with here on this site, totally worth it 1000%
Ricardo Nov 16, 2015

very nice!
Jay Nov 15, 2015

Great, straight to the point. Time was used wisely.
Ricardo Nov 14, 2015

He is informative . Thanks Amri
swis Nov 14, 2015

Very nice guy, explains everything calmly and gently. Thanks Amri!
yair Nov 12, 2015

Helped me get a understanding of somethings that i was not 100% sure on.
Søren Benzon Eskildsen Nov 10, 2015

Amir was very helpful in guiding me through my assignment.
Rese Nov 07, 2015

Helpful as always and stayed up late to help fix my problem!
Stephen Nov 05, 2015

Patient and determined, good at troubleshooting and work arounds
Stephen Nov 05, 2015

Amri was really helpful and patient, will definitely use him again and would recommend.
Stephen Nov 05, 2015

Very helpful and knowledgeable about python
Kenneth Mitchell Nov 03, 2015

Simon Oct 30, 2015

Amri was extremely helpful. He had no trouble dissecting my problem and providing me with useful feedback. He made sure to always repeat his understanding of something back to me to make sure we were on the same page. I would definitely go back to him again.
Brett Oct 30, 2015

Amri is very helpful and took his time ti help me out. He went above and beyond.
Michael Rasay Oct 30, 2015

He is very knowledgeable with writing Python scripts.
Michael Rasay Oct 30, 2015

I explained my issue to the Mentor, and he was effective in addressing what I needed to know . His explanation was clear, and in a short time, he gave me what I needed to know. By contacting him, I got my answer much sooner than if I had searched around the internet.
Gregory Dillon Oct 29, 2015

he is Amazing.
Jean Noel EYEBE Oct 25, 2015

Highly recommended, concise, clear and very helpful
Anish Somani Oct 25, 2015

Amri was great, he really knows the subject and is also fast. Recommanded
sam Nono Oct 24, 2015

This mentor basically helped me work through a problem even though he told me a priori this wasn't his area. His knowledge of programming and clear thinking was very valuable.
Miriam Oct 24, 2015

Extremely helpful and patient
Sean Newbould Oct 21, 2015

it's perfect thank you veryyyy much just as i wanted thank you again!!!!
Wasker AHG Oct 19, 2015

Very patient and helpful
Mohammad Musa Oct 04, 2015