Justice Gray, Amazon lambda freelance coderView Profile
Justice Gray
Freelance Amazon lambda developer in Richmond, Canada

Full-Stack CEO, Lean Startup Consultant, Super Genius, Force of Nature

Built my current startup with an iOS/Swift front-end and an AWS-powered back end (DynamoDB, Lambda, Cognito)
Nick Murray, Amazon lambda freelance programmerView Profile
Nick Murray
Freelance Amazon lambda developer in City of Victoria, Hong Kong

I enjoy making the seemingly impossible, possible. Coding for over 35 years!

Have built and currently run dozens of Go microservices on AWS Lambda. I use a NodeJS wraper to efficiently run go binaries on Lambda, and have built a CI model for auto testing and deployment to Lambda and API Gateway.
Daniel Aranda, top Amazon lambda developerView Profile
Daniel Aranda5.0
Freelance Amazon lambda developer in Mexico City, Mexico
I have created applications with dozens of Lambda Functions and APIs backed with them.
Chris Selmer, Amazon lambda freelance coderView Profile
Chris Selmer5.0
Freelance Amazon lambda developer in Denpasar, Indonesia

Founder of a Ruby on Rails consultancy, 18 years of full-stack development in multiple languages

Howdy! If you work with me, you'll find that I'm patient, a good listener, and am great at tracking down annoying bugs. I used to ran one of the largest Ruby on Rails shops in the world. I started as a Rails Engineer, shot up the ranks, and eventually ran the company as Partner and de-facto CEO. Before and after, I've worked as a freelance full-stack developer in a wide variety of languages. I started programming in 1997 and have been loving it ever since.
Karl Meiser, Amazon lambda freelance programmerView Profile
Karl Meiser
Freelance Amazon lambda developer in Naperville, United States

Highly motivated developer and DevOps

Seasoned experience using AWS Lambda with numerous AWS services including RDS, Firehose, API Gateway, S3, Kinesis, and more.
Darla Magdalene Shockley, Amazon lambda engineer and developerView Profile
Darla Magdalene Shockley
Freelance Amazon lambda developer in Tulsa, United States

Python Data Engineer

I built the data architecture in my current professional role in an adtech startup. We use event-driven lambdas for a large percentage of the T (transform) part of our ETL pipeline. We use primarily Python, use the VPC Lambda feature to securely access our data sources, and use DLQ feature to capture and respond to errors.
Rich Seviora, Amazon lambda freelance coderView Profile
Rich Seviora5.0
Freelance Amazon lambda developer in New Westminster, Canada

Web Application Developer & Project Manager. Rails, TypeScript/JavaScript, React, AWS, C#

I'm a freelance web application developer with substantial project management expertise. I've developed Rails applications, React interfaces, and deployed them in the cloud. I'm available for coaching, freelance work, debugging, and solution review! I'm generally available between 9AM and 7PM Pacific Time.
Carlos Almeida, senior Amazon lambda developerView Profile
Carlos Almeida5.0
Freelance Amazon lambda developer in Encarnación, Paraguay

Full Stack Developer & DevOps

Hi there! I'm a highly focused FullStack Developer with 5 years’ experience working in a variety of developments as a freelancer and as a part of developer’s teams, I’ve been working always from my location as a remote developer. I’m always looking to code to the highest standards to write solid code. I’m continuing learning and using new technologies to improve my work’s quality and skills. I’m trustworthy, organized, methodical and with a really good eye for the details. I understand the value of good communication regarding all progress for the whole entire work as a fundamental key to tighten the long lasting relationships. I’m comfortable working either independently or as part of a team. I’m a computer’s technician, help desk, support and more too. I’ve worked around 2 years for ...
Nicolas Alejandro Santa, Amazon lambda engineer and consultantView Profile
Nicolas Alejandro Santa5.0
Freelance Amazon lambda developer in Río Cuarto, Argentina

Senior Software Engineer

I'm convinced that the only way to progress is: - Dedication and commitment - Wisdom and knowledge - Efforts and sacrifices - The Necessary Ambition and Vision My personal/professional goals are: - Take care and give love to my family - Continuous Progress - Be a mentor Also I'm a big defender of public and collaborative knowledge and freedom.
Ethar Alali, Amazon lambda freelance programmerView Profile
Ethar Alali5.0
Freelance Amazon lambda developer in Manchester, United Kingdom

Engineer with 20+ years web, desktop,devices. Mixing TDD, BDD & MDD, EA, Stats, Math & Code into a fizz of a biz.

Hi! My name is Ethar, though you'll get away with pronouncing it "Ether". "I love coding!" and despite that intro, I don't like sounding like Donald Trump. Not that you could ever confuse us two really :) I've been a full stack guy for over 20 years and these days, churn out JS, Node, C#, both SQL & NoSql and run on AWS, including developing IoT platforms and Alexa skills. As well as coding help, I also encourage developers and architects to look at problems differently. Committing to effective, clean, value driven solutions is crucial and my experience both in code and business provides a unique slant on why code is written in the first place. I also regularly recruit, so understand the needs of folk trying to break into the industry. Despite over 22 commercial years in the IT indust...
Jayson Minard, top Amazon lambda developerView Profile
Jayson Minard5.0
Freelance Amazon lambda developer in Montevideo, Uruguay

25+ years experience, top expert in Elasticsearch (FullText and Analytics), Data Engineering, Cloud, and for the Kotlin Language.

I am a well rounded software developer that covers many development languages, frameworks, tools, infrastructure and cloud providers. Some of my top include Java / Kotlin for languages (but I touch many more including Java, Groovy, Scala, Typescript, Javascript, C#, Dart), any SQL database, most NoSQL engines, Solr / Elasticsearch (expert in both), and working in the Cloud with AWS as my highest and some services of Azure in the middle. My top skills are currently in: Data Engineering, Back-end development (REST, Server-side), Search and Analytics, Cloud, and the Kotlin Language.
Kenny Joseph, Amazon lambda freelance coderView Profile
Kenny Joseph
Freelance Amazon lambda developer in Chatswood, Australia

Full Stack Javascript/Nodejs Designer/Developer with Enterprise-scale API/Data Architecture experience

Hi, thanks for looking me up. I'm a hands-on Software Designer, Architect and Developer with deep experience in front-end design/development and systems engineering, with a strong focus on coaching teams to learn, adapt and innovate. Most of my work for customers is around solving complex business problems through people and technology. I'm technology agnostic, with the exception that there are only a given number of technologies one can truly master in a lifetime (as listed above). My experience ranges from designing and building to managing, leading, coaching mostly in medium to very large enterprises. These days I spend more time working with scale-ups and a couple of start-ups. I'm also an agile coach, though I prefer to focus on building stuff and technology coaching. Feel free t...
Hochi Chuang, Amazon lambda freelance coderView Profile
Hochi Chuang
Freelance Amazon lambda developer in Taipei, Taiwan

Backend Software Engineer

Love to share new technology, learn new stuff and implement funny stuff in new way! Have been in several startup and be part of core-engineering team, mostly focusing on backend and DevOps work!
Calvin Brown, Amazon lambda freelance coderView Profile
Calvin Brown5.0
Freelance Amazon lambda developer in Atlanta, United States

Enterprise Software Architect / Cloud Architect / Software Developer

Xamarin and Amazon certified!!! 21+ years of total experience with 16+ years of enterprise architectural / leadership consulting experience with Microsoft .NET technologies (1.1 - 4.6) using C# & VB.NET.True full stack development and architectural know-how. Continuously proven - sharp, hands-on database expertise using all versions of SQL Server. A dedicated professional with exceptional skills, who is committed to delivering a superior level of performance, energy and efficiency.
Toby Hede, freelance Amazon lambda programmerView Profile
Toby Hede
Freelance Amazon lambda developer in Lane Cove, Australia

Serverless Architect and Developer

I am an experienced Developer and Polyglot Programmer, based in Sydney, Australia. I specialise in Serverless Architectures and the AWS platform. I've been developing serverless applications with TypeScript and JavaScript, but I've experience with a bunch of other languages as well. I quite like databases, and distributed systems.

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