Vlad Vinnikov, top Amazon ec2 developerHire Now
Vlad Vinnikov5.0
Freelance Amazon ec2 developer in San Francisco, United States

Senior Front-end developer

Creating users/roles, VMs, configuring apache, mysql, and php, parsing server logs, setting permissions for users
Seyi Adeleke, Amazon ec2 freelance coderHire Now
Seyi Adeleke4.9
Freelance Amazon ec2 developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Full stack software developer

I've worked with Cloud servers extensively and i'm experienced in setting up servers and scaling infrastructure.
Sunday Adefila, senior Amazon ec2 developerHire Now
Sunday Adefila5.0
Freelance Amazon ec2 developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Software developer, Life learner, Community builder... Driving Passion with knowledge

I started using ec2 a couple of years back, but stopped using it for some period before picking it back fully this year, I have a couple of full-scale blown projects hosted on ec2, which I admisniter, both personal and client projects.
Lightbeard, Amazon ec2 freelance developerHire Now
Freelance Amazon ec2 developer in Chicopee, United States

I haven't had a dissatisfied client yet

I've used EC2 in a number of production projects
Matt Thommes, Amazon ec2 freelance coderHire Now
Matt Thommes
Freelance Amazon ec2 developer in Roselle, United States

Web application developer

Familiarity setting up EC2 instances and connecting to them remotely.
Matt Goldspink, senior Amazon ec2 developerHire Now
Matt Goldspink5.0
Freelance Amazon ec2 developer in Warsaw, Poland

Lead engineer with 10+ years development experience & background in delivering training courses

I have been delivering technical training courses for over 7 years on a variety of subjects - I can help by giving full courses, pair programming to help you learn or if you have a specific problem you're trying to solve I'll work with you through it to help you resolve it and understand the solution. Outside of CodeMentor I am a Lead Engineer based in London & SF - I have experience working in large corporations & startups across Java, iOS, JavaScript & Web Technologies. ** If you belong to a group that is underrepresented in tech, and money is an issue, please ask me about reduced rates. **
Eugene Gekhter, senior Amazon ec2 developerHire Now
Eugene Gekhter5.0
Freelance Amazon ec2 developer in San Francisco, United States

Think like a business man, solve problems like a coder

Configuring EC2 to keep costs as low as possible is my motto. Let me help you with your next AWS project.
Dave Sullivan, top Amazon ec2 developerHire Now
Dave Sullivan5.0
Freelance Amazon ec2 developer in Toronto, Canada

Full-stack Freelance Developer

I'm a full-stack web developer who's been working in the industry for over 10 years. I'm a true polyglot developer, having lead/architectural experience with a wide variety of tech stacks, from Python/Django, Ruby on Rails, Node (express.js/koa) on the backend, to Angular.js, React and Ember.js on the frontend. I spent 7 years in the animation industry as a Web Software Architect, building internal applications to help studios manage their production pipelines. Since leaving that industry, I've been consulting mostly with start-ups to help turn their MVP into a solid foundation and scale their tech to a fully fleshed out product. I also spent 6 months as an Instructor at a code school called Bitmaker and absolutely loved the experience. I love sharing my experience with others. Feel free...
Danielle Weisz, senior Amazon ec2 developerHire Now
Danielle Weisz
Freelance Amazon ec2 developer in Ashburn, United States

Let me be your code guru/cyber witch

I used ec2 heavily while contracting for Apparent Inc, helping them migrate their services and websites from bare metal servers to EC2 instances. I am familiar with its web interface, and its cli.
Aaron Peterson, senior Amazon ec2 developerHire Now
Aaron Peterson
Freelance Amazon ec2 developer in Sacramento, United States

Infrastructure Architect at iPyxel Creations

I've used almost every instance type including a massive cluster of c4.8xlarge while benchmarking Redshift with 1 billion records. Running htop on a c4.8xlarge makes me giggle.
Jamil Muhammad, senior Amazon ec2 developerHire Now
Jamil Muhammad
Freelance Amazon ec2 developer in Lahore, Pakistan

Full stack developer,Php Laravel, Wordpress, Zapier, Stripe, AWS

Expert in launching, setting up lamp on ec2
Anton Holub, Amazon ec2 freelance programmerHire Now
Anton Holub5.0
Freelance Amazon ec2 developer in Ashburn, United States

Senior iOS Developer. Co-Founder @ Onlini.co

- Launching, configuring and monitoring of EC2 instances (primary Ubuntu) - Deploying back-end artefacts to EC2 instances
Eugene Hauptmann, Amazon ec2 dev and freelancerHire Now
Eugene Hauptmann5.0
Freelance Amazon ec2 developer in Santa Clara, United States

Tech Enterpreneur, Co founder

I strive to live by GTD philosophy combined with entrepreneurship principles. I did a dozen of startups over last decade. My best skill is to develop MVP out of idea and bring it to market. I build tech teams and business products.
Rishabh Shukla, senior Amazon ec2 developerHire Now
Rishabh Shukla5.0
Freelance Amazon ec2 developer in Deoria, India

CTO/Deep learning Researcher (NLP) @ Neuron

I am the CTO/Deep Learning Researcher(NLP) at Neuron and supervise the research and development work of Neuron's core NLP platform. Area of work: - Deep Learning in NLP - Recurrent/Recursive Neural Nets, Convolutional Neural Nets, Attention Networks - Sequence Labelling, Sentence Classification, Auto encoders, Encoder-Decoder Models, Sentence Embeddings, Predictive Statistical Modelling - Machine Learning - Regression, Ensemble Learning, Neural Nets, Recommendation Systems Interested in working with: - Memory Networks - Deep Reinforcement Learning - Deep Generative Models - Optimization methods for DNNs - Deep Learning for Computer Vision
Aaron Gerard Franco, Amazon ec2 consultant and programmerHire Now
Aaron Gerard Franco5.0
Freelance Amazon ec2 developer in Forest Hills, United States

CTO/Founder at Nimblechat

Currently working on Nimblechat, food delivery chatbot! https://www.nimblechat.com Sidepad, game controller: http://bit.ly/sidepad I geek out on distributed infrastructure for high-speed computing at scale and code optimization. Things I've done: Autoscaling streaming media relay systems to hundreds of thousands of listeners on AWS with EC2, Elasticache, RDS, Route53, VPC, IAM and ELB. Developed production applications using React with Redux and React Router. Fully tested and resilient with Mocha, Chai, Sinon, and hosted on S3, EC2. Set up continuous integration environments manually with EC2, Jenkins, and Github. Also, prepared continuous deployment environments using Jenkins, EC2, AWS CodeBuild, CodePipeline and CodeDeploy. Developed and deployed NodeJS backend system...

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