How I learned PHP

Published Mar 21, 2018


About me

I'm a Full Stack Web Developer, started my own food-tech startup 2 years back, and sold it to move on to learn Data Science. I have completed my B.Tech in Computer Science in 2016 from NIT, Raipur, India

Why I wanted to learn PHP

Since early days, I wanted to learn web development, and after joining the high school, came to know about PHP and its endless power. After getting to know the wide reach of PHP in the Web world, I decided to learn it, and build some real world application.

How I approached learning PHP

This is a common process for me to learn any new skill. First I researched on PHP on the internet and went through various blogs or videos to be familiar with the terms. Further started with a book named PHP & MySQL for dummies and built few smaller projects with the help of the book. After completing the book, i had a bit confidence on the technology. After that, I built a movie ticketing website as a college project, but was not satisfied as it had some dummy data and no one was really using it.

Then, with few friends, I made a website for online food home delivery and during 3rd year of my high school, I complete the website and collected over 200 restaurants to tie up with and launched it in my college. By this time, I was the happiest person as finally I had learnt this PHP.

Challenges I faced

There were few, but not really challenges, those were just logical problems related to my projects like building filters for the website, authenticating user in the best possible way, etc..

Key takeaways

If someone would ask me, what was the best part during the course of learning, I would say, I was able to make a fully functional website for users to use, May be this was not big, but for me, it was a huge takeaway, and the thing which I loved most, was solving some of the challenges on my own that i faced along

Tips and advice

It's not particular about any new technology, It's about learning anything new.
The things which makes you most related is try to create something from that tech, doesn't matter it's small or huge. I think, that is the best learning process for anything

Final thoughts and next steps

I can say it confidently that, I'm pretty good in PHP now, and my next big goal is learning Python for Data Science and Machine Learning, and build a web app for creating models related to any data

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