Karol Pokorski, senior Algorithm developerHire Now
Karol Pokorski5.0
Freelance Algorithm developer in Wrocław, Poland

I just want to help you.

Participated many times in regionals of ACM ICPC. Once on ACM ICPC World Finals. I am very actively working on creating problems for such competitions. Also I am working as teacher in school where I teach algorithms and data structures young, bright students (mostly High School). Some of them have successes in Informatics Olympiads on national level. Also, in professional job I used algorithms very extensively. For example when I worked in company creating computer games I helped them with ranking formula for matching players, so their level is similar.
Orion, senior Algorithm developer for hireHire Now
Freelance Algorithm developer in Oke Ila, Nigeria

A problem understood is a problem solved

As a software developer, I do come across different challenging scenarios that require me to come up with a custom solution to solve it. Part of what makes the process of creatively solving these problems easy is due to my experience with studying and implementing core algorithms (in C++, Java, and Python). This I believe would be handy when it comes to debugging with mentees.
Richard Leddy, top Algorithm developerHire Now
Richard Leddy5.0
Freelance Algorithm developer in Los Angeles, United States

Owner, Copious Systems: an Information Technology and Services Consultant

I have always had some need to know about some kind of algorithm in every project that I have done. This year, I have been solving problems on HackerRank. As a result, I have been forced to go through a review of algorithms. This has been a good exercise. Now, I am interested in doing some work with parallel algorithms.
Marijan Šuflaj, senior Algorithm developerHire Now
Marijan Šuflaj5.0
Freelance Algorithm developer in Zagreb, Croatia

Senior Developer at Trikoder

I'm implementing various algorithms and data structures to make our code run faster and keep clients happy. I solve programming challenges.
Yuval Kogman, Algorithm freelance coderHire Now
Yuval Kogman5.0
Freelance Algorithm developer in Alblasserdam, Netherlands

Polyglot developer with an obsession for modularity

I've always been passionate about algorithms, they are the interesting part of all this programming nonsense.
HiuKim Yuen, Algorithm freelance programmerHire Now
HiuKim Yuen5.0
Freelance Algorithm developer in City of Victoria, Hong Kong


Active competitive programming participants. Obtained good results in many coding contests. Checkout my website for more details on some of my results in the field: http://hiukim.com - Competitive Programming section
Levente Pánczél, Algorithm software engineerHire Now
Levente Pánczél
Freelance Algorithm developer in Budapest, Hungary

Remote working evangelist, MSc. Software Architect & Lead Backend Developer

I'm a software architect, born in 1983, in Hungary. I'm actively striving to be perceptive to my environment and to always analyze things through their causes. I'm driven by efficiency: every moment is spent contemplating, no idle thought is worth using my brain, and even the most basic routines of everyday life can be enhanced. Thinking simultaneously in multiple abstraction levels enables me to be forethoughtful, skilled when it comes to solving problems and a fast learner for things that have a purposeful internal structure.
Laszlo L. Mari, senior Algorithm developerHire Now
Laszlo L. Mari5.0
Freelance Algorithm developer in Budapest, Hungary

IT Architect / Consultant - Ex: @Google, Built mobile apps for Hollywood celebrities, let's chat!

From the beginning of learning programming, my knowledge was built up carefully. I learnt many algorithms.
Saurabh a.k.a Codedoctor, Algorithm engineer and developerHire Now
Saurabh a.k.a Codedoctor5.0
Freelance Algorithm developer in Bengaluru, India

I’m Saurabh, a Hustler, Thinker and most important I live, eat and drink Web, in short I LOVE THE WEB.

Algo Lover !! Know most of the algorithms . Top 100 Programmer in the Country . Participated in Programming Challenges on Hackerrank.
David Jones, Algorithm freelance programmerHire Now
David Jones5.0
Freelance Algorithm developer in Houston, United States

Computer Science PhD (Stanford), expert algorithm design & implementation

I have a PhD in Computer Science and I have extensive experience in scientific computing. I have deep expertise in C & Matlab, and I am also very proficient with PHP, MySQL, Linux, Apache, Excel, and so on. I have completed many projects involving computational modelling, statistical analysis, experimental data analysis, and innovative algorithm design & implementation.
Willem Van Onsem, Algorithm dev and freelancerHire Now
Willem Van Onsem5.0
Freelance Algorithm developer in Werkhoven, Netherlands

Test-driven developer, data scientist and engineer

I frequently design my own algorithms for problems. Usually time and space complexity are important factors as well: one wishes to process huge amounts of data. On programming contests (Flemish Programming Contest, IEEEXtreme, Benelux Algorithm Programming Contest, North-Western European Programming Contest, ...) I designed (together with several teams) algorithms. Usually we did reasonably well.
realazthat, Algorithm freelance developerHire Now
Freelance Algorithm developer in Pittsburgh, United States

Patient teaching ... (Program/System)Design help ... Implementation help.

Lots of time on cs.stackexchange.com answering and asking interesting questions
Harsha M, freelance Algorithm developerHire Now
Harsha M5.0
Freelance Algorithm developer in Bengaluru, India

Co-Founder at Digiapes

When it comes to programming, algorithms are the key to solve the complex problems . I have helped build complex formulas in many start -ups to solve their day problems in the program. I have build algorithms to solve complex maze by the robot in C language during my schooling.
Dragan Urosevic, Algorithm software engineerHire Now
Dragan Urosevic
Freelance Algorithm developer in Belgrade, Serbia

C and Java Developer

More than 20 years experience of teaching yang student on Algorithms
Sukeesh, Algorithm developer for hireHire Now
Freelance Algorithm developer in Roorkee, India

Software Developer. Competitive programmer. C++. Python

Experienced Tutor with a demonstrated history of work in education. Skilled in Python, Javascript/HTML/CSS, Java, C++. Strong education professional with a Bachelor degree in from Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee.

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