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Alejandro Vicente Grabovetsky

Alejandro Vicente Grabovetsky

London (+00:00)
Dutch, French, Russian, Spanish, English
Co-founder at Avalon Technologies Ltd. (& PhD, Tango DJ)
Python expert help Python - 1 year experience
Have developed pipelines to analyse >30k separate structural MRI scans and their metadata (hence pandas) and deployed the code to AWS. Have also developed hobby projects to clean my music library and scrape AngelList
No icon R - 1 year experience
Have analysed and visualised sociological data, and scraped twitter.
No icon Matlab - 7 years experience
I am an expert in Cognitive Neuroscience processing in Matlab. Have done various work involving matrix manipulation, time-series analysis and pattern recognition.
tangoLyricsDB 5   1
Tango lyrics database written with Ruby on Rails
CSS HTML Ruby JavaScript CoffeeScript
tango_master 2   0
Python code to sort iTunes based tango collection
Shell Python Jupyter Notebook
autocorrelationAnalysis 0   1
A Matlab-based, SPM dependent toolbox for estimating and addressing autocorrelation in fMRI data
M Matlab
alexvicegrab.github.io 0   0
AngelList 0   0
Adaptation and extension of Falicon's AngelList api ( http://angel.co/api )