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Alexander Erm

Alexander Erm

Full-stack Web Expert :: PHP, Angular, Wordpress

Berlin (+01:00)
8 years of PHP Development. Expert in modern JS like Angular + NodeJS. Special for Wordpress users: deep knowledge of Wordpress core, plugin development and theme making. I can teach and explain you best practices in simple language.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 5 years experience
I'm expert in both Javascript areas - client-side and server-side.
Php expert help PHP - 8 years experience
I'm leading PHP projects for the last 8 years. I've developed career development program for PHP developers. I'm mentor for web application developers for last 1.5 years.
Mysql expert help MySQL - 6 years experience
I've developed PHP, Javascript, C++ apps with MySQL as database backend. I've architected data structure for 20+ custom apps and worked with third party databases. I have a deep knowledge of query optimization, data structure and database configuration.
Git expert help Git - 2 years experience
I'm using git for all my projects since Feb 2012. I've been working with all popular development workflows. I know how to solve most issues with git repositories.
Mongo db expert help MongoDB - 1 year experience
Designed 2 mongodb databases for 5k+ reads per second capable marketing applications. Maintained these databases for a year.
Wordpress WordPress - 4 years experience
I've created 20+ web sites based on wordpress technology. Most of them were integrated into enterprise content delivery platforms.
No icon Rest - 3 years experience
I can help you develop easy to use, well documented REST API.
No icon Symfony2 - 3 years experience
I've made 10+ enterprise-grade web sites/apps with symfony
dockerui-auth 5   1
Dockerui secured with nginx basic authorization
macbook-ukrainian-keyboard 1   0
Switched keys for "і" and "и" in Ukrainian layout for macbook. Includes flag of Ukraine.
git-workflow-improved 0   1
Repository to test improved git merging workflow
angular-slider 0   0
Slider directive for AngularJS.
docker-get 0   0
Build docker images from github repos
Average Rating
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Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
Needs improvement

Problem solver with fast response times and good answers.
Javier Segura Jan 05, 2015

Alex is a fantastic Mentor! I have been working with him on a Ionic build. He Angular JS knowledge is second to none and would like to take this opportunity to thank him for his continued support and assistance.
Simon Dec 30, 2014

Help me with an issue I was stuck for three days !
Oswaldo Caballero Dec 15, 2014

Very good working knowledge of angular.js and swift resolution to my coding issues.
Simon Dec 06, 2014

Great Mentor! Solved my problem very fast. Highly recommend!
Viktoriia Nov 29, 2014

Really patient and sharp minded. Will understand the issue fast, and will do the job better than expected. Also will write code quite str8
Klauss Nov 27, 2014

He was excellent. He helped me with my problem and solved it. Much help.
Gregory Rothstein Nov 24, 2014