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Alexandre Taieb

Alexandre Taieb

iOS Expert

Paris (+01:00)
I am an expert iOS Lead Developer (20+ apps) and have experience in teaching iOS to beginners and mentoring. My last app is installed in every retail Apple Store across the US and featured in several App Store categories as well. I am passionate about mobile apps. I believe in quality through the details. That's an essential part of what makes an app successful. Overall, I've developed 20+ iPhone apps, some of them at very high user volume (2M Downloads, 100K monthly). I will be happy to help anybody who needs help on iPhone/iPad apps!
Ios expert help iOS - 7 years experience
I've helped many companies have their mobile dream come true. I also did some ninja debug interventions for sneaky bugs that required high level expertise in the platform (memory leaks). I have worked with almost all iOS frameworks as well as many third parties and I have also done server side APIs.
No icon Api - 2 years experience
I have made APIs to communicate with my mobile apps. I've done so in several different languages (php, ruby, javascript..).
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Alexandre quickly figured out what the problem was and we implemented a solution that worked perfectly all in under 20 minutes. Now I'm smooth sailing and back on track. Well worth it.
Chris Good Sep 30, 2014

Great experience for my first time on codementor. Solved my iOS problems and got my app compiled very quickly. Also answered a range of questions. Will use again.
Brady Horenstein Aug 30, 2014

Alexandre did some great custom work for my project when I was in a bind and stuck. Thanks! I'm looking forward to working with him more in the future
Erik Lukas Jul 23, 2014

I had a couple issues working with UITableView. I had been stuck on these problems for several hours before asking for help. Alex was kind - he listened to my problem, while diving into the code. He understood very quickly where the problem was, and showed me how to narrow down the issue. While fixing my problem, he also showed me some new development & debugging tools that I wasn't familiar with. In summary; he solved my issue and answered all my questions. He introduced me to some new tools. He worked quickly and efficiently. I couldn't have been happier with my session. I will definitely be using Alex again.
Adam Tait Jul 21, 2014

Alex jumped right in and helped me out big time. Thanks for the top notch ios assist!
Erik Lukas Jul 18, 2014

The solution was not found
Eddwin Paz Jul 18, 2014