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Aleksandr Vinokurov

Aleksandr Vinokurov

St. Petersburg (+03:00)
Developer at Peter-Service. Worked in CRM dev team for mobile operators. Started Erlang charged-team in company. A member of a long-run journey of technology evolution
Cplusplus expert help C++ - 14 years experience
I'm using C++ almost as long as C but I need to say that only in 2009 I've separated one from another in my judgments. I agree to work with this lang only when in strait constraints and coding style (like in Google C++ Coding Style). I have a very strong position about the applicability of this language in everyday projects and can consult about the proper decision counting on the legacy code, future support, development cost and others.
C expert help C - 15 years experience
Taking separately C but not C++, I have a very strong background in C. Last years I'm using it as a kind of "assembler" language for highly optimized and performance demanding portions of applications only. My assistants in C projects are: profiler, debugger and unit tests. And I can learn you how to make it right.
Haskell expert help Haskell - 1 year experience
I help my teammates with Haskell and use it only if it is needed. The parts I know -- I understand in depth and try to dive even more deeper taking challenges. In 2013 with a couple of teammates I've challenged in ICFP Contest using Haskell for computations and we took a place between #175 and #200 with score of 234.
Git expert help Git - 7 years experience
I mostly use Git in my everyday development flow. But I've also set up a Git server with HTTPS/SSH protocols and Web frontend. I've experienced proxying, tunneling and setting up hooks for different automation services to run fine with Git server. Among that I have a strong background in working with CVS, Subversion, ClearCase and Mercurial from a user and admin POV, so I'm able to link the commons and separate the differences.
Server expert help Server - 12 years experience
I have mostly worked on backend dev. Business logic, HighLoad, parallelism and concurrency are on my scoreboard. Strong background in Linux and *BSD development, tuning & administration. Network architecture and tuning is on the stack too.
Erlang expert help Erlang - 2 years experience
I have leaded an Eralng-charged team of developers-explorers in my Co. Attended at Erlang User Conference 2012 at Stockholm. Committed to Erlang/OTP sources.
clustmea 3   2
Application for measuring throughput of a cluster
evolution-card-game 2   2
Implementing Evolution card game for playing on web
Perl Shell Erlang
bencharka 1   1
Simple benchmark framework in Erlang
buccupeer 1   1
Backup buccaneer: local service who will backup your files to your usb drive periodically and automatically
Shell Erlang
lager_bench 1   1
Lager benchmarks
Perl Erlang