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I'm a senior web/database developer willing to help out anyone with questions about Java and Java-related technologies/frameworks, AngularJS, JavaScript/HTML/CSS, and SQL (Oracle in particular).
Java expert help Java - 11 years experience
I've been using Java consistently for the last 10 years, mainly for the web domain. Java is one of my favorite languages to work with. You could say it's my native language. Although my expertise is mainly geared toward web solutions, I can figure out pretty much any Java code I need to.
Angular js expert help AngularJS - 1 year experience
No icon Spring - 5 years experience
No icon Spring mvc - 5 years experience
No icon Spring boot - 1 year experience
No icon Jooq - 1 year experience
No icon Hibernate - 5 years experience
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 11 years experience
Sql expert help SQL - 11 years experience
No icon Plsql - 5 years experience
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 11 years experience
Jquery expert help jQuery - 2 years experience
No icon Oracle pl sql - 5 years experience
No icon Gwt - 5 years experience
No icon Eclipse - 8 years experience
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A joy to work with! Thanks Alberto!
Nate Apr 27, 2016

Great to work with!
Nate Apr 01, 2016

The most valuable time of my week is spent with my Mentor! Thanks Alberto!
Nate Mar 09, 2016

Great to work with!
Nate Feb 26, 2016

Great to work with!
Nate Feb 03, 2016

A great wise Mentor & a pleasure to work with.
Nate Jan 26, 2016

Great to work with!
Nate Jan 26, 2016

Alberto is a genius & a pleasure to work with!
Nate Jan 15, 2016

A pleasure to work with!! Our sessions are the most valuable hour of the week.
Nate Dec 02, 2015

A great mentor!
Nate Oct 30, 2015

Great to work with!
Nate Sep 24, 2015

Great to work with!
Nate Sep 16, 2015

Problem solved again! Alberto also helped me get a session in by meeting early Saturday morning.
Diana Eastman Jul 18, 2015

Alberto is really patient with new programmers and won't make you feel stupid for asking a "dumb" question. He doesn't mind re-phrasing answers to your questions if it means that you'll understand it.
Jillian Forde Jun 20, 2015

Aubain May 12, 2015

Alberto, was able to look at my code make structures changes . He was able to use some logic and code to help me get input for a math game. He was a bit slow to start. I really like is 10$ for 15 minute price. Good Value.
Nick Lee May 09, 2015

Tackled my question head on!
Robert May 08, 2015

Aubain May 07, 2015

He was very helpful and patience.
rookiec14 May 02, 2015

This was my first session with Alberto and it was awesome! I left the session feeling confident, with a list of actionable steps that will vastly improve my application.
Diana Eastman Apr 25, 2015

Alberto gave me very clear explanations for a complicated topic even with a barrage of questions coming from me.
Neil Kenealy Apr 20, 2015

Aubain Apr 13, 2015

Great guy and good tips!
Arturo Vidal Apr 11, 2015

patient mentor. would recommend
William Apr 09, 2015